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YOHAMED    <[email protected]>
DREAMG     <>
GROOVIS    <[email protected]>
BHUVAN    A. Bhuvaneswaran <[email protected]>
BIOPREM   A. PREM ANAND <[email protected],[email protected]>
NANIS     A. Sinan Ünür (=A. Sinan Unur) <[email protected]>
ADONG     ADong <[email protected]>
ARIE      AMR <>
AAKHTER   Aamer Akhter <[email protected]>
AANKHEN   Aankhola Encorporated <[email protected]>
AARE      Aare Vesi <aare.cpan at>
ACOBURN   Aaron Coburn <[email protected]>
ANALOG    Aaron Collins <CENSORED>
KRAKEN    Aaron Conaway <[email protected]>
ACRAIG    Aaron Craig <[email protected]>
ARC       Aaron Crane <[email protected]>
ACDALTON  Aaron Dalton <[email protected]>
ZOMBITHRD Aaron Hawryluk <[email protected]>
AMACKEY   Aaron J. Mackey <[email protected]>
TEEJAY    Aaron James Trevena <aaron-dot-trevena-at-gmail-dot-com>
AARONJJ   Aaron Johnson <[email protected]>
AAKD      Aaron K Dancygier <[email protected]>
SULFERIC  Aaron Lee Anderson <[email protected]>
MEYEAARD  Aaron Meyer <[email protected]>
MITTI     Aaron Mitti <[email protected]>
AARONSCA  Aaron Scarisbrick <>
SCHLAEGEL Aaron Schlaegel <[email protected]>
ASHER     Aaron Sherman <[email protected]>
ASOKO     Aaron Sokoloski <CENSORED>
ASCOPE    Aaron Straup Cope <[email protected]>
PREFECT   Aaron Thompson <[email protected]>
AGHULOUM  Abdulaziz Ghuloum <[email protected]>
ULAS      Abdullah Ulas <>
ABELTJE   Abe Timmerman <[email protected]>
ABHAS     Abhas Abhinav <[email protected]>
AMAHABAL  Abhijit Mahabal <>
AMS       Abhijit Menon-Sen <[email protected]>
ABHIDHAR  Abhinav Dhar <[email protected]>
GOYALI    Abhishek Jain <[email protected]>
ABHISHEK  Abhishek Jindal <[email protected]>
ABIGAIL   Abigail <[email protected]>
ABEROHAM  Abraham Ingersoll <[email protected]>
AARON     Abram Terger <[email protected]>
SUNNAH    Abu Rasheed <[email protected]>
ABYPAUL   Aby Paul <[email protected]>
ACH       Achim Bohnet <[email protected]>
AGROLMS   Achim Grolms <[email protected]>
ASTEAM    ActiveState development team <[email protected]>
ADAM      Adam Arakelian <[email protected]>
ADAMBACK  Adam Back <[email protected]>
SPACEMAN  Adam Blinkinsop <[email protected]>
AFLOTT    Adam Flott <[email protected]>
AGF       Adam Foust <[email protected]>
ADAMGENT  Adam Gent <[email protected]>
ADZZ      Adam Griffiths <[email protected]>
STONE     Adam Israel <[email protected]>
FOX       Adam J. Foxson <[email protected]>
FHOXH     Adam J. Foxson <fhoxh at pobox dot com>
AKAPLAN   Adam J. Kaplan ☺ (=Adam J. Kaplan) <[email protected][nospam].org>
HOLOWAY   Adam Jacob <[email protected]>
ATRICKETT Adam John Trickett <[email protected]>
ADAMK     Adam Kennedy <[email protected]>
AMONSEN   Adam Monsen <[email protected]>
ADAPAY    Adam Paynter <[email protected]>
APRIME    Adam Prime <[email protected]>
ARICH     Adam Rich <>
JOHANNZ   Adam Rinehart <>
ARISI     Adam Risi <[email protected]>
AROTH     Adam Roth <[email protected]>
POPZ      Adam Sandberg Ericsson <[email protected]>
ASPIERS   Adam Spiers <[email protected]>
ASTUBBS   Adam Stubbs <>
TALSMACA  Adam Talsma <[email protected]>
ATHOMASON Adam Thomason <>
AWENDT    Adam Wendt <[email protected]>
WORRALL   Adam Worrall <[email protected]>
ADEO      Adekunle Olonoh <[email protected]>
ADEOLA    Adeola Awoyemi <[email protected]>
ADIRAJ    Adi Fairbank <[email protected]>
ALEVIN    Adina Levin <[email protected]>
AELFAKIH  Adonis El Fakih <[email protected]>
LOVEX     Adrabi Abderrahim <CENSORED>
ADRIANA   Adrian Arnautu <[email protected]>
AHALL     Adrian Hall <[email protected]>
AHOSEY    Adrian Hosey <[email protected]>
ADIE      Adrian Howard <[email protected]>
ACMCMEN   Adrian McMenamin <[email protected]>
AMUGNOLO  Adrian Mugnolo <[email protected]>
ADRIANWIT Adrian Witas <[email protected]>
FERREIRA  Adriano Ferreira <[email protected]>
AGENT     Agent Zhang (章亦春) (=Agent Zhang) <[email protected]>
ASHGENE   Ahamarshan JN <[email protected]>
AHMAD     Ahmad Anvari <ahmad at morva dot net>
AZAWAWI   Ahmad M. Zawawi <[email protected]>
MEWSOFT   Ahmed Amin Elsheshtawy <[email protected]>
AIDAN     Aidan Mountford <[email protected]>
ENOOR     Aijaz Ansari <[email protected]>
AIRWAVE   AirWave Wireless, Inc. <>
AKIHITO   Akihito Takeda <[email protected]>
AKIMOV    Akimov Alexey <>
AHIROSE   Akira HIROSE <[email protected]>
AKIRA     Akira Hangai <[email protected]>
HOLLY     Akira Horimoto <[email protected]>
ANGUYEN   Al Nguyen <>
CLOWN     Al Nikolov <>
AQUMSIEH  Ala Qumsieh <[email protected]>
SAMY      Alagarsamy <[email protected]>
ALIAN     Alain Barbet <[email protected]>
ALKNAFF   Alain Knaff <>
ADDW      Alain Williams <[email protected]>
ABARCLAY  Alan Barclay <>
ABERNDT   Alan Berndt <[email protected]>
ABURLISON Alan Burlison <[email protected]>
ALANC     Alan Champion <[email protected]>
ALANCITT  Alan Citterman <>
ALDICKEY  Alan Dickey <[email protected]>
DERHAAG   Alan E Derhaag <[email protected]>
AEISNER   Alan Eisner <[email protected]>
ASTEWART  Alan G. Stewart <[email protected]>
HAGGAI    Alan Haggai Alavi <[email protected]>
AJFRY     Alan J. Fry <[email protected]>
AJACKSON  Alan K. Jackson <[email protected]>
AKSTE     Alan K. Stebbens <[email protected]>
ALPOW     Alan Pownall <[email protected]>
ALSCH     Alan Scheinine <[email protected]>
ALANSZ    Alan Schwartz <[email protected]>
AYOUNG    Alan Young <[email protected]>
AALLAN    Alasdair Allan <[email protected]>
ACESTER   Albert Cester <[email protected]>
AVATAR    Albert K. T. Hui <[email protected]>
AMICHAUER Albert Michauer <[email protected]>
TOBEYA    Albert P Tobey <[email protected]>
AMBS      Alberto Manuel Brandão Simões (=Alberto Manuel Brandao Simoes) <[email protected]>
AMONTERO  Alberto Montero Asenjo <CENSORED>
AREGGIORI Alberto Reggiori (=areggiori) <[email protected]>
ARFREITAS Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior <[email protected]>
ACALPINI  Aldo Calpini <[email protected]>
ALET      Aldo LeTellier <[email protected]>
AMEDINA   Alejandro Escalante Medina <[email protected]>
AZUL      Alejandro Forero Cuervo <[email protected]>
AIMASS    Alejandro Imass <CENSORED>
ALECS     Alejandro Juarez <[email protected]>
TECHCODE  Aleksandar Petrović (=Aleksandar Petrovic) <>
ADAMOWSKI Aleksander Adamowski <[email protected]>
ALGDR     Aleksandr Guidrevitch <[email protected]>
KSURI     Aleksey Surikov <CENSORED>
ALFO      Alessandro Forghieri <[email protected]>
AGATTI    Alessandro Gatti <>
ALEXIOB   Alessandro Iob <[email protected]>
AAR       Alessandro Ranellucci <[email protected]>
ZUMMO     Alessandro Zummo <azummo dash cpan3 at towertech dot it>
AXS       Alex <[email protected]_a_r_b_o_r_n_e_t_._o_r_g>
YAKWOO    Alex <[email protected]>
TALEX     Alex A. <[email protected]>
AAYARS    Alex Ayars <sounds like paws at n o d e k i t dot o r g>
KAORU     Alex Balhatchet <[email protected]>
ABOUTOV   Alex Boutov <>
KILINRAX  Alex Bowley <kilinrax [at] cpan [dot] org>
ALEXPRECH Alex Corral <[email protected]>
WWORKS    Alex Crain <[email protected]>
GURUPERL  Alex Danoff <[email protected]>
ADAVIES   Alex Davies <[email protected]>
FALCAO    Alex Falcao <[email protected]>
ALEXF     Alex Francis <[email protected]>
AGALLI    Alex Gallichotte <CENSORED>
AJGOUGH   Alex Gough <[email protected]>
AHORNBY   Alex Hornby <alex (at)>
AIZVORSKI Alex Izvorski <[email protected]>
ALEX      Alex J. Avriette <[email protected]>
AJGB      Alex J. G. Burzyński (=Alex J. G. Burzynski) <CENSORED>
KNOWLES   Alex Knowles <[email protected]>
ALEXLOMAS Alex Lomas <alexlomas at cpan dot org>
ALX       Alex Manoussakis <[email protected]>
FOOCHRE   Alex McLean <[email protected]>
YAXU      Alex McLean <[email protected]>
ALEXMC    Alex McLintock <alex at owal dot co dot uk>
MORGENEGG Alex Morgenegg <[email protected]>
ALEXM     Alex Muntada <[email protected]>
PLCGI     Alex Nosoff <CENSORED>
ANUNES    Alex Nunes <[email protected]>
GRIMOIRE  Alex Page <[email protected]>
ALEXP     Alex Pavlovic <[email protected]>
ASNMTAP   Alex Peeters <[email protected]>
APILOS    Alex Pilosov <[email protected]>
APLEINER  Alex Pleiner <[email protected]>
SASHA     Alex Protasenko <CENSORED>
ARAK      Alex Rak <[email protected]>
SGP       Alex Robinson <>
ALEXS     Alex Sayle <[email protected]>
FOOF      Alex Shinn <[email protected]>
ALEXEVIL  Alex Soukhotine <[email protected]>
DISSENT   Alex Taler <[email protected]>
ALTITUDE  Alex Tang <[email protected]>
ALEXMV    Alex Vandiver <[email protected]>
VVU       Alex White <[email protected]>
ANDALE    Alexander Anderson <[email protected]>
AWESTHOLM Alexander Christian Westholm <[email protected]>
ALPO      Alexander David P <>
FARBER    Alexander Farber <[email protected]>
DECAY     Alexander Goller <>
AGOLOMSH  Alexander Golomshtok <[email protected]>
AFRIKA    Alexander Haderer <[email protected]>
ABRAXXA   Alexander Hartmaier <[email protected]>
AJUNG     Alexander Jung <[email protected]>
KARJALA   Alexander Karelas <[email protected]>
ALECH     Alexander Klink <[email protected]>
AKOLB     Alexander Kolbasov <[email protected]>
ANS       Alexander N. Skovpen <[email protected]>
ZOWERS    Alexander Petrov <[email protected]>
MIRROROK  Alexander Schober <a.d.j.schob[email protected]>
LEXICON   Alexander Scouras <[email protected]>
CYGA      Alexander Soudakov <CENSORED>
XANDRE    Alexander Sousa <[email protected]>
PEARL     Alexander Sviridenko <[email protected]>
SORHED    Alexander Temerev <[email protected]>
VOISCHEV  Alexander Voishchev <>
ALPHAZULU Alexander Zangerl <CENSORED>
MCLANDER  Alexander mcLander <[email protected]>
CHORNY    Alexandr Ciornii <[email protected]>
AAU       Alexandre Aufrere <CENSORED>
NATTFODD  Alexandre Buisse <[email protected]>
ADULAU    Alexandre Dulaunoy <[email protected]>
AGATT     Alexandre Gattiker <>
MIDNITE   Alexandre Jousset <REMOVE.cpan<_at_>>
ACARVALHO Alexandre Martins de Carvalho <[email protected]>
ALEXMASS  Alexandre Masselot <[email protected]>
SORO      Alexandre Sorokine <[email protected]>
APALADE   Alexandru Palade <alexandru [.] palade [funny-a] psrk [.] com>
ALEXE     Alexe <[email protected]>
RUDENKO   Alexei Rudenko <[email protected]>
RUSSOZ    Alexei Znamensky <CENSORED>
SWINED    Alexey Alexandrov <[email protected]>
AMANOKHIN Alexey E.Manokhin <[email protected]>
AKHOBOV   Alexey Khobov (=Alexey Khobov) <[email protected]>
KLIMKIN   Alexey Klimkin <klimkin at>
SCOUNDREL Alexey Kovyrin <[email protected]>
AKR       Alexey Kravchuk <[email protected]>
RADKOV    Alexey Radkov <[email protected]>
SWAJ      Alexey Semenoff <[email protected]>
ASVBR     Alexey Sharafutdinov <CENSORED>
RANGER    Alexey Stroganov <[email protected]>
ALEXEYT   Alexey Toptygin <[email protected]>
ATOURBIN  Alexey Tourbin <[email protected]>
AVP       Alexey V. Presnyakov (=Alexey V. Presnyakov) <[email protected]>
AZINGER   Alexey Zinger <CENSORED>
SUKRIA    Alexis Sukrieh <[email protected]>
ALFW      Alf Wachsmann <[email protected]>
ALFIE     Alfie John <[email protected]>
AANZLOVAR Alfred Anzlovar <[email protected]>
AREIBENS  Alfred Reibenschuh <[email protected]>
KYOSHU    Algirdas Rokas <[email protected]>
ALIC      Ali Craigmile <CENSORED>
LEPTON    Ali Işık (=Ali ISIK) <fenLisesi ! gmail>
ALI       Ali Mohamad Ali <[email protected]>
AOCINAR   Ali Onur Cinar <[email protected]>
ALIN      Alin Iacob <[email protected]>
VIGREP    Alireza Aghamohammadi <[email protected]>
ALISTAIRC Alistair Cunningham <[email protected]>
ALIZTA    Alistair Francis <>
CYBAEA    Allan Engelhardt <[email protected]>
AFIELDS   Allan Fields <[email protected]>
APKELLY   Allan Paul Kelly <[email protected]>
ADY       Allan Rene Dystrup Nielsen <CENSORED>
HOEVE     Allard Hoeve <[email protected]>
ALLENCHEN Allen Chen <[email protected]>
ALLENDAY  Allen Day <[email protected]>
MINCUS    Allen Holman <[email protected]>
ALLENS    Allen Smith <[email protected]>
ADESC     Alligator Descartes <[email protected]>
ARANDAL   Allison Randal <[email protected]>
EPSALON   Alon Altman <[email protected]>
ALVAR     Alvar C.H. Freude <CENSORED>
ALVAROL   Alvaro Livraghi <[email protected]>
AMAR      Amarendran R. Subramanian <[email protected]>
AWS       Amazon Web Services team <CENSORED>
AMIAS     Amias Channer <[email protected]>
AKARGER   Amir Karger <[email protected]>
AMITSIDES Amit Sides <[email protected]>
AMOSS     Amos Shapira <>
AMRUTA    Amruta Purandare <>
ANAGHAKK  Anagha K Kulkarni <>
ANATRA    Anand Natrajan <[email protected]>
AVALLABH  Anand Vallabhajosula <[email protected]>
ANARION   Anarion <[email protected]>
GOOSEFISH Anastasi Thomas <[email protected]>
TOLIKL    Anatoly K. Lasareff <[email protected]>
AVOROBEY  Anatoly Vorobey <[email protected]>
ANBU      Anbalagan Pugaleesan <[email protected]>
AARDO     Anders Ardö <[email protected]>
ANDERS    Anders Johnson <[email protected]>
BERLE     Anders Nor Berle <[email protected]>
SONDBERG  Anders Sonderberg Mortensen <[email protected]>
ANDREWJSI Andras Jeszenszky <[email protected]>
REDOX     Andre <[email protected]>
ABOL      Andre Boeddecker <CENSORED>
AGUIMARA  Andre Guimaraes <[email protected]>
AMERZKY   Andre Merzky <[email protected]>
ARVIEGAS  Andre Rodrigues Viegas <[email protected]>
SWAMPFOX  Andre Yelistratov <[email protected]>
BENAZZO   Andrea Benazzo <[email protected]>
ADIPALMA  Andrea Di Pippo <[email protected]>
ANDREGNEX Andrea Gnerre <[email protected]>
XANT      Andrea Guzzo <[email protected]>
HOLSTEN   Andrea Holstein <[email protected]>
ASPINELLI Andrea Spinelli <[email protected]>
ACID      Andreas 'ac0v' Specht <[email protected]>
ABREY     Andreas Brey <[email protected]>
AFF       Andreas Faafeng <[email protected]>
AFERBER   Andreas Ferber <[email protected]>
FITZNER   Andreas Fitzner <[email protected]>
AGRIMME   Andreas Grimme <>
ANDK      Andreas J. König (=Andreas J. Koenig) <[email protected]>
AJAEKEL   Andreas Jaekel <[email protected]>
XYLOS     Andreas Kryger Jensen <xylofonius at hotpop dot com>
QUATTRO   Andreas Mager <[email protected]>
MAHNKONG  Andreas Mahnke <[email protected]>
AMR       Andreas Marcel Riechert <[email protected]>
ANDREMAR  Andreas Marienborg <[email protected]>
ASCHERBAU Andreas Scherbaum <[email protected]>
SCHERBAUM Andreas Scherbaum <[email protected]>
SCHUSTER  Andreas Schuster <CENSORED>
ASPINDLER Andreas Spindler <[email protected]>
ASTILLER  Andreas Stiller <>
ANDREI    Andrei Kozovski <[email protected]>
ANDREIN   Andrei Nossov <[email protected]>
STELLAR   Andrei V. Shetuhin <[email protected]>
ANK       Andres Kievsky <[email protected]>
XAOS      Andrew <[email protected]>
AMOORE    Andrew  Moore <[email protected]>
ACHEN     Andrew A. Chen <[email protected]>
ANDREWN   Andrew Alexandre Novikov <[email protected]>
ARENSB    Andrew Arensburger <[email protected]>
BOAG      Andrew Boag <CENSORED>
ABROSNAN  Andrew Brosnan <[email protected]>
ANDYB     Andrew Brown <[email protected]>
ABURKE    Andrew Burke <[email protected]>
ANDREWC   Andrew Chadwick <[email protected]>
AHAMM     Andrew Clarke <[email protected]>
ACRABB    Andrew Crabb <[email protected]>
ACRAWFORD Andrew Crawford <[email protected]>
ALLEN     Andrew D. Allen <[email protected]>
ANDREWD   Andrew Dougherty <[email protected]>
AEPAGE    Andrew E Page <[email protected]>
AELAND    Andrew Eland <[email protected]>
DRIEUX    Andrew F. Hampe <[email protected]>
AFINDLAY  Andrew Findlay <[email protected]>
ICRF      Andrew Flerchinger <>
ANDREWF   Andrew Ford <[email protected]>
ANDREW    Andrew Fresh <[email protected]>
ARTICLE   Andrew Green <[email protected]>
ANDYGROM  Andrew Gromozdin <[email protected]>
AHICOX    Andrew Hicox <[email protected]>
ANDREWHO  Andrew Ho <[email protected]>
AHOYING   Andrew Hoying <[email protected]>
BROMAGE   Andrew J. Bromage <[email protected]>
KORTY     Andrew J. Korty <[email protected]>
ASAVIGE   Andrew J. Savige <[email protected]>
LAJANDY   Andrew Johnson <lajandy at>
ANDREWIK  Andrew Kerns <[email protected]>
AJOHNSON  Andrew L. Johnson <[email protected]>
LANGMEAD  Andrew Langmead <[email protected]>
LEUNGA    Andrew Leung <[email protected]>
AMGARLAND Andrew M. Garland <>
PRESSEL   Andrew M. Pressel <CENSORED>
ZEFRAM    Andrew Main (Zefram) <[email protected]>
BUCKY     Andrew Malone Melo <[email protected]>
AMALTSEV  Andrew Maltsev <[email protected]>
MCGREGOR  Andrew McGregor <>
AMCN      Andrew McNaughton <[email protected]>
AMOLLOY   Andrew Molloy <[email protected]>
ANDREWO   Andrew OBrien <>
AOCH      Andrew Och <CENSORED>
AGIERTH   Andrew P. J. Gierth <[email protected]>
TEAMBOB   Andrew Punch <andrewpunch at emporiumbooks dot com dot au>
CAFFIEND  Andrew Robertson <[email protected]>
ARODLAND  Andrew Rodland <[email protected]>
SHAMROCK  Andrew S. Kennedy <>
ASCHAMP   Andrew Schamp <[email protected]>
ASHERROD  Andrew Sherrod <[email protected]>
ANDY      Andrew Shitov <[email protected]>
SIMMONSA  Andrew Simmons <[email protected]>
ASPEER    Andrew Speer <[email protected]>
ASTANLEY  Andrew Stanley <[email protected]>
HANENKAMP Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <[email protected]>
ASW       Andrew Stewart Williams <>
STRADER   Andrew Strader <[email protected]>
ASTRB     Andrew Strebkov <[email protected]>
STRIB     Andrew Stribblehill <[email protected]>
ANDREWS   Andrew Stringer <CENSORED>
YDNA      Andrew Sweger <[email protected]>
TURNERA   Andrew Turner <[email protected]>
MAKAROW   Andrew V. Makarow <[email protected]>
ANDYPUR   Andrew V. Purshottam <[email protected]>
WESTRATE  Andrew Westrate <westrate at cpan dot org>
WKNIGHT   Andrew Whitworth <CENSORED>
AMW       Andrew Wilcox <[email protected]>
AWGIBBS   Andrew William Gibbs <>
NUANCE    Andrew Wilson <[email protected]>
AJWOOD    Andrew Wood <andrew dot wood at ivarch dot com>
WYLLIE    Andrew Wyllie <[email protected]>
MANOWAR   Andrew Zhilenko <[email protected]>
VECTOR    Andrey Mykhaylov <[email protected]>
SAV       Andrey Smorodin <[email protected]>
ONDR      Andrian Zubko <[email protected]>
ANFI      Andrzej Adam Filip <[email protected]>
AZS       András Salamon (=Andras Salamon) <[email protected]>
ANBON     André Bonhôte (=Andre Bonhote) <>
AADLER    Andy Adler <[email protected]>
ANDYA     Andy Armstrong <[email protected]>
ABREZINS  Andy Brezinsky <[email protected]>
SETITESUK Andy Brown <[email protected]>
AJDIXON   Andy Dixon <>
ANDYD     Andy Dougherty <[email protected]>
ANDYDUNC  Andy Duncan <[email protected]>
DREWF     Andy Ferguson <[email protected]>
KAHUNA    Andy Finkenstadt <[email protected]>
ANDYGLEW  Andy Glew <[email protected]>
AGRUNDMA  Andy Grundman <[email protected]>
AHARRISON Andy Harrison <{ domain => 'gmail', user => 'aharrison', tld => 'com' }>
ANDYJ     Andy John <[email protected]>
MOPOKE    Andy Kelk <[email protected]>
PETDANCE  Andy Lester <[email protected]>
ANDMEN    Andy Mendelsohn <CENSORED>
AMURREN   Andy Murren <[email protected]>
AORR      Andy Orr <>
ANDYP     Andy Palmer <CENSORED>
NINJA     Andy Pritchard <andy at the-pritchards dot com>
ICENI     Andy Settle <[email protected]>
ANDYW     Andy Walker <[email protected]>
ABW       Andy Wardley <[email protected]>
ANWILL    Andy Williams <[email protected]>
WOLF      Andy Wolf <[email protected]>
ANIO      Angel Nikolaev Kolev <[email protected]>
LUCHA     Angelo Lucia <[email protected]>
ANGUSLEES Angus Lees <[email protected]>
AWOOD     Angus Wood <[email protected]>
ANH       Anh Nguyen-Tuong <[email protected]>
ANIMATOR  Animator <[email protected]>
ANIRVAN   Anirvan Chatterjee <anirvan at cpan dot org>
ANKITS    Ankit Agarwal <[email protected]>
APATWA    Ankur Maheshbhai Patwa <[email protected]>
KUDRA     Ann Barcomb <[email protected]>
ANNADURAI Anna Durai <[email protected]>
ANIAS     Anna Wiejak <[email protected]>
ANNO      Anno Siegel <[email protected]>
PETERPG   Anonymous <>
SCHNYBZER Anonymous TSM dev. Team <[email protected]>
AHCHORN   Anselm H. C. Horn <[email protected]>
ALINGNAU  Anselm Lingnau <[email protected]>
AFN       Antal Novak <>
SOLARANT  Antano Solar John <CENSORED>
SUAVEANT  Anthony Ball <[email protected]>
BARBACHAN Anthony Barbachan <[email protected]>
ANTHONYU  Anthony D. Urso <[email protected]>
AJDELORE  Anthony DeLorenzo <[email protected]>
MINDHACK  Anthony Decena <[email protected]>
ETTINGER  Anthony Ettinger <>
AEF       Anthony Fisher <[email protected]>
ARIF      Anthony Fletcher <[email protected]>
AFRYER    Anthony Fryer <[email protected]>
APERSAUD  Anthony G Persaud <[email protected]>
KILNA     Anthony Kilna <CENSORED>
AJPEACOCK Anthony Peacock <[email protected]>
YNOTMGMA  Anthony Richardson <CENSORED>
ASTAINES  Anthony Staines <[email protected]>
ANTHONY   Anthony Thyssen <[email protected]>
AWKAY     Anthony W. Kay <[email protected]>
AIMBERT   Antoine Imbert <CENSORED>
ANZUHAN   Antoine Kalmbach <[email protected]>
GRAOUTS   Antoine Quint <[email protected]>
GRUBER    Anton Berezin <[email protected]>
BURNASH   Anton Burnashev <>
TOYVO     Anton Tayanovskyy <CENSORED>
ANTRO     Antonio Rosella <[email protected]>
TERCEIRO  Antonio S. de A. Terceiro <[email protected]>
SYSDEV    Antonio San Juan <[email protected]>
AMV       Antti Vähäkotamäki <[email protected]>
ANURADHA  Anuradha Weeraman <[email protected]>
APOCAL    Apocalypse <[email protected]>
BLUEFEET  Aran Clary Deltac <[email protected]>
ARVINDPR  Aravinda PR <[email protected]>
AVCPAN    Archivista GmbH, Markus Stocker <[email protected]>
AVB       Archivista GmbH, Urs Pfister <[email protected]>
AJOLMA    Ari Jolma <[email protected]>
SCHOP     Ariel Brosh (PAUSE Custodial Account) <[email protected]>
ARIELS    Ariel Scolnicov <[email protected]>
ARJEN     Arjen Laarhoven <[email protected]>
GRUDZIAR  Arkady Grudzinsky <[email protected]>
ARLIN     Arlin Stoltzfus <[email protected]>
ARMAND    Armand Valsesia <>
FONKIE    Armin Obersteiner <[email protected]>
ADDI      Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson <[email protected]>
AASSAD    Arnaud "Arhuman" Assad <[email protected]>
ARNDT     Arndt Schönewald (=Arndt Schoenewald) <[email protected]>
SDETHER   Arne Claassen <cpan [at]>
ARGGGH    Arne Georg Gleditsch <[email protected]>
AGOE      Arne Gödeke (=Arne Goedeke) <[email protected]>
ARNSHOLT  Arne Skjærholt (=Arne Skjaerholt) <CENSORED>
ARNE      Arne Sommer <[email protected]>
DHASCRUZ  Arockia Dhas <[email protected]>
MARSENI   Arseni Mouchinski <CENSORED>
ARTY      Artem S. Vybornov <CENSORED>
SATALINK  Arther Garrett <[email protected]>
ACHOUNG   Arthur Choung <[email protected]>
CORLISS   Arthur Corliss <[email protected]>
ARTHUR    Arthur Goldstein <CENSORED>
KEYSPERL  Arthur Keys <[email protected]>
MENTIFEX  Arthur T. Murray <[email protected]>
ABERGMAN  Artur Bergman <[email protected]>
ARTO      Artur Penttinen <[email protected]>
MARTINEZ  Arturo Martinez de Vara <[email protected]>
ARTURAZ   Artūras Šlajus (=Arturas Slajus) <[email protected]>
ARUL      Arul John <[email protected]>
UARUN     Arun Kumar U <[email protected]>
ARUNBEAR  Arun Prasad <>
ARUN      Arun Venkataraman <CENSORED>
ASANDSTRM Arved H Sandstrom <[email protected]>
RANA      Arvind Ransaria <[email protected]>
ATRIPPS   Arvind Tripathy <CENSORED>
ARYEH     Aryeh Goldsmith <[email protected]>
ASGEIRN   Asgeir Nilsen <[email protected]>
ASH       Ash Berlin <[email protected]>
ABLUM     Asher Blum <[email protected]>
AGUL      Ashish Gulhati <[email protected]>
ASHOOOO   Ashish Kasturia <CENSORED>
ASCHIG    Ashish Mahabal <CENSORED>
ASHLEY    Ashley Pond V — 바보 양키스 (=Ashley Pond V) <[email protected]>
AWIN      Ashley Winters <[email protected]>
ABELEW    Ashton Trey Belew <[email protected]>
ASHUTOSH  Ashutosh Nagle <[email protected]>
ASHWIN    Ashwin Dixit <CENSORED>
ASIMJALIS Asim Jalis <[email protected]>
ABH       Ask Bjørn Hansen (=Ask Bjoern Hansen) <[email protected]>
ASKSH     Ask Solem <[email protected]>
ASSENTCH  Assen Tchorbadjiev <[email protected]>
ADUITSIS  Athanasios Douitsis (=athanasios douitsis) <>
NEKOKAK   Atsushi Kobayashi <[email protected]>
AKOBA     Atsushi Kobayashi <[email protected]>
AUGIE     Augie Schwer <[email protected]>
AUGUSTO   Augusto Ciuffoletti <[email protected]>
AUKJAN    Aukjan van Belkum <[email protected]>
KROPP     Austin Kropp <[email protected]>
AUSCHUTZ  Austin Schutz <[email protected]>
AWRIGLEY  Ave Wrigley <[email protected]>
ADALTON   Averell Dalton <[email protected]>
AVIF      Avi Finkel <[email protected]>
AVINASH   Avinash Chopde <CENSORED>
ABE       Axel Beckert <[email protected]>
SCHWENKE  Axel Schwenke <[email protected]>
AULUSOY   Ayhan Ulusoy <[email protected]>
ROEL      Azrul Azwar <CENSORED>
ESTRABD   B. Estrade <[email protected]>
BINKLEY   B. K. Oxley (binkley) <[email protected]>
BWATSON   B. Watson <[email protected]>
BBC       BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) <[email protected]>
BBCIFL    BBC, Interactive Factual & Learning <>
CDIDEROT  BTS Diététique (=BTS Dietetique) <CENSORED>
BADEN     Baden Hughes <[email protected]>
BALAJIRAM Balaji Ramasubramanian <[email protected]>
BALDUR    Baldur Kristinsson <[email protected]>
BCEVC     Baltasar Cevc <bcevc AT cpan D?T org>
BALTIC    Baltic Online Computer GmbH <[email protected]>
BHARB     Bane Harbinger <[email protected]>
BARBIE    Barbie <[email protected]>
BREMNERB  Barrie Bremner <>
RBS       Barrie Slaymaker <[email protected]>
WYRD      Barry King <[email protected]>
PRIMEBASE Barry Leslie <[email protected]>
BARRYP    Barry Pollock <[email protected]>
WHITEB    Barry White <[email protected]>
BARTL     Bart Lateur <[email protected]>
BARTS     Bart Schuller <[email protected]>
BARUCH    Baruch Ben-David <[email protected]>
BAS       Bas Zoetekouw <[email protected]>
BASANTK   Basant Kumar Kukreja <[email protected]>
BASKAR    Baskar S <[email protected]>
MAXOU     Bassem W. Jamaleddine <CENSORED>
CRAZYDJ   Bastian Ballmann <[email protected]>
WALDI     Bastian Blank <[email protected]>
BRTEAM    Batchrun Team <[email protected]>
BAYNAA    Bayanzul Lodoysamba <CENSORED>
BSHANKS   Bayle Shanks <see for email addr>
BEADSLAND Beads Land <[email protected]>
SIMENSEN  Beau D. Simensen <[email protected]>
BEAU      Beau E. Cox <[email protected]>
FIJI      Ben Bennett <[email protected]>
BKB       Ben Bullock <[email protected]>
BENC      Ben Charlton <[email protected]>
OLORYN    Ben Coleman <[email protected]>
BCORNETT  Ben Cornett <>
BCROWELL  Ben Crowell <[email protected]>
BDAGLISH  Ben Daglish <[email protected]>
BEASTVOL  Ben Eastvold <[email protected]>
BEVANS    Ben Evans <[email protected]>
KITTY     Ben Evans <[email protected]>
MWZ       Ben Faga <[email protected]>
BFAGA     Ben Faga <[email protected]>
BGRIMM    Ben Grimm <bgrimm>
MODULO    Ben H. Kram <[email protected]>
BENHMM    Ben Hammersley <[email protected]>
NUTSO     Ben Hildred <[email protected]>
BHUMPH    Ben Humphreys <CENSORED>
DAIYU     Ben Jacobs-Swearingen <[email protected]>
BJWHEELER Ben James Wheeler <[email protected]>
BKLANG    Ben Klang <[email protected]>
VOICET    Ben Kramer <[email protected]>
BKRAMER   Ben Kramer <[email protected]>
BEN       Ben Laurie <[email protected]>
BDLILLEY  Ben Lilley <[email protected]>
BENLI     Ben Lindstrom <[email protected]>
BENLUND   Ben Lund <[email protected]>
CPANEL    Ben M. Thomas <[email protected]>
BLM       Ben Marsh <[email protected]>
BMAYNARD  Ben Maynard <[email protected]>
BMORROW   Ben Morrow <[email protected]>
BENN      Ben Norman <[email protected]>
BENPAVON  Ben Pavon <[email protected]>
BTP       Ben Prew <[email protected]>
BRESER    Ben Reser <[email protected]>
BSCHMITZ  Ben Schmitz <[email protected]>
BSNOOP    Ben Schnopp <CENSORED>
SOMMERB   Ben Sommer <[email protected]>
BENSOMMER Ben Sommer <[email protected]>
TILLY     Ben Tilly <btilly at gmail dot com>
YARBER    Ben Yarber <[email protected]>
BAF       Bengt-Arne Fjellner <[email protected]>
BBENNETT  Benjamin Bennett <[email protected]>
BBOKSA    Benjamin Boksa <[email protected]>
BCMB      Benjamin Brodfuehrer <[email protected]>
ELIJAH    Benjamin Elijah Griffin <[email protected]>
SNOWHARE  Benjamin Franz <[email protected]>
BGI       Benjamin Gieß (=Benjamin Giess) <CENSORED>
GOLDBB    Benjamin Goldberg <[email protected]>
BENH      Benjamin Hare <[email protected]>
BHOLZMAN  Benjamin Holzman <[email protected]>
BKENDI    Benjamin Kendinibilir <[email protected]>
BJKUIT    Benjamin Kuit <[email protected]>
BENL      Benjamin Low <[email protected]>
BLYNCH    Benjamin Lynch <[email protected]>
BPANNIER  Benjamin Pannier <[email protected]>
BRG       Benjamin R. Ginter <[email protected]>
BENJAMIN  Benjamin Reitzammer <[email protected]>
BENRUSSEL Benjamin Russell <[email protected]>
BSCHMAU   Benjamin Schmaus <[email protected]>
SCHUBOE   Benjamin Schuster-Böckler <[email protected]>
BSMITH    Benjamin Smith <[email protected]>
BSUGARS   Benjamin Sugars <[email protected]>
BTHOMAS   Benjamin Thomas <>
BTROTT    Benjamin Trott <[email protected]>
BTUCKER   Benjamin Tucker <[email protected]>
BJTURNER  Benjamin Turner <[email protected]>
MADCODER  Benjamin Ullian <[email protected]>
BWSMITH   Benjamin W. Smith <defyance -=at=->
BWARFIELD Benjamin Warfield <>
BENT      Bennett Todd <[email protected]>
KARDEL    Benno Kardel <[email protected]>
BBEAUSEJ  Benoit Beausejour <[email protected]>
BSTPIERRE Benoit St-Pierre <[email protected]>
PUNG      Beomsu Chang <CENSORED>
BERIKV    Berik Visschers <[email protected]>
BBIKER    Bernard Kenik <[email protected]>
BPGN      Bernard Nauwelaerts <[email protected]>
BWEILER   Bernard Weiler <[email protected]>
BREQUESEN Bernat Requesens <[email protected]>
BDULFER   Bernd Dulfer <[email protected]>
BAUERB    Bernhard Bauer <[email protected]>
GRAF      Bernhard Graf <CENSORED>
BKW       Bernhard K. Weisshuhn <[email protected]>
BSCHMAL   Bernhard Schmalhofer <CENSORED>
BWAGNER   Bernhard Wagner <>
BCOSELL   Bernie Cosell <[email protected]>
BERRY     Berry Batist <[email protected]>
BHM       Berthold Michel <CENSORED>
BEWEGEN   Bertram Wegener <[email protected]>
TEDDYBER  Bertrand Carlier <[email protected]>
BETH      Beth Skwarecki <[email protected]>
DEEPFRYED Bharanee Rathnasabapathy <CENSORED>
BBPATEL   Bharat Patel <[email protected]>
BIAFRA    Biafra <biafra *>
MAB       Bianka Martinovic <[email protected]>
BIJUA     Biju A <[email protected]>
BANDERSON Bill Anderson <[email protected]>
BATKINS   Bill Atkins <[email protected]>
BBIRTH    Bill Birthisel <[email protected]>
BBUM      Bill Bumgarner <[email protected]>
BILLC     Bill Campbell <[email protected]>
WCATLAN   Bill Catlan <[email protected]>
BCOFFMAN  Bill Coffman <[email protected]>
FENNER    Bill Fenner <CENSORED>
HANK      Bill Moseley <[email protected]>
BILLN     Bill Nash <[email protected]>
WNODOM    Bill Odom <[email protected]>
BPETH     Bill Petheram <[email protected]>
WRATY     Bill Raty <[email protected]>
RATLCC    Bill Spurlin <[email protected]>
BSTILWELL Bill Stilwell <[email protected]>
BILLWALZ  Bill Walz <[email protected]>
BILLW     Bill Weinman <[email protected]>
BIWILLIA  Bill Williams <[email protected]>
COWFISH   Billy Abbott <[email protected]>
BBRYANT   Billy Bryant <[email protected]>
BILL      Billy Nadeau <[email protected]>
BINOJOHN  Bino John <[email protected]>
SMITZ     Birger Alexander Schmitz <[email protected]>
STEINSBO  Bjarne Steinsbo <[email protected]>
BHOLSTEN  Bjoern Holsten <[email protected]>
BJORNARDO Bjorn Ardo <[email protected]>
GROSSMANN Björn Grossmann (=Bjorn Grossmann) <[email protected]>
BJOERN    Björn Höhrmann (=Bjoern Hoehrmann) <[email protected]>
BJM       Björn Medin (=Bjorn Medin) <[email protected]>
BJOERNW   Björn Wilmsmann <[email protected]>
BEJ       Bjørn Erik Jacobsen (=Bjorn Erik Jacobsen) <CENSORED>
BLACKSTAR BlackStar <[email protected]>
LATTICE   Blaine Cook <[email protected]>
UNSAVED   Blaine Simpson <[email protected]>
BSDZ      Blair Sutton <>
BZAJAC    Blair Zajac <[email protected]>
BAM       Blake A. Mitchell <[email protected]>
BOADLER   Bo Adler <[email protected]>
BLGL      Bo Lindbergh <>
BOXZOU    Bo Zou <[email protected]>
APTHORPE  Bob Apthorpe <[email protected]>
DALGL     Bob Dalgleish <[email protected]>
BFAIST    Bob Faist <[email protected]>
BFREE     Bob Free <bfree(at)graphcomp(dot)com>
BOBF      Bob Friedman <>
BOBG      Bob Glickstein <[email protected]>
BOBGOLD   Bob Goldstein <[email protected]>
OGB       Bob Goolsby <CENSORED>
BOBMATH   Bob Mathews <[email protected]>
BOBN      Bob Niederman <[email protected]>
BOBO      Bob O'Neill <[email protected]>
RGRJR     Bob Rogers <[email protected]>
BSHOW     Bob Showalter <[email protected]>
BOBSIDE   Bob Sidebotham <[email protected]>
BTRIBIT   Bob Tribit <[email protected]>
BOBW      Bob Wilkinson <[email protected]>
BOGDAN    Bogdan Lucaciu <[email protected]>
SBR       Bohdan Shchepanskyy <CENSORED>
BOLEK     Boleslav Bobcik <[email protected]>
BLANTREWI Boris Lantrewitz <[email protected]>
REITMAN   Boris Reitman <boris-dot-reitman-at-gmail-com>
SHOMODJ   Boris Shomodjvarac <>
BOSU      Boris Sukholitko <[email protected]>
BORISZ    Boris Zentner <[email protected]>
BDWELLE   Bowen Dwelle <[email protected]>
DUFFEE    Boyd Duffee <boyd a cs punto keele punto ac punto uk>
BADKINS   Brad Adkins <[email protected]>
BRADAPP   Brad Appleton <[email protected]>
BBAXTER   Brad Baxter <[email protected]>
BOWMANBS  Brad Bowman <[email protected]>
BRADC     Brad Cavanagh <[email protected]>
BCHOATE   Brad Choate <[email protected]>
BRADD     Brad Douglas <>
BRADFITZ  Brad Fitzpatrick <[email protected]>
BHUGHES   Brad Hughes <[email protected]>
BLHOTSKY  Brad Lhotsky <[email protected]>
BRADMC    Brad McConahay <[email protected]>
BSTURNER  Brad Turner <[email protected]>
BYOURTH   Brad Yourth <[email protected]>
BCBAILEY  Bradley C Bailey <>
KITE      Bradley Derek Kite <[email protected]>
BGIBBY    Bradley J. Gibby <[email protected]>
BKUHN     Bradley M. Kuhn <[email protected]>
BHILTON   Brand Hilton <[email protected]>
BRANDONC  Brandon Checketts <CENSORED>
BFOZ      Brandon Fosdick <CENSORED>
BGILMORE  Brandon Gilmore <[email protected]>
BRANDON   Brandon Handeland <CENSORED>
BLBLACK   Brandon L Black <[email protected]>
GOLM      Brandon L. Golm <[email protected]>
BATKINSON Brandon Neal Atkinson <[email protected]>
BPRUDENT  Brandon Prudent <[email protected]>
WILLIS    Brandon Willis <[email protected]>
KUROWSKI  Brandt Kurowski <[email protected]>
SHINY     Brenda Wallace <[email protected]>
BITS      Brendan Fagan <[email protected]>
USSJOIN   Brendan Francis O'Connor <perl - at - ussjoin - dot - com>
BDGREGG   Brendan Gregg <[email protected]>
HOLLYKING Brendan Leber <[email protected]>
BQUINN    Brendan Quinn <[email protected]>
BWMCADAMS Brendan W. McAdams <[email protected]>
CONTEB    Brenden Conte <[email protected]>
WOHL      Brendt Wohlberg <[email protected]>
BRENNEN   Brennen Pike Bearnes <CENSORED>
BRENO     Breno Colom <[email protected]>
GARU      Breno G. de Oliveira <[email protected]>
BAHUGHES  Brent Alan Hughes <[email protected]>
BPOWERS   Brent B. Powers <[email protected]>
BRENTDAX  Brent Dax <[email protected]>
BGARBER   Brent Garber <[email protected]>
BSHENRY   Brent Henry <[email protected]>
BCH       Brent Hostetler <[email protected]>
BRENT     Brent Michalski <[email protected]>
BPEDERSE  Brent Pedersen <[email protected]>
AARDEN    Bret Aarden <[email protected]>
LINTDOG   Bret Weinraub <CENSORED>
BRETT     Brett Hamilton <[email protected]>
HEINZEBA  Brett Heinze <[email protected]>
BWARDEN   Brett T. Warden <[email protected]>
BRIAC     Briac Pilpré (=Briac Pilpre) <[email protected]>
KROW      Brian Aker <[email protected]>
BXBD      Brian Bittman <[email protected]>
BCT       Brian C. Thomas <>
BRICAS    Brian Cassidy <[email protected]>
BMC       Brian Caswell <[email protected]>
BCONRY    Brian Conry <[email protected]>
MRKOFFEE  Brian Cooke <[email protected]>
BDWOR     Brian D <[email protected]>
ASPIDER   Brian Dellert <[email protected]>
BDOWLING  Brian Dowling <[email protected]>
BDUGGAN   Brian Duggan <[email protected]>
LOZIER    Brian E. Lozier <[email protected]>
BMEDWAR   Brian Edwards <[email protected]>
BGUARRACI Brian Guarraci <[email protected]>
BRIAN     Brian H. Dunford-Shore <[email protected]>
BHANN     Brian Hann <[email protected]>
BHODGES   Brian Hodges <[email protected]>
ZOOVY     Brian Horakh <[email protected]>
BHORAN    Brian Horan <[email protected]>
BJEPS     Brian Jepson <[email protected]>
KANEY     Brian Kaney <[email protected]>
BKANEY    Brian Kaney <[email protected]>
REEDFISH  Brian Kelly <[email protected]>
BKING     Brian King <[email protected]>
BKNIGHT   Brian Knight <[email protected]>
BRIANKNOX Brian Knox <[email protected]>
BAK       Brian Koontz <[email protected]>
BRIANL    Brian Lalonde <[email protected]>
BMAMES    Brian M. Ames <[email protected]>
NOBULL    Brian McCauley <[email protected]>
BMCG      Brian McGonigle <[email protected]>
BMEEKINGS Brian Meekings <[email protected]>
BMILLETT  Brian Millett <[email protected]>
BMILLHAM  Brian Millham <[email protected]>
IX        Brian Moseley <[email protected]>
BMOYLES   Brian Moyles <[email protected]>
BRIANNG   Brian Ng <[email protected]>
BOCONNOR  Brian O'Connor <[email protected]>
GRIFF     Brian Olsen <CENSORED>
BPAULSEN  Brian Paulsen <[email protected]>
PEREZ     Brian Perez <[email protected]>
BPHILLIPS Brian Phillips <[email protected]>
REICHERT  Brian Reichert <[email protected]>
BJR       Brian Richardson <[email protected]>
BSHADE    Brian Shade <[email protected]>
BRIANSKI  Brian Szymanski <[email protected]>
BJT       Brian Tarricone <[email protected]>
BRTHOMAS  Brian Thomas <[email protected]>
BRIANSP   Brian W. Spolarich <[email protected]>
BWEBB     Brian Webb <[email protected]>
BWILLIAM  Brian Williams <[email protected]>
BRICE     Brice Mason <[email protected]>
BTMCINNES Bridget McInnes <[email protected]>
BROCSEIB  Broc Seib <[email protected]>
AWWAIID   Brock Wilcox <[email protected]>
BRONG     Bron Gondwana <[email protected]>
BROWSERUK BrowserUk <>
BEECEE    Bruce Campbell <[email protected]>
BGINGERY  Bruce Gingery <[email protected]>
BGRAY     Bruce Gray <CENSORED>
CUSTARD   Bruce James <[email protected]>
BRUCEK    Bruce Keeler <[email protected]>
BOOST     Bruce Mackay Axtens <CENSORED>
ITDEV     Bruce Mitchell <[email protected]>
BMORGAN   Bruce Morgan <[email protected]>
BRAVEL    Bruce Ravel <[email protected]>
BRUCER    Bruce Robertson <[email protected]>
BPSCHUCK  Bruce Schuck <[email protected]>
BVA       Bruce Van Allen <[email protected]>
EBRUNI    Bruni Emiliano <[email protected]>
BRUNO     Bruno Connelly <[email protected]>
BCO       Bruno Cornec <CENSORED>
BRUNORC   Bruno Czekay <brunorc _at_>
BRUNODIAZ Bruno Díaz Brière (=Bruno Diaz Briere) <[email protected]>
BNEGRAO   Bruno Negrao <bnegrao AT gmail DOT com>
BPOSTLE   Bruno Postle <[email protected]>
BMAVT     Bruno Tavares <[email protected]>
BDA       Bryan Allen <[email protected]>
BBACKER   Bryan Backer <[email protected]>
EIJABB    Bryan Baldus <[email protected]>
COLMODE   Bryan Bayerdorffer <[email protected]>
BURGERS   Bryan Burgers <[email protected]>
WHAMMO    Bryan C. Warnock <[email protected]>
GIRAFFED  Bryan Henderson <[email protected]>
BDONLAN   Bryan James Donlan <[email protected]>
MOOCOW    Bryan Jurish <[email protected]>
MCGILL    Bryant H. McGill <[email protected]>
BRYCE     Bryce Harrington <bryce--at--bryceharrington--dot--org>
BPORTER   Bryce Porter <[email protected]>
HONEYMAN  Bryn Honeyman <[email protected]>
BUCKSTER  Buck Star <[email protected]>
BSI       Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (=Bundesamt fuer Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) <[email protected]>
BURAK     Burak Gürsoy (=Burak Gursoy) <[email protected]>
BURL      Burl Nyswonger <[email protected]>
BGEDIK    Buğra Gedık <CENSORED>
BYRNE     Byrne Reese <>
ZENIN     Byron Brummer <[email protected]>
BDARRAH   Byron Darrah <[email protected]>
SZBALINT  Bálint Szilakszi (=Balint Szilakszi) <[email protected]>
CCWALLACE C. Chad Wallace <[email protected]>
CHURCH    C. Church <[email protected]>
GGOEBEL   C. Garrett Goebel <>
MCCOHY    C. McCohy <[email protected]>
AERO      C.H. Kang <CENSORED>
CJCOLLIER C.J. Adams-Collier <[email protected]>
IAMCAL    Cal Henderson <[email protected]>
CALEB     Caleb Crome <[email protected]>
CAE       Caleb Epstein <[email protected]>
CDYBED    Calle Dybedahl <[email protected]>
CALVINM   Calvin Mah <calvin.mah at gmail>
CAMERON   Cameron Ashby <[email protected]>
CKAISER   Cameron Kaiser <[email protected]>
CLAIRD    Cameron Laird <[email protected]>
CMAUSSAN  Camille Maussang <[email protected]>
RPEASE    Cancel Account <[email protected]>
CEVANS    Carey Evans <>
CBTILDEN  Carey Tilden <[email protected]>
CARLADLER Carl Adler <[email protected]>
CARL      Carl Declerck <[email protected]>
CFRANKS   Carl Franks <[email protected]>
FRIEDBERG Carl Friedberg <[email protected]>
FRIDA     Carl Friedberg <[email protected]>
HAYTER    Carl Hayter <[email protected]>
CAJOSS    Carl Joslin <>
CRAIHA    Carl Räihä (=Carl Raiha) <carl.raiha at>
LYNX      Carl v. Loesch (=Carl von Loesch) <[email protected]>
RIOS      Carlos B. Rios <[email protected]>
CARLOSFB  Carlos Fuentes <[email protected]>
GARNACHO  Carlos Garnacho Parro <[email protected]>
CRAMIREZ  Carlos Ramirez <[email protected]>
CVICENTE  Carlos Vicente <[email protected]>
CCMELO    Carmo Crediney de Melo <CENSORED>
CASSJ     Caroline Johnston <[email protected]>
FLUOB     Caryl GRENIER <[email protected]>
CTLARSEN  Case Larsen <[email protected]>
KIRSLE    Casey Kirsle <>
CPLEE     Casey Lee <[email protected]>
CTWETEN   Casey West <[email protected]>
CWEST     Casey West <[email protected]>
CASIANO   Casiano Rodriguez-Leon <[email protected]>
WARMING   Casper Warming <[email protected]>
CWEVERITT Cass W. Everitt <[email protected]>
CAT       Cat Okita <[email protected]>
CEESHEK   Cees Hek <[email protected]>
CCLARK    Chad A. Clark <[email protected]>
EXODIST   Chad Granum <[email protected]>
CHOGAN    Chad Hogan <chad.hogan[at]>
CJOHNSTON Chad Johnston <>
CKERNER   Chad Kerner <>
CNLAVY    Chad Lavy <[email protected]>
CHADMJOHN Chad M. Johnson <[email protected]>
SAMO      Chad Norwood <[email protected]>
TEMPALTE  Chad Phillips <[email protected]>
WAGNERCH  Chad Wagner <[email protected]>
JEDAI     Chaddaï Fouché <CENSORED>
LEVIATHAN Chady Kassouf <[email protected]>
CGLEE     Chae Lee <[email protected]>
CGANESAN  Chander Ganesan <[email protected]>
CHANG-LIU Chang Liu <[email protected]>
PUJAR     Channappa Pujar <[email protected]>
LUNARTEAR Charles Ayres <[email protected]>
CBAIL     Charles Bailey <[email protected]>
CCWF      Charles C. Fu <[email protected]>
CCOLBOURN Charles Colbourn <[email protected]>
BARRACODE Charles Day <[email protected]>
CLANE     Charles Lane <[email protected]>
CHESSKIT  Charles MINC <[email protected]>
CMORRIS   Charles Morris <[email protected]>
CZBSD     Charles N. Owens <[email protected]>
TILFORDC  Charles Tilford <CENSORED>
CYING     Charles Ying <[email protected]>
CNG       Charlie Garrison <CENSORED>
PIPER     Charlie Piper <[email protected]>
CHSTROSS  Charlie Stross <[email protected]>
CHARTGRP  Chart-Group <[email protected]>
CAPOEIRAB Chase Whitener <[email protected]>
CGAUTAM   Chekuri Gautam <[email protected]>
CHENYR    Chen Yirong (春江) (=Chen Yirong (Chun Jiang )) <[email protected]>
CLSUNG    Cheng-Lung Sung (宋政隆) (=Cheng-Lung Sung) <[email protected]>
CHESTER   Chester Day <[email protected]>
CGRAY     Chet Gray <chet D0T the D0T gray (a) gmail D0T com>
CPATIL    Chetan Patil <[email protected]>
CLKAO     Chia-liang Kao (高嘉良) (=Chia-liang Kao) <[email protected]>
CCZ       Chicheng Zhang <[email protected]>
CHINTANA  Chintana Wilamuna <[email protected]>
CHIPS     Chip Salzenberg <[email protected]>
CHIPT     Chip Turner <[email protected]>
GSGANG    Chirs Gu <[email protected]>
CHISEL    Chisel Wright <[email protected]>
CANGELL   Chris Angell <[email protected]>
CHRIS     Chris Ball <[email protected]>
CBROOKS   Chris Brooks <[email protected]>
CHRISC    Chris Carline <[email protected]>
CCHITTLE  Chris Chittleborough <[email protected]>
CCOBB     Chris Cobb <no dot spam at ccobb dot net>
CRAFFI    Chris Dagdigian <[email protected]>
DAVAZ     Chris Davaz <[email protected]>
CDAWSON   Chris Dawson <[email protected]>
CTDEAN    Chris Dean <[email protected]>
DENNEY    Chris Denney <[email protected]>
CDENT     Chris Dent <[email protected]>
DIMARTINO Chris DiMartino <chris_dot_dimartino_at_gmail_dot_com>
CDOLAN    Chris Dolan <[email protected]>
CDRAKE    Chris Drake <christo[email protected]>
PHILBURT  Chris Dunkle <>
CFEDDE    Chris Fedde <[email protected]>
CFUHRMAN  Chris Fuhrman <[email protected]>
CGRAU     Chris Grau <[email protected]>
CHAGN     Chris Hagn <[email protected]>
GMCH      Chris Hall <CENSORED>
CHRISTJ   Chris Jacobson <[email protected]>
JENKSTER  Chris Jenks <[email protected]>
CHRISJ    Chris Josephes <[email protected]>
ENCRYPTIO Chris Kastorff <[email protected]>
CKIMBER   Chris Kimber <[email protected]>
CXL       Chris Leach <[email protected]>
MASKLIN   Chris Leishman <[email protected]>
CLEISHMAN Chris Leishman <[email protected]>
CWRL      Chris Lightfoot <[email protected]>
CHRISY    Chris Luke <[email protected]>
CHM       Chris Marshall <[email protected]>
CMASON    Chris Mason <[email protected]>
MCEWAN    Chris McEwan <[email protected]>
MEYERCJM  Chris Meyer <[email protected]>
SHIBLON   Chris Monson <[email protected]>
CMUNGALL  Chris Mungall <[email protected]>
CMYERS    Chris Myers <[email protected]>
CNANDOR   Chris Nandor <[email protected]>
CHRISN    Chris Novakovic <[email protected]>
CPHIL     Chris Phillips <>
PERIGRIN  Chris Prather <[email protected]>
RADCLIFF  Chris Radcliff <[email protected]>
CREIN     Chris Reinhardt <[email protected]>
RIGBYC    Chris Rigby <[email protected]>
CHRISS    Chris Simmons <[email protected]>
CJS       Chris Sutton <[email protected].com>
CTHOM     Chris Thompson <>
CHTHORMAN Chris Thorman <[email protected]>
EINHVERFR Chris Travers <[email protected]>
CHRISV    Chris Vertonghen <[email protected]>
CHRISJCRA Chris Whiting <[email protected]>
BINGOS    Chris Williams <[email protected]>
CWINTERS  Chris Winters <[email protected]>
CKRAS     Christiaan Kras <[email protected]>
CBHICKS   Christian B Hicks <[email protected]>
CBARKEY   Christian Barkey <[email protected]>
BARTOLIN  Christian Bartolomäus (=Christian Bartolomaeus) <[email protected]>
BORUP     Christian Borup <>
GREP      Christian Brink <[email protected]>
CCLOUTIER Christian Cloutier <[email protected]>
BORONK    Christian Forster <[email protected]>
CGERNHAR  Christian Gernhardt <[email protected]>
CGILMORE  Christian Gilmore <[email protected]>
PHISH     Christian Glahn <[email protected]>
CHGOETZE  Christian Goetze <[email protected]>
CGUINE    Christian Guine <[email protected]>
CHGEUER   Christian H. Geuer-Pollmann <[email protected]>
CHANSEN   Christian Hansen <[email protected]>
CHRISTIAN Christian Hauser <[email protected]>
CMLH      Christian Heinrich <[email protected]>
CKRUSE    Christian Kruse <[email protected]>
DELTA     Christian Lackas <[email protected]>
CLEMBURG  Christian Lemburg <[email protected]>
ETWOECMA  Christian Malter <[email protected]>
XMAN      Christian Mueller <[email protected]>
CHRMUE    Christian Mueller <[email protected]>
PEARCEC   Christian Pearce <[email protected]>
DRULENSOT Christian Reile <[email protected]>
CRENZ     Christian Renz <[email protected]>
ROSSI     Christian Rossi <[email protected]>
CHRISCHU  Christian Schultze <[email protected]>
CSOE      Christian Soeller <[email protected]>
WENZ      Christian Wenz <[email protected]>
SALTBREEZ Christian Werner <[email protected]>
CHRWIN    Christian Winter <[email protected]>
KIXX      Christian-Rolf Grün (=Christian-Rolf Gruen) <[email protected]>
APPEL     Christoph Appel <>
PEPE      Christoph Bußenius (=Christoph Bussenius) <>
HARDY     Christoph Hartmann <[email protected]>
CHCHCH    Christoph Holper <CENSORED>
CHUHN     Christoph Huhn <>
CHTTRAX   Christoph T. Traxler <[email protected]>
TERHECHTE Christoph Terhechte <[email protected]>
CPB       Christophe Beauregard <[email protected]>
CDE       Christophe Dehaudt <[email protected]>
CRI       Christophe Gevrey <[email protected]>
KALT      Christophe Kalt <[email protected]>
CLB       Christophe Le Bars <[email protected]>
CMERTZ    Christophe Mertz <>
CHRWOLF   Christophe Wolfhugel <>
CHRISARN  Christopher Arnold <CENSORED>
CBHAMLIN  Christopher B Hamlin <CENSORED>
CBERNING  Christopher Berning <[email protected]>
BOUMENOT  Christopher Boumenot <[email protected]>
CTBROWN   Christopher Brown <>
CCAVNOR   Christopher Charles Cavnor <[email protected]>
CAUSTIN   Christopher Clark <[email protected]>
CCOLLINS  Christopher Collins <[email protected]>
OFUN      Christopher D. Malon <[email protected]>
CDBROWN   Christopher Daniel Brown <CENSORED>
CLACO     Christopher H. Laco <[email protected]>
HESCHONG  Christopher Heschong <[email protected]>
CHICKS    Christopher Hicks <[email protected]>
CHUMP     Christopher Humphries <[email protected]>
CJM       Christopher J. Madsen <[email protected]>
CJONES    Christopher Jones <[email protected]>
CPKOIS    Christopher Kois <[email protected]>
CBALZ     Christopher M. Balz <[email protected]>
KLORTHO   Christopher Maloney <[email protected]>
CHRMASTO  Christopher Masto <[email protected]>
CMAUJEAN  Christopher Maujean <CENSORED>
APEIRON   Christopher Nehren <[email protected]>
CPIGGOTT  Christopher Piggott <[email protected]>
QUBE      Christopher Porter <[email protected]>
CBAKER    Christopher R. Baker <[email protected]>
CWHITE    Christopher White <[email protected]>
CPWILLMOT Christopher Willmot <[email protected]>
MOBILEART Christopherus Goo <software (at) artofmobile (dot) com>
CHARDIN   Chuck Hardin <[email protected]>
CHOUPT    Chuck Houpt <[email protected]>
CRITTER   Chuck Ritter <[email protected]>
CHUNZI    Chunzi <[email protected]>
CHATEAU   Châteauvieux (=Chateauvieux) <>
CLAESJAC  Claes Jakobsson <[email protected]>
COOPERCL  Clark Cooper <[email protected]>
BOCAGE    Claude Bocage <CENSORED>
CVONROES  Claude von Roesgen <[email protected]>
INTERCAL  Claudio Calvelli <[email protected]>
CGARCIA   Claudio Garcia <[email protected]>
CLAUSD    Claus Dahl <[email protected]>
CFAERBER  Claus Färber (=Claus Faerber) <[email protected]>
CLAUSK    Claus Klein <[email protected]>
CLMS      Claus Schotten <[email protected]>
DRFROG    Clayton Cottingham <[email protected]>
CDONLEY   Clayton Donley <[email protected]>
CLSCOTT   Clayton L. Scott <>
CMO       Clayton O'Neill <[email protected]>
CLEMENSG  Clemens Gesell <[email protected]>
GIEGERICH Clemens Giegerich <[email protected]>
CBIONDO   Clemente Biondo <CENSORED>
SNEVINE   Clif Bratcher <[email protected]>
CHARDEN   Clif Harden <[email protected]>
CAADAMS   Clifford A. Adams <[email protected]>
CLIFF     Clifford Hammerschmidt <[email protected]>
CADAMS    Clint Adams <[email protected]>
CEDWARDS  Clint Edwards <[email protected]>
CLINT     Clint Moore <[email protected]>
CMOORE    Clint Moore <[email protected]>
DRTECH    Clinton Gormley <[email protected]>
CLINTP    Clinton Pierce <[email protected]>
CLWOLFE   Clinton Wolfe <[email protected]>
CLINTDW   Clinton Wong <clintdw at cpan dot org>
CLIVE     Clive Darke <[email protected]>
CHOLLOWAY Clive Holloway <[email protected]>
CLOTHO    Clotho Advanced Media <[email protected]>
PLANK     Cláudio Valente (=Claudio Valente) <[email protected]>
CNATION   Cnation <[email protected]>
CTI       Coalescent Technologies Inc. <[email protected]>
CODEREPOS CodeRepos Committers <CENSORED>
URSUS     Colin C. O. von Heuring <CENSORED>
CFABER    Colin Faber <[email protected]>
COLINFINE Colin Fine <[email protected]>
CHOWARTH  Colin Howarth <[email protected]>
CKONG     Colin Kong <[email protected]>
COLINK    Colin Kuskie <[email protected]>
COLINM    Colin McMillen <>
CMEYER    Colin Meyer <[email protected]>
MULL      Colin Muller <[email protected]>
COLINO    Colin O'Leary <[email protected]>
CSMITH    Colin Smith <CENSORED>
STARKY    Collin Starkweather <>
COLLIN    Collin Winter <[email protected]>
CORDATA   CorData <[email protected]>
MAGICIAN  Corbin "Kip" Kohn <[email protected]>
COREY     Corey Wilson <[email protected]>
CORMAC    Cormac J. Mannion <[email protected]>
CORRIS    Corris Randall <[email protected]>
CORWIN    Corwin Brust <[email protected]>
CORYG     Cory 'G' Watson <[email protected]>
CORYB     Cory Bennett <CENSORED>
JOHNSCA   Cory Johns <[email protected]>
COMAND    Cory Omand <[email protected]>
CSRIDGWAY Cory S. Ridgway <[email protected]>
CSPENCER  Cory Spencer <[email protected]>
GPHAT     Cory Watson <>
COSIMO    Cosimo Streppone <[email protected]>
CBERRY    Craig A. Berry <[email protected]>
AGRICOCB  Craig B. Agricola <[email protected]>
CBARRATT  Craig Barratt <[email protected]>
CBOURNE   Craig Bourne <[email protected]>
SHOEPHONE Craig Brian <[email protected]>
CCHAMBER  Craig Chamberlin <CENSORED>
ZOWIE     Craig DeForest <[email protected]>
CDUNN     Craig Dunn <[email protected]>
CFRETER   Craig Freter <[email protected]>
CRAIG     Craig Green <[email protected]>
CRAIGK    Craig Kadziolka <[email protected]>
CMONSON   Craig L. Monson <CENSORED>
CLAW      Craig Lawson <[email protected]>
MACDEE    Craig Macdonald <[email protected]>
CMANLEY   Craig Manley <>
BELCHAM   Craig R. Belcham <[email protected]>
RICHARDC  Craig Richards <[email protected]>
SPANNRING Craig Spannring <[email protected]>
CWELCH    Craig Welch <[email protected]>
CDOT      Crawford Currie <[email protected]>
CRISB     Cris Bailiff <[email protected]>
CAVASQUEZ Cristian Vasquez Diaz <[email protected]>
MEGA      Cristina Martins Nunes <CENSORED>
JCRISTY   Cristy <[email protected]>
FAGZAL    Csongor Fagyal <[email protected]>
CURTEVANS Curt Evans <[email protected]>
CTILMES   Curt Tilmes <>
CTIMMER   Curt Timmerman <[email protected]>
OVID      Curtis "Ovid" Poe <>
MRPERSON  Curtis Hawthorne <[email protected]>
CSJEWELL  Curtis Jewell <>
CURTISF   Curtis Lee Fulton <curtisf at fultron dot net>
CUTTER    Cutter Brown <[email protected]>
CYBERMATT Cyber Matt <no spam please>
CSA       Cyber Sprocket Labs <[email protected]>
CYPLP     Cyprien Le Pannérer (=Cyprien Le Pannerer) <[email protected]>
CBOUVI    Cédric Bouvier (=Cedric Bouvier) <[email protected]>
BELDEN    D Belden K Lyman IV <[email protected]>
PODMASTER D. H. <[email protected]>
DHAGEMAN  D. Hageman <[email protected]>
DJASMINE  D. Jasmine Merced <[email protected]>
BARNINGER D. Scott Barninger <[email protected]>
DBDPG     DBD::Pg Developers <[email protected]>
QMACRO    DJ Adams <[email protected]>
FDULAU    DULAUNOY Fabrice <[email protected]>
DUPUISARN DUPUIS Arnaud <[email protected]>
BREEGSTER Da-Breegster <[email protected]>
RHYTHMAN  Daemmon Hughes <[email protected]>
ARNESOND  Dag Arneson <dag at>
ILMARI    Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (=Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsaker) <[email protected]>
DAGOBERT  Dagobert Michelsen <>
DAINIX    Daini Xie <[email protected]>
DMAKI     Daisuke Maki <>
TYPESTER  Daisuke Murase <[email protected]>
OUEST     Daisuke NISHISAKA <[email protected]>
DALEAMON  Dale Amon <[email protected]>
DCONWAY   Damian Conway <[email protected]>
NOKY      Damian Nardelli <[email protected]>
CLARKD    Damien Clark <[email protected]>
DAMS      Damien Krotkine <dams \at\ gentoo \dot\ org>
DSTUART   Damien Stuart <[email protected]>
DKWILSON  Damion K. Wilson <[email protected]>
DAMJANP   Damjan Pelemis <CENSORED>
ALLOLEX   Damon Allen Davison <[email protected]>
DANB      Dan Bjorkegren <[email protected]>
ZIGDON    Dan Boger <[email protected]>
BROQ      Dan Brook <[email protected]>
DBROWNING Dan Browning <[email protected]>
BRUMLEVE  Dan Brumleve <[email protected]>
BLCKSMTH  Dan Campbell <[email protected]>
DJCP      Dan Collis Puro <[email protected]>
DJCONNEL  Dan Connelly <[email protected]>
DFRANKOW  Dan Frankowski <dfrankow(at)winternet(dot)com>
LAMECH    Dan Friedman <[email protected]>
DGOLD     Dan Goldwater <dgold_at_zblob_dot_com>
HARASTY   Dan Harasty <[email protected]>
WITTEN    Dan Helfman <[email protected]>
DHORNE    Dan Horne <[email protected]>
DANK      Dan Kirkwood <CENSORED>
DANKOGAI  Dan Kogai <[email protected]>
DKUBB     Dan Kubb <[email protected]>
DLINCOLN  Dan Lincoln <[email protected]>
DMCC      Dan McCormick <[email protected]>
DANMOORE  Dan Moore <[email protected]>
OTTERBURN Dan Otterburn <[email protected]>
DBP       Dan Pemstein <[email protected]>
DPOKORNY  Dan Pokorny <[email protected]>
ROWLESD   Dan Rowles <[email protected]>
DFAN      Dan Schmidt <dfan[email protected]>
DSTAHLKE  Dan Stahlke <[email protected]>
DSTEELE   Dan Steele <[email protected]>
DSUGAL    Dan Sugalski <[email protected]>
DANIEL    Dan Sully <[email protected]>
DAN       Dan Thomas <[email protected]>
DANT      Dan Tyrrell <[email protected]>
DURIST    Dan Urist <[email protected]>
DANW      Dan Winchester <[email protected]>
DFRENCH   Dana French <[email protected]>
DHUDES    Dana Hudes <[email protected]>
DIEDERICH Dana M. Diederich <[email protected]>
DANAL     Danal Estes <[email protected]>
TIGRIS    Danial Pearce <>
DALLEN    Daniel Allen <[email protected]>
DAMBAR    Daniel Ambar <[email protected]>
DANBOO    Daniel B. Boorstein <[email protected]>
DJBERG    Daniel Berger <[email protected]>
BOEWE     Daniel Boesswetter <[email protected]>
DANBORN   Daniel Born <[email protected]>
DEBONAIR  Daniel Bretoi <>
DBROOKS   Daniel Brooks <[email protected]>
BRUNKHI   Daniel Brunkhorst <[email protected]>
BURKEY    Daniel Burke <[email protected]>
DAXELROD  Daniel C. Axelrod <[email protected]>
DETZOLD   Daniel Etzold <[email protected]>
DFROZ     Daniel Froz Costa <[email protected]>
GARDNER   Daniel Gardner <[email protected]>
DEG       Daniel Gilder <[email protected]>
DGRIS     Daniel Grisinger <[email protected]>
DEGE      Daniel Gustafson <[email protected]>
DHABLE    Daniel Hable <[email protected]>
DHAGAN    Daniel Hagan <[email protected]>
HAG       Daniel Hagerty <[email protected]>
IKANUSIM  Daniel Hüsch (=Daniel Huesch) <[email protected]>
DREIDY    Daniel J. Reidy <[email protected]>
DWRIGHT   Daniel J. Wright <[email protected]>
DJOHNSTON Daniel Johnston <[email protected]>
DKASAK    Daniel Kasak <[email protected]>
DKOCH     Daniel Koch <[email protected]>
DKOFFLER  Daniel Koffler <[email protected]>
DKUEBLER  Daniel Kuebler <[email protected]>
LAFRAIA   Daniel Lafraia <[email protected]>
POSSUM    Daniel LeWarne <possum at cpan dot org>
MOXFYRE   Daniel Lenski <[email protected]>
DLO       Daniel Lo <[email protected]>
PHOTO     Daniel M. Lipton <[email protected]>
DANMQ     Daniel M. Quinlan <[email protected]>
DMACKS    Daniel Macks <[email protected]>
DMAHONEY  Daniel Mahoney <[email protected]>
DMUEY     Daniel Muey <>
DNICHTER  Daniel Nichter <[email protected]>
DANBERR   Daniel P. Berrangé (=Daniel P. Berrange) <[email protected]>
HEMBREED  Daniel P. Hembree <[email protected]>
DANPEDER  Daniel Peder <[email protected]>
PFEIFFER  Daniel Pfeiffer <[email protected]>
TPABA     Daniel Podolsky <[email protected]>
VAUTRIN   Daniel R. Anderson <[email protected]>
NEXEN     Daniel Remsburg <[email protected]>
DRENCH    Daniel Rench <[email protected]>
DRUOSO    Daniel Ruoso <[email protected]>
DSLEWART  Daniel S. Lewart <[email protected]>
DANSCH    Daniel Schmeck <n[email protected]>
SCHROEER  Daniel Schröer (=Daniel Schroeer) <[email protected]>
DSTERLING Daniel Scott Sterling <CENSORED>
DSHANE    Daniel Shane <[email protected]>
CRUNCHIE  Daniel Shane <[email protected]>
DSHERER   Daniel Sherer <[email protected]>
DNS       Daniel Sirait <>
DSPEICHER Daniel Speicher <[email protected]>
DSTAAL    Daniel T. Staal <[email protected]>
DVKLEIN   Daniel V. Klein <[email protected]>
DANIELTWC Daniel Westermann-Clark <[email protected]>
QMIC      Daniel Zinn <[email protected]>
ICC       Daniele Ricci <CENSORED>
GABB      Danijel Milicevic <[email protected]>
DAPI      Danil Pismenny <[email protected]>
DANN      Dann Stayskal <[email protected]>
DBRIAN    Danny Brian <[email protected]>
DLIM      Danny Lim <[email protected]>
DSADINOFF Danny Sadinoff <[email protected]>
DVDPOL    Danny Van de Pol <[email protected]>
DWARREN   Danny Warren <[email protected]>
MASTERDAM Danny Werner <[email protected]>
DADAMK    Darek Adamkiewicz <[email protected]>
DAPATRICK Darian Anthony Patrick <[email protected]>
DMCBRIDE  Darin McBride <[email protected]>
DARIN     Darin McGill <darin at ocf point berkeley point edu>
EYCK      Dariush Pietrzak <[email protected]>
ASCENT    Dariusz Jackowski <CENSORED>
DAROLD    Darold Gilles <CENSORED>
DARREN    Darren Chamberlain <[email protected]>
DUNCAND   Darren Duncan <[email protected]>
DGRAVES   Darren Graves <[email protected]>
KULP      Darren Kulp <[email protected]>
DSTALDER  Darren Stalder <[email protected]>
DMO       Darryl Okahata <[email protected]>
DOS       Daryl C. W. O'Shea <[email protected]>
DATABUILT DataBuilt, Inc. <[email protected]>
DBAKER    Dave Baker <[email protected]>
DBALMER   Dave Balmer Jr. <[email protected]>
DBEAZLEY  Dave Beazley <[email protected]>
DJBECKETT Dave Beckett <[email protected]>
DBIALAC   Dave Bialac <[email protected]>
BRONDSEM  Dave Brondsema <[email protected]>
DCARDWELL Dave Cardwell <>
DCARRIGAN Dave Carrigan <[email protected]>
DCRAWFORD Dave Crawford <[email protected]>
DAVECROSS Dave Cross <[email protected]>
DDRIBIN   Dave Dribin <[email protected]>
DDYER     Dave Dyer <[email protected]>
DFARALDO  Dave Faraldo <[email protected]>
DHICKLING Dave Hickling <[email protected]>
DHINKLE   Dave Hinkle <[email protected]>
DAVEHODG  Dave Hodgkinson <[email protected]>
DAVE      Dave Holland <[email protected]>
DAVEHOLL  Dave Hollenbeck <[email protected]>
HOMSHERD  Dave Homsher, II <[email protected]>
SQUIRREL  Dave Hoover <[email protected]>
DJH       Dave Howorth <[email protected]>
DMABE     Dave Mabe <[email protected]>
DMESSINA  Dave Messina <>
DAVEM     Dave Moore <[email protected]>
DNAD      Dave Nadler <[email protected]>
CXREG     Dave Olszewski <dave dot o at pobox point com>
DPARIS    Dave Paris <[email protected]>
PLONKA    Dave Plonka <[email protected]>
DPOINTON  Dave Pointon <[email protected]>
DROBERTS  Dave Roberts <[email protected]>
PGRIMES   Dave Rolsky <[email protected]>
DROLSKY   Dave Rolsky <[email protected]>
DAVEROTH  Dave Roth <[email protected]>
DSCHAEFER Dave Schaefer <[email protected]>
DKS       Dave Steiner <[email protected]>
DAVEGMX   Dave Williams <CENSORED>
SNIPER    David "Sniper" Rigaudiere <[email protected]>
DCHRIS    David A. Christensen <David.A.Christensen [at] gmail [dot] com>
DESROD    David A. Desrosiers <[email protected]>
RNDLPH    David A. Randolph <CENSORED>
DAVVID    David Aguilar <CENSORED>
DPISONI   David Alan Pisoni <[email protected]>
DAUNAY    David Aunay <[email protected]>
DBAIRD    David Baird <[email protected]>
DBARTH    David Barth <[email protected]>
DBARTLE   David Bartle <[email protected]>
DAVIDB    David Baxter <[email protected]>
DBENNETT  David Bennett <[email protected]>
FLIPKIN   David Berk <[email protected]>
DBLACKA   David Blacka <[email protected]>
DBLASZYK  David Blaszyk <[email protected]>
DBONNER   David Bonner <[email protected]>
DSB       David Boyce <[email protected]>
ABS       David Brownlee <[email protected]>
EVANZS    David Brunelle <[email protected]>
DBRUNTON  David Brunton <[email protected]>
DBUCHMAN  David Buchman <[email protected]>
DBURDICK  David Burdick <[email protected].org>
BUZZ      David Bussenschutt <CENSORED>
DCS       David C. Snyder <[email protected]>
WORENKD   David C. Worenklein <[email protected]>
DCANTRELL David Cantrell <[email protected]>
CARSWELL  David Carswell <[email protected]>
DCASTRO   David Castro <[email protected]>
DIVEC     David Chan <print join ".", qw{[email protected] org uk}>
DCL       David Cho-Lerat <[email protected]>
DWC       David Christensen <[email protected]>
DCOPPIT   David Coppit <[email protected]>
XANTUS    David Davis <[email protected]>
DAV       David Delikat <[email protected]>
DDICK     David Dick <ddick (at) cpan dot org>
DEW       David E. Weekly <[email protected]>
DEMERY    David Emery <[email protected]>
DSKOLL    David F. Skoll <[email protected]>
FERRANCE  David Ferrance <[email protected]>
DFETTER   David Fetter <[email protected]>
DCFLECK   David Fleck <david dot fleck at mchsi dot com>
DGARAMOND David Garamond <[email protected]>
DGAY      David Gay <[email protected]>
GLASSER   David Glasser <[email protected]>
DAGOLDEN  David Golden <[email protected]>
DGRECO    David Greco <[email protected]>
PLATO     David Green <[email protected]>
DGREGORY  David Gregory <[email protected]>
DHA       David H. Adler <[email protected]>
DHARD     David H. Ardell <[email protected]>
HAMPTON   David Hampton <[email protected]>
COGENT    David Hand <[email protected]>
DHARRIS   David Harris <[email protected]>
CODECHILD David Helkowski <[email protected]>
HISELDL   David Hisel <[email protected]>
DAVIDIUS  David Huggins <[email protected]>
DJHD      David Huggins-Daines <[email protected]>
DAVIDHJ   David Hugh-Jones <[email protected]>
HUSKA     David Huska <dhuska at g m a i l dot com>
DIBERRI   David Iberri <[email protected]>
IRVINED   David Irvine <[email protected]>
DISHMAEL  David Ishmael <[email protected]>
SKIPPY    David J Craigon <[email protected]>
DKYGER    David J Kyger <davidkyger <at>>
KUNWON    David J Moore <CENSORED>
DGOEHRIG  David J. Goehrig <[email protected]>
DJKERNEN  David J. Kernen <[email protected]>
DAVIDO    David J. Oswald <[email protected]>
DJO       David Jack Olrik <[email protected]>
DJACOBS   David Jacobs <[email protected]>
SPLICE    David James <[email protected]>
DSTORRS   David K Storrs <[email protected]>
KARHU     David KOENIG <[email protected]>
DKAMHOLZ  David Kamholz <davekam at pobox dot com>
TAFFY     David Kröber <[email protected]>
DLEIGH    David L. Leigh <[email protected]>
BUGGYD    David Labatte <[email protected]>
DLAND     David Landgren <[email protected]>
DGL       David Leadbeater <[email protected]>
DAVIDCYL  David Liu <>
DAVEOLA   David Ljung Madison <[email protected]>
DMLLOYD   David Lloyd <[email protected]>
WDLOWRY   David Lowry <[email protected].edu>
DLUNDBERG David Lundberg <[email protected]>
BAGARRE   David M Ros <[email protected]>
DBRADFORD David M. Bradford <[email protected]>
DTOWN     David M. Town <[email protected]>
DMANURA   David Manura <[email protected]>
MARSHALL  David Marshall <[email protected]>
MARTINDT  David Martin <[email protected]>
DMAC      David McAllister <[email protected]>
MACKERS   David McNamara <user 'me' at domain ''>
MEDINED   David Medinets <[email protected]>
DMEGG     David Megginson <[email protected]>
DMERRILL  David Merrill <[email protected]>
DMOR      David Morel <[email protected]>
DAMOG     David Moreno Garza <[email protected]>
MOTT      David Mott <>
MUIR      David Muir Sharnoff <[email protected]>
MUSED     David Muse <[email protected]>
DNARAYAN  David Narayan <[email protected]>
NAUGHTON  David Naughton <[email protected]>
NESTING   David Nesting <[email protected]>
DAVIDNICO David Nicol <[email protected]>
VITROTH   David Nolan <[email protected]>
DNORTH    David North <[email protected]>
DONEILL   David O'Neill <[email protected]>
DAVEO     David Oberholtzer <[email protected]>
DOKSNER   David Oksner <[email protected]>
DOWEN     David Owen <[email protected]>
DPCHRIST  David Paul Christensen <[email protected]>
BONTI     David Periang Hendra <[email protected]>
AVITARNET David Peter Smith <[email protected]>
DPRANTL   David Prantl <[email protected]>
BIGPRESH  David Precious <[email protected]>
DAVEBAIRD David R. Baird <[email protected]>
DJR       David Radunz <[email protected]>
DAVIDRA   David Ranvig <[email protected]>
RECORDOND David Recordon <[email protected]>
REITTER   David Reitter <[email protected]>
DBROBINS  David Robins <[email protected]>
UNOBE     David Romano <[email protected]>
ROMDAV    David Romero G. <[email protected]>
RUSEKD    David Rusek <[email protected]>
DAVEDAY   David S. Day <[email protected]>
DSCHWEI   David Schweikert <[email protected]>
DAVOD     David Scott <[email protected]>
DSHAO     David Shao <[email protected]>
DZHUO     David Shao Lin Zhuo <[email protected]>
DSHULTZ   David Shultz <[email protected]>
SITS      David Sitsky <[email protected]>
DSNOPEK   David Snopek <[email protected]>
DSPIZZ    David Spizzirro <[email protected]>
STULTS    David Stults <CENSORED>
DYFET     David Sugar <[email protected]>
DTIBERIO  David Tiberio <[email protected]>
NAPAIM    David Trail <CENSORED>
WARRINGD  David Warring <[email protected]>
DAVIDRW   David Westbrook <[email protected]>
DWHEELER  David Wheeler <[email protected]>
WHITCODE  David Whitcomb <[email protected]>
DWINTERS  David Winters <[email protected]>
CONVERTER David Wollmann <[email protected]>
DWOOD     David Wood <[email protected]>
YOUD      David Youd <[email protected]>
REESD     David rees <[email protected]>
DAVIDEBE  Davide Bergamini <[email protected]>
DACONTI   Davide Conti <[email protected]>
SHARI     Davide Migliavacca <[email protected]>
SAIPH     Davide Minini <[email protected]>
RAMBALDI  Davide Rambaldi <[email protected]>
DAVIDE    Davide Scola <CENSORED>
KEVORKYAN Davide Sousa <[email protected]>
DAVOOD    Davood Firoozian <davood at ozino>
DAVIDH    Davíð Helgason (=David Helgason) <[email protected]>
DCLINTON  DeWitt Clinton <[email protected]>
DARNOLD   Dean Arnold <[email protected]>
BROCKMD   Dean Brockhausen <CENSORED>
DEANH     Dean Hudson <[email protected]>
DEAN      Dean Povey <[email protected]>
DMR       Dean Roehrich <[email protected]>
DWILSON   Dean Wilson <[email protected]>
DEBENSON  Debenson (����־) <[email protected]>
DAP       Deborah Pickett <[email protected]>
DEEPAK    Deepak Tripathi <[email protected]>
DEIAN     Deian Stefan <CENSORED>
DEL       Del Elson <[email protected]>
DELANO    Delano <[email protected]>
DBCM      Delfim Machado <[email protected]>
DELON     Delon Newman <delon {dot} newman {at} gmail {dot} com>
DEP       Demetrios E. Paneras <[email protected]>
DAVIEIRA  Denis Almeida Vieira Junior <davieiraATyouoleldotcomdotbr>
DLECONTE  Denis Leconte <[email protected]>
DPETROV   Denis Petrov <[email protected]>
CATONE    Denis Pokataev <CENSORED>
HORD      Denis S Chuprunov <[email protected]>
DGREGORO  Dennis Gregorovic <[email protected]>
CINE      Dennis Haney <[email protected]>
CTRONDLP  Dennis K. Paulsen <[email protected]>
DENNISL   Dennis Lynch <[email protected]>
DMCCOY    Dennis McCoy <perl -le "print scalar reverse qq/moc.liamg\100sgnisumlrep/">
DOPACKI   Dennis Opacki <[email protected]>
STRAITJAC Dennis Schmeller <[email protected]>
SUTCH     Dennis Sutch <[email protected]>
FIMM      Dennis Taylor <[email protected]>
DENWA     Dennis Watson <[email protected]>
DXIAO     Dennis Xiao <[email protected]>
DENYSV    Denys Vorobyov <>
DBELL     Derek Bell <[email protected]>
DEREKB    Derek Boonstra <CENSORED>
GOOZBACH  Derek Carter <[email protected]>
DDF       Derek Fedel <[email protected]>
DHEINBACH Derek Heinbach <[email protected]>
DREDD     Derek J. Balling <[email protected]>
DLANE     Derek Lane <[email protected]>
DELBOY    Derek Pope <delboy>
DPRICE    Derek Price <[email protected]>
DEREK     Derek Thomson <[email protected]>
DERMOT    Dermot McNally <[email protected]>
DMUSGR    Dermot Musgrove <[email protected]>
DPATES    Derrik Pates <[email protected]>
DCLEE     Desmond Lee <[email protected]>
DEVEN     Deven T. Corzine <[email protected]>
GERA      Devendra Gera <[email protected]>
DCARRAWAY Devin Carraway <[email protected]>
DEVONJ    Devon Jones <[email protected]>
DEVON     Devon K. Curtis <CENSORED>
DJERIUS   Diab Jerius <[email protected]>
DBEN      Diane Benz <[email protected]>
DLADNER   Didier Ladner <[email protected]>
DIEGOK    Diego Kuperman <diego (here you put an at sign)>
DIEGO     Diego de Lima <[email protected]>
DHANISCH  Dietmar Hanisch <[email protected]>
DSOUFLIS  Dimitrios Souflis <[email protected]>
DMCS      Diogo Miguel Constantino dos Santos <CENSORED>
DIONALM   Dion Almaer <>
EDD       Dirk Eddelbuettel <[email protected]>
LZE       Dirk Lindner <[email protected]>
TOSTI     Dirk Tostmann <[email protected]>
DJK       Dirk-Jan Koopman <[email protected]>
DJPADZ    Dj Padzensky <[email protected]>
DMA       Dmitri Alenitchev <[email protected]>
DMITRYSOL Dmitri Sologoubenko <CENSORED>
DMITRI    Dmitri Tikhonov <[email protected]>
MIT       Dmitriy Dontsov <[email protected]>
CTAPUK    Dmitriy Repin <[email protected]>
DVRYABOY  Dmitriy Ryaboy <>
BASHLOV   Dmitry Bashlov <[email protected]>
DEEMON    Dmitry Dorofeev <[email protected]>
FEDOROV   Dmitry Fedorov <[email protected]>
RHIZO     Dmitry Karabanov <[email protected]>
KARASIK   Dmitry Karasik <[email protected]>
KAZIMIROV Dmitry Kazimirov <[email protected]>
KOTEROFF  Dmitry Koteroff <[email protected]>
KOTEROV   Dmitry Koterov <[email protected]>
DMITRY    Dmitry Nikolayev <[email protected]>
DMOW      Dmitry Ovsyanko <[email protected]>
DIMRUB    Dmitry Rubinstein <[email protected]>
DSAMZA    Dmitry Sagaev <[email protected]>
NUF       Dmitry Smal <CENSORED>
KEU       Dmitry V. Kolvakh <CENSORED>
DMYTRO    Dmytro Kovalov <[email protected]>
DPAVLIN   Dobrica Pavlinusic <[email protected]>
DDS       Domenico Delle Side <[email protected]>
DALCAZAR  Domingo Alcázar Larrea (=Domingo Alcazar Larrea) <[email protected]>
DAREOLA   Domingo Areola <[email protected]>
DOMINIX   DominiX <[email protected]>
DOMO      Dominic Dunlop <[email protected]>
DOM       Dominic Hargreaves <>
HDM       Dominic Mitchell <[email protected]>
DOMINICN  Dominic Neumann <[email protected]>
KALELE    Dominik Hochreiter <[email protected]>
DSANDER   Dominik Sander <[email protected]>
DDUMONT   Dominique Dumont <dominique dot dumont at hp dot com>
DFAURE    Dominique Faure <[email protected]>
DOUMBZH   Dominique Launay <CENSORED>
DOMQ      Dominique Quatravaux <[email protected]>
DOMIZIO   Domizio Demichelis <>
DON       Don Armstrong <[email protected]>
DBADRAK   Don Badrak <[email protected]>
DONDRAKE  Don Drake <[email protected]>
DOWENS    Don Owens <[email protected]>
DONS      Don Schwarz <[email protected]>
DONSHANK  Don Shanks <donshank <at>>
DSILVIA   Don Silvia <[email protected]>
DGUY      Donald B. Guy (=Donald B. guy) <[email protected]>
PSYON     Donald Becker <[email protected]>
DLKING    Donald King <[email protected]>
DONATOAZ  Donato Azevedo <[email protected]>
DONGXU    Dongxu Ma <马东旭> (=Dongxu Ma) <[email protected]>
DORIAN    Dorian Taylor <[email protected]>
DSHEPP    Doug "Sirilyan" Sheppard <[email protected]>
DOUGB     Doug Bagley <[email protected]>
HAWKALOOG Doug Bell <[email protected]>
BLABES    Doug Bloebaum <[email protected]>
DBRESH    Doug Breshears <[email protected]>
FEUERBACH Doug Feuerbach <[email protected]>
DGORLEY   Doug Gorley <[email protected]>
DOUGTHUG  Doug Gruber <>
DOUGLUCE  Doug Luce <[email protected]>
DOUGM     Doug MacEachern <[email protected]>
MORRISNIH Doug Morris <HDMorrisusa at excite dot com>
MUNSINGER Doug Munsinger <[email protected]>
DNEIL     Doug Neil <[email protected]>
DPLINGO   Doug Power <[email protected]>
DTHAY     Doug Thayer <[email protected]>
DWELZEL   Doug Welzel <[email protected]>
DJBURKE   Douglas Burke <[email protected]>
DOUGDUDE  Douglas Christopher Wilson <CENSORED>
DCREAGER  Douglas Creager <[email protected]>
DEWEG     Douglas E. Wegscheid <[email protected]>
DOUGRAY   Douglas H. Ray <[email protected]>
DHUNT     Douglas Hunt <[email protected]>
DUG       Douglas Hunter <[email protected]>
REITMEIE  Douglas J. Reitmeier <[email protected]>
DKF       Douglas K. Fischer <[email protected]>
DOUGL     Douglas Lankshear <[email protected]>
DMAXWELL  Douglas Maxwell <[email protected]>
DSPARLING Douglas Sparling <[email protected]>
DOUGW     Douglas Wilson <dougw at cpan dot org>
LEVENGLI  Dov Levenglick <[email protected]>
DOVIER    Dovier Antonio Ripoll Méndez <[email protected]>
DRBEAN    Dr Bean <drbean, then at (@), then cpan, then a dot (.), last org>
SVENBAUM  Dr Sven Baum <[email protected]>
ARDAN     Dr. Ardan Patwardhan <[email protected]>
CURTLG    Dr. Curtis L. Greer <>
JFREEMAN  Dr. James Freeman <[email protected]>
JSONNENB  Dr. Jason L. Sonnenberg <>
RADEV     Dragomir Radev <CENSORED>
DRAGOS    Dragos Constantinescu <[email protected]>
DINOMITE  Drew Stephens <[email protected]>
DTAYLOR   Drew Taylor <[email protected]>
DUANEG    Duane Griffin <[email protected]>
DOWNHOM   Duane Hinkley <[email protected]>
DKING     Duane King <[email protected]>
DDOKTER   Duco Dokter <>
NAGGIMAN  Duncan Ferguson <[email protected]>
OUBIWANN  Duncan McGreggor <[email protected]>
GIGAGEEK  Duncan Segrest <[email protected]>
WILSOND   Dusty Wilson <[email protected]>
DUZY      Duzy Chan(詹欣铭) (=Duzy Chan (Zhan Xinming )) <[email protected]>
DTURLEY   Dwayne Turley <[email protected]>
DMARTIN   Dylan Djos Martin <[email protected]>
DFERREIRA Dylan Ferreira <[email protected]>
NDHOUSE   Dylan House <[email protected]>
DHARDISON Dylan William Hardison <[email protected]>
MAHATMA   Dzianis Kahanovich <[email protected]>
EMODELLER E. M. <[email protected]>
EBARLOW   ED BARLOW <[email protected]>
EDALY     Eamon Daly <[email protected]>
EARL      Earl Cahill <[email protected]>
EHOOD     Earl Hood <[email protected]>
EMARTIN   Earle Martin <gro.edolnwod @ lrep>
HEX       Earle Martin <perl then at then downlode then dot then org>
EDAVIS    Ed Avis <[email protected]>
EDB       Ed Blanchfield <[email protected]>
CALLAHAN  Ed Callahan <[email protected]>
HALLEY    Ed Halley <[email protected]>
EHARTNETT Ed Hartnett <[email protected]>
EFL       Ed Loehr <[email protected]>
EDP       Ed Price <[email protected]>
SCHALLEE  Ed Schaller <[email protected]>
ESUMMERS  Ed Summers <[email protected]>
AVAJADI   Eddie Olsson <[email protected]>
QUATRIX   Eddy <[email protected]>
EDENC     Eden Cardim <CENSORED>
TRIZOR    Edgar A. Bering <[email protected]>
JABURO    Edgar R. Ngwenya <[email protected]>
WASX      Edgars Bināns (=Edgars Binans) <[email protected]>
MERGL     Edmund Mergl <[email protected]>
EVDB      Edmund von der Burg <[email protected]>
ELAGACHE  Edouard Lagache <[email protected]>
ENHERING  Eduardo N. Hering <[email protected]>
EPEREZ    Eduardo Perez <[email protected]>
ERANGEL   Eduardo Rangel Thompson <[email protected]>
ESM       Eduardo Santiago Muñoz (=Eduardo Santiago Munoz) <[email protected]>
LONEWOLF  Edvaldo silva de Almeida Jr <[email protected]>
EKMETT    Edward A. Kmett <[email protected]>
EDWARD    Edward Betts <[email protected]>
TEDK      Edward C. Kubaitis <[email protected]>
EFANCHE   Edward Fancher <[email protected]>
EDWARDG   Edward Guiness <>
EHEFFERN  Edward Heffernan <CENSORED>
EALLENIII Edward J. Allen III <ealleniii _ at _ cpan _dot_ org>
EKAWAS    Edward Kawas <CENSORED>
ZEROALTI  Edward L. Abrams <[email protected]>
ELH       Edward L. Haletky <[email protected]>
EDLIU     Edward Liu <[email protected]>
SEGV      Edward Marco Baringer <mb at bese dot it>
ESP       Edward Peschko <CENSORED>
URKLE     Edward Rudd <CENSORED>
EWIJAYA   Edward WIJAYA <[email protected]>
EWALKER   Edward Walker <[email protected]>
WILDGOOSE Edward Wildgoose <[email protected]>
NIBZE     Edward Zborowski <[email protected]>
EDPRATOMO Edwin Pratomo <[email protected]>
EGORSH    Egor Shipovalov <[email protected]>
EIKEG     Eike Grote <[email protected]>
EIRO      Einar Roheim <[email protected]>
EBHANSSEN Eirik Berg Hanssen <[email protected]>
EITANS    Eitan Schuler <[email protected]>
EKKIP     Ekki Plicht <CENSORED please see website>
HFB       Elaine M. Ashton <[email protected]>
ARILOU    Eleneldil G. Arilou <CENSORED>
ELEONORA  Eleonora <[email protected]>
EMCB      Elfyn McBratney <[email protected]>
BILLAUER  Eli Billauer <>
ELIAS     Elias Wimmer <[email protected]>
ELISA     Elisa Jasinska <[email protected]>
ELIZABETH Elizabeth Mattijsen <[email protected]>
ELLIOTF   Elliot Foster <[email protected]>
ELLIOTJS  Elliot Shank <[email protected]>
ELMAR     Elmar Schalueck <[email protected]>
EMAZEP    Emanuele Zeppieri <[email protected]>
SONNY     Emerson Mills <CENSORED>
CSELT     Emma Tonkin <[email protected]>
EDIPRETO  Emmanuel Di Pretoro <[email protected]>
EMMANUEL  Emmanuel Elango <emmanuel {dot] e {at] gmx {dot] net>
ELACOUR   Emmanuel Lacour <CENSORED>
POTYL     Emmanuel Rodriguez <[email protected]>
EBASSI    Emmanuele Bassi <[email protected]>
ENGIN     Engin Gündüz (=Engin Gunduz) <[email protected]<nospam>>
ENNO      Enno Derksen <[email protected]>
ENRYS     Enrico Sorcinelli <>
BADAJOZ   Enrique Castilla Contreras <[email protected]>
ECASTILLA Enrique Castilla Contreras <[email protected]>
ENELL     Enrique Nell <[email protected]>
ERIAM     Eriam Schaffter <[email protected]>
EMILLER   Eric A. Miller <eric -at->
FIDUS     Eric Anderson <[email protected]>
ERIC      Eric Andreychek <[email protected]>
ERICA     Eric Arnold <[email protected]>
BARTLEY   Eric Bartley <[email protected]>
BOESCH    Eric Boesch <[email protected]>
EBOHLMAN  Eric Bohlman <[email protected]>
ENB       Eric Brown <[email protected]>
EBUSBOOM  Eric Busboom <[email protected]>
EBUSTO    Eric Busto <ebusto AT>
WEAV      Eric C. Weaver <[email protected]>
ECLARK    Eric Clark <[email protected]>
EDJ       Eric David Johnson <CENSORED>
EESTABROO Eric Estabrooks <[email protected]>
EFIFER    Eric Fifer <[email protected]>
FIXLER    Eric Fixler <[email protected]>
EFOLLEY   Eric Folley <[email protected]>
EFRAZ     Eric Frazier <CENSORED>
EGARLAND  Eric Garland <[email protected]>
EKG       Eric Germann <[email protected]>
HACKER    Eric Hacker <[email protected]>
ESH       Eric Hammond <eric dash cpan at thinksome dot com>
ZIPPY     Eric Harris-Braun <[email protected]>
HERRERA   Eric Herrera <[email protected]>
ERICJH    Eric Hodges <[email protected]>
ESCH      Eric J Schultz <>
ROODE     Eric J. Roode <[email protected]>
ERICJ     Eric Johanson <[email protected]>
KAGENEKO  Eric Kidder <[email protected]>
EAK       Eric Kolve <[email protected]>
EMORGAN   Eric Lease Morgan <CENSORED>
OSTROM    Eric Lowell Ostrom <[email protected]>
EMAHURIN  Eric Mahurin <>
FISHBOT   Eric Maki <[email protected]>
ERICM     Eric Matthews <[email protected]>
ENEGAARD  Eric Negaard <[email protected]>
ERMEYERS  Eric R. Meyers <[email protected]>
EROLLINS  Eric Rollins <[email protected]>
RYBSKEJ   Eric Rybski <[email protected]>
ESR       Eric S. Raymond <[email protected]>
ESAMMER   Eric Sammer <[email protected]>
ESTITH    Eric Stith <[email protected]>
ETHUL     Eric Thul <[email protected]>
EWATERS   Eric Waters <[email protected]>
EWILHELM  Eric Wilhelm <ewilhelm at cpan dot org>
ERICW     Eric Willisson <[email protected]>
EWINDISCH Eric Windisch <[email protected]>
ELWINTER  Eric Winter <[email protected]>
EAYNG     Eric Young <[email protected]>
EDOUGLASS Erich Douglass <>
EMORISSE  Erich Morisse <[email protected]>
ERICH     Erich Roncarolo <[email protected]>
EASR      Erick Antezana <erant @>
EJB       Erick Bourgeois <[email protected]>
ECALDER   Erick Calder <[email protected]>
EARNESON  Erik Arneson <[email protected]>
BACHMANN  Erik Bachmann <>
EBOSRUP   Erik Bosrup <[email protected]>
RANT      Erik E. Rantapaa <[email protected]>
ERIKE     Erik Elliott Erwitt <[email protected]>
KASTNER   Erik F. Kastner <[email protected]>
ERIKH     Erik Hollensbe <[email protected]>
ELYNCH    Erik Lynch <[email protected]>
ERIKRAY   Erik Ray <[email protected]>
FUNGUS    Erik Vrolijk <[email protected]>
FUZZ      Erik Wasser <[email protected]>
SOMMAR    Erland Sommarskog <[email protected]>
LERGON    Ernest Lergon <[email protected]>
ERNGUI    Ernesto Guisado <[email protected]>
EHERSHEY  Ernie Hershey <[email protected]>
LUNKER    Ernie Lundqvist <[email protected]>
ERNESTO   Ernst-J. Johnsdorf <CENSORED>
ERWAN     Erwan Lemonnier <[email protected]>
ERYQ      Eryq <[email protected]>
ZERODOGG  Eskild Hustvedt <zerodogg [-A-T-] [email protected] [D0T] com>
EFISCHER  Ethan Fischer <[email protected]>
ETILEM    Etienne (Et!L3W) LEMEE <>
EGROSS    Etienne Grossmann <[email protected]>
EROB      Etienne Robillard <[email protected]>
KES       Eugen Konkov <CENSORED>
EJS       Eugen Sobchenko <[email protected]>
EUG       Eugene Bogush <[email protected]>
EEKIM     Eugene Eric Kim <[email protected]>
SIZUR     Eugene Grigoriev <[email protected]>
JSET      Eugene Kulesha <[email protected]>
EYYJEN    Eugene Y. Jen <[email protected]>
PIJLL     Eugene van der Pijll <[email protected]>
EUROBOB   European Bob <[email protected]>
ZACKSE    Evan A. Zacks <[email protected]>
ECARROLL  Evan Carroll <[email protected]>
EVANK     Evan Kaufman <[email protected]>
EAM       Evan Miller <[email protected]>
EVANPRO   Evangelo Prodromou <[email protected]>
EVAN      Evangelo Prodromou <[email protected]>
HOLROY    Even Holen <[email protected]>
NIF       Evgeny Nifontov <CENSORED>
EJDRS     Evilio José del Río Silván (=Evilio Jose del Rio Silvan) <[email protected]>
BIRNEY    Ewan Birney <[email protected]>
UDASSIN   Eyal Udassin <[email protected]>
EZRA      Ezra Pagel <[email protected]>
EZRAKILTY Ezra elias kilty Cooper <[email protected]>
ARPADF    FARKAS Árpád (=FARKAS Arpad) <[email protected]>
CFILIPPE  FILIPPELLI Christophe <[email protected]>
FUJIWARA  FUJIWARA Shunichiro <[email protected]>
FRIGHETTI Fabiano Reese Righetti <[email protected]>
GALAND    Fabien GALAND <[email protected]>
FABPOT    Fabien Potencier <>
FTASSIN   Fabien Tassin <[email protected]>
FPIVARI   Fabrizio Pivari <[email protected]>
FAISAL    Faisal Nasim <[email protected]>
FAIZ      Faiz Kazi <CENSORED>
NFALCO    Falco Nikolas <[email protected]>
XIONGYING Fang.changnian <>
SPROUT    Father Chrysostomos <$_ = 'spro^^*%*^6ut#@&$%*c>#!^!#&!'; y/[email protected]//cd; print>
FAYS      Faycal CHRAIBI <[email protected]>
FAYLAND   Fayland 林 (=Fayland Lin) <[email protected]>
FGALASSI  Federico Galassi <[email protected]>
FELIXL    Felix Liberman <felix.liberman [at]>
FSG       Felix Sebastian Gallo <[email protected]>
FLEITNER  Felix von Leitner <[email protected]>
FEN       Fen Labalme <[email protected]>
PRANTL    Ferdinand Prantl <[email protected]>
FDALY     Fergal Daly <[email protected]>
FAPG      Fernando A. P. Gomes <[email protected]>
FCO       Fernando Correa de Oliveira <[email protected]>
TRIAS     Fernando Trias <[email protected]>
FIGANIM   FigAnim <[email protected]>
FKOLODNY  Fila Kolodny <[email protected]>
MOPY      Filipe Dutra <[email protected]>
FMENCZER  Filippo Menczer <[email protected]>
FIRASZ    Firas Zureiqat <[email protected]>
FLAZAN    Flavio Fanton <[email protected]>
POLETTIX  Flavio Poletti <>
ENDLER    Florian Endler <[email protected]>
OCTO      Florian Forster <[email protected]>
GREB      Florian Greb <[email protected]>
FLH       Florian Hatat <CENSORED>
FLORIAN   Florian Helmberger <[email protected]>
FMERGES   Florian Merges <[email protected]>
FLORA     Florian Ragwitz <[email protected]>
FGLOCK    Flávio Soibelmann Glock (=Flavio Soibelmann Glock) <[email protected]>
FORREST   Forrest Cahoon <[email protected]>
FORRESTC  Forrest W. Christian <[email protected]>
FOTANGO   Fotango Ltd <[email protected]>
FRANC     Franc Carter <[email protected]>
FRANKIE   Francesc Guasch <[email protected]>
FCECCONI  Francesco Cecconi <[email protected]>
FPAS      Francesco Pasqualini <[email protected]>
FRAJULAC  Francis J. Lacoste <[email protected]>
FVANDUN   Francis van Dun <[email protected]>
MARZOA    Francisco M. Marzoa Alonso <[email protected]>
FRANCKC   Franck Cuny <[email protected]>
RAFAEL    Franck Dubois <[email protected]>
RECKON    Franck Latrémolière (=Franck Latremoliere) <[email protected]>
FPORCHER  Franck PORCHER <[email protected]>
FRANCOC   Franco Callari <[email protected]>
FRACOLO   Francois Colombier <[email protected]>
FDESAR    Francois Desarmenien <[email protected]>
PERRAD    Francois Perrad <[email protected]>
FXFX      Francois Perron <[email protected]>
FANTONSEN Frank Antonsen <>
THUNDERS  Frank Bardelli <[email protected]>
ALFRED    Frank Brehm <[email protected]>
FRANKC    Frank Carnovale <[email protected]>
CARROLL   Frank Carroll <[email protected]>
FRANKMAN  Frank Cizmich <[email protected]>
FRANKCOX  Frank Cox <[email protected]>
BIKER     Frank Dupont <[email protected]>
FGERLACH  Frank Gerlach <[email protected]>
WENAMUN   Frank Grieshaber <[email protected]>
FRANKG    Frank Gutierrez <>
XPIX      Frank Herrmann <[email protected]>
FHOLTRY   Frank Holtry <[email protected]>
FIS       Frank Ian Smith <[email protected]>
FWOJCIK   Frank J Wojcik <[email protected]>
FTOBIN    Frank J. Tobin <[email protected]>
FKOENEN   Frank Koenen <[email protected]>
FSEITZ    Frank Seitz <cpan [at] fseitz [dot] de>
FSPEISER  Frank Speiser <>
FWILES    Frank Wiles <[email protected]>
FRAZI     Frank Zimmer <[email protected]>
FPREICH   Frank-Peter Reich <[email protected]>
STUDIOB   Franz Bond <[email protected]>
PRILMEIE  Franz Prilmeier <[email protected]>
MOND      Franz Schaefer <[email protected]>
FFAUTEUX  François Fauteux (=Francois Fauteux) <[email protected]>
FMACHABEE François Machabée (=Francois Machabee) <[email protected]>
CLMSYJEDI Frazer Irving <[email protected]>
FJC       Fred Condo <[email protected]>
FRED      Fred Curtis <[email protected]>
PHRED     Fred Moyer <[email protected]>
FREDY     Fred Youhanaie <[email protected]>
FVULTO    Freddy Vulto <[email protected]>
FMC       Frederic Chauveau <[email protected]>
FSORIANO  Frederic Soriano <[email protected]>
FJH       Frederick Hirsch <[email protected]>
RECSKY    Frederico Recsky <CENSORED>
FRAMM     Frederik Ramm <[email protected]>
FKUO      Frey Kuo <[email protected]>
MEHNER    Fritz Mehner <CENSORED>
FBRIERE   Frédéric Brière (=Frederic Briere) <[email protected]>
GAM       G. Allen Morris III <[email protected]>
GWADEJ    G. Wade Johnson <[email protected]>
GROMMIER  GROMMIER Sébastien (=GROMMIER Sebastien) <[email protected]>
GUNYA     GUNYARA-KUN <[email protected]>
GAAL      Gaal Yahas <[email protected]>
CSELLEG   Gabor Cselle <[email protected]>
BOZO      Gabriel Horner <[email protected]>
GMILLERD  Gabriel Millerd <[email protected]>
GMAMBRO   Gabriele Mambrini <CENSORED>
GABY      Gaby Vanhegan <[email protected]>
GDR       Gareth D. Rees <[email protected]>
GBJK      Gareth Kirwan <[email protected]>
GDAMORE   Garrett D'Amore <[email protected]>
ROONEG    Garrett Rooney <[email protected]>
GARTHD    Garth Douglass <[email protected]>
GSAINIO   Garth Sainio <[email protected]>
GARTH     Garth Winter Webb <[email protected]>
GALGIER   Gary Algier <[email protected]>
GARYAJ    Gary Ashton-Jones <[email protected]>
GGUREVICH Gary Gurevich <garygurevich at gmail>
HOLT      Gary Holt <[email protected]>
GARY      Gary Howland <[email protected]>
BARGLE    Gary Jackson <[email protected]>
PUCKERING Gary Puckering <[email protected]>
GRICH     Gary Richardson <[email protected]>
SAMSON    Gary Samson <CENSORED>
GSPIVEY   Gary Spivey <[email protected]>
GBROCK    Gavin Brock <[email protected]>
GBROWN    Gavin Brown <[email protected]>
GAVINC    Gavin Carr <[email protected]>
GAV       Gavin Estey <[email protected]>
GHENRY    Gavin Henry <[email protected]>
GAVIN     Gavin McDonald <[email protected]<nospam>>
SHERLOCK  Gavin Sherlock <[email protected]>
AZEMGI    Gawdi Azem <[email protected]>
TIGERPERL Ge Peng <[email protected]>
GSLIN     Gea-Suan Lin <[email protected]>
PIER      Geert De Paep <CENSORED>
JOSTEN    Geert Josten <[email protected]>
GENE      Gene Boggs <[email protected]>
GENEPERL  Gene Cutler <[email protected]>
GENECUT   Gene Cutler <[email protected]>
GRAVALO   Gene Gallistel <[email protected]>
SELKOVJR  Gene Selkov, Jr. <[email protected]>
GSPAF     Gene Spafford <[email protected]>
GSULLIVAN Gene Sullivan <[email protected]>
GENJISCH  Genji Schmeder <[email protected]>
VIZDOM    Gennis Emerson <[email protected]>
GEOTIGER  Geo Tiger <[email protected]>
ARCHAELUS Geoff Cant <[email protected]>
GEOFFR    Geoff Richards <[email protected]>
GJRUSSEL  Geoff Russell <[email protected]>
GSIMMONS  Geoff Simmons <[email protected]>
GJB       Geoffrey Broadwell <[email protected]>
GEOFFEG   Geoffrey Gallaway <[email protected]>
GHUTCHIS  Geoffrey Hutchison <[email protected]>
GLEACH    Geoffrey Leach <[email protected]>
GROMMEL   Geoffrey Rommel <>
GSPEAR    Geoffrey Spear <[email protected]>
GEOFF     Geoffrey Young <[email protected]>
GBAUER    Georg Bauer <[email protected]>
SHMEM     Georg Moritz <[email protected]>
GAFFER    George A. Fitch III <[email protected]>
GTHEALL   George A. Theall <[email protected]>
GCAMPBELL George Campbell <gcampbell-at-verisign-dot-com>
CHLIGE    George Chlipala <chips underscore g at ameritech dot net>
GGAL      George D. Gal <[email protected]>
GWORROLL  George E Worroll Jr <[email protected]>
HARTZELL  George Hartzell <CENSORED>
GNAZAREY  George J. Nazarey Jr. <[email protected]>
GEOKEVHAT George Kevin Hathorn <[email protected]>
ULTRADM   George Nistorică (=George Nistorica) <[email protected]>
SANDERSON George Sanderson <[email protected]>
GSCHLOSS  George Schlossnagle <[email protected]>
FLUXOID   George Yashin <[email protected]>
GWELCH    Gerad Welch <[email protected]>
GOLD      Gerald Gold <[email protected]>
GRICHTER  Gerald Richter <[email protected]>
GEHIC     Gerard Hickey <[email protected]>
INFOFLEX  Gerard Menicucci <[email protected]>
GKNOPS    Gerd Knops <[email protected]>
GSHANK    Gerda Shank <[email protected]>
ALGERNON  Gergely Nagy <[email protected]>
GGONTER   Gerhard Gonter <[email protected]>
GERHARD   Gerhard Gossen <CENSORED>
GSPI      Gerhard Spitzlsperger <[email protected]>
GGARAND   Germain Garand <[email protected]>
HAVI      Gernot Havranek <[email protected]>
GERRIT    Gerrit P. Haase <[email protected]>
GWL       Gerry  Lawrence <[email protected]>
GBURGER   Gert Burger <[email protected]>
GEORG     Gheorghe Chesler <[email protected]>
GCERRAI   Giacomo Cerrai <CENSORED>
GMG       Gian Maria Gamboni <>
DAKKAR    Gianni Ceccarelli <[email protected]>
GIDON     Gidon Wise <[email protected]>
GRB       Gifford Birchley <[email protected]>
GCOHEN    Gil Cohen <[email protected]>
GHEALTON  Gilbert Healton <[email protected]>
GGOUDSMIT Gilion Goudsmit <[email protected]>
MAIRE     Gilles Maire <[email protected]>
GPOLART   Gilles POLART-DONAT <[email protected]>
STORULIS  Gintaras Raslanas <[email protected]>
GSM       Giovanni S Marzot <[email protected]>
VGIRISH   Girish Venkatachalam <[email protected]>
GWS       Gisbert W. Selke <CENSORED>
GAAS      Gisle Aas <[email protected]>
MAMATUX   Gitte Wange Olrik <[email protected]>
GIULIENK  Giulio Motta <[email protected]>
PIGMALION Giuseppe De Sio <[email protected]>
GMAX      Giuseppe Maxia <>
MANIWHEEL Gleb Galkin <[email protected]>
GLENSMALL Glen Small <[email protected]>
GBAILEY   Glenn E. Bailey III <[email protected]>
GURUGLENN Glenn Linderman <[email protected]>
GMLEWIS   Glenn M. Lewis <[email protected]>
GLENNWOOD Glenn Wood <[email protected]>
MOSSAD    Gligor Daniel Marius <[email protected]>
GENIE     Goldin Evgeny <[email protected]>
GBARCO    Gonzalo Barco <$_='[email protected]'; tr/x/\./;>
GONERI    Gonéri LE BOUDER (=Goneri LE BOUDER) <[email protected]>
GDEWIS    Gordon Dewis <[email protected]>
GFLETCHER Gordon Fletcher <[email protected]>
GORD      Gordon Matzigkeit <[email protected]>
GMCC      Gordon McCreight <[email protected]>
MITEL     Gordon Rowell <[email protected]>
MIZZY     Gosuke Miyashita <[email protected]>
GOURAV    Gourav Sengupta <CENSORED>
GMPASSOS  Graciliano Monteiro Passos <[email protected]>
GBARR     Graham Barr <[email protected]>
GRAHAMC   Graham Crookham <>
GRAHJENK  Graham Jenkins <[email protected]>
GSEAMAN   Graham Seaman <[email protected]>
GTERMARS  Graham TerMarsch <[email protected]>
DEGRAW    Grant DeGraw <>
GRANTG    Grant Grueninger <[email protected]>
GRANTM    Grant McLean <[email protected]>
GHOARE    Graydon Hoare <[email protected]>
GAND      Greg Anderson <[email protected]>
GBACON    Greg Bacon <[email protected]>
GBOSS     Greg Bossert <[email protected]>
GCOULOMB  Greg Coulombe <[email protected]>
GREGFAST  Greg Fast <[email protected]>
GNG       Greg George <[email protected]>
GKNAUSS   Greg Knauss <[email protected]>
GSLONDON  Greg London <[email protected]>
GMCCAR    Greg McCarroll <[email protected]>
CAIDAPERL Greg Raph <[email protected]>
TURNSTEP  Greg Sabino Mullane <[email protected]>
GWARD     Greg Ward <[email protected]>
GREGARYH  Gregary A. Hendricks <[email protected]>
GREGG     Gregg Helt <[email protected]>
GGOLDBACH Gregor Goldbach <[email protected]>
STIGMATA  Gregor Mosheh <[email protected]>
GREGOR    Gregor N. Purdy <[email protected]>
GREGORY   Gregory A. Rozanoff <[email protected]>
CHAOTIC   Gregory Baumgardner <[email protected] (except it's chaoticset and perl)>
GRISHACE  Gregory Belenky <[email protected]>
GCLASS    Gregory Class <[email protected]>
GRJONES   Gregory Jones <[email protected]>
ZETA      Gregory S. Youngblood <[email protected]>
PLANET    Gregory W. Willson <[email protected]>
GWILLIAMS Gregory Williams <[email protected]>
GREGT     Gregoty Toomey <[email protected]>
GREIZHANG Grei Zhang <[email protected]>
GRYPHON   Gryphon Shafer <[email protected]>
ELLIPSE   Grégory Vanuxem (=Gregory Vanuxem) <[email protected]>
GMGRD     Guardian Media Group Regional Digital <[email protected]>
BRUGNARA  Guido Brugnara <[email protected]>
GCARLS    Guido Carls <[email protected]>
GFLOHR    Guido Flohr <[email protected]>
GUIDO     Guido Flohr <[email protected]>
GUS       Guido Socher <>
GFK       Guillaume Filion <[email protected]>
GUILLAUME Guillaume Fougnies <[email protected]>
GROUSSE   Guillaume Rousse <[email protected]>
GSA       Guillaume SABOURAUD <[email protected]>
GRODITI   Guillermo Roditi <[email protected]>
SIGIZ     Gulin Mikhail <CENSORED>
GULLY     Gully APC Burns <[email protected]>
GUNNAR    Gunnar Hjalmarsson <[email protected]>
GUSTRA    Gunnar Strand <CENSORED>
GWOLF     Gunnar Wolf <[email protected]>
GUNTHER   Gunther Birznieks <[email protected]>
GSAR      Gurusamy Sarathy <[email protected]>
FOOBARD   Gustaf Bjorksten <[email protected]>
GKE       Gustav Kristoffer Ek <[email protected]>
SCHAFFTER Gustav Schaffter <[email protected]>
GNUSTAVO  Gustavo Leite de Mendonça Chaves (=Gustavo Leite de Mendonca Chaves) <CENSORED>
GHALSE    Guy Antony Halse <[email protected]>
GUYDX     Guy Decoux <[email protected]>
GRIXON    Guy Rixon <[email protected]>
GWHULBERT Guy W. Hulbert <>
GKAPUR    Gyan Kapur <[email protected]>
GYEPI     Gyepi Sam <[email protected]>
GABOR     Gábor Egressy (=Gabor Egressy) <[email protected]>
GTHYNI    Göran Thyni (=Goran Thyni) <[email protected]>
HCARVEY   H. Carvey <[email protected]>
MINTER    H. Wade Minter <[email protected]>
HMBRAND   H.Merijn Brand <[email protected]>
SHINPEI   HAYASHI, Shinpei <[email protected]>
HIRATA    HIRATA Yasuyuki <[email protected]>
HIROSE    HIROSE Masaaki <[email protected]>
MACGYVER  Habeeb J. Dihu <[email protected]>
HSLEE     Hack Sung Lee <[email protected]>
UMEMOTO   Hajimu Umemoto <[email protected]>
HAKANARDO Hakan Ardo <[email protected]>
HGOTTFR   Hal F. Gottfried <[email protected]>
HFINKEL   Hal Finkel <[email protected]>
HALPOM    Hal Pomeranz <[email protected]>
HANGIL    Hangil Chang <[email protected]>
HMUELLER  Hanno Mueller <[email protected]>
HANSTO    Hanno Stock <[email protected]>
HAKESTLER Hans A. Kestler <[email protected]>
HDP       Hans Dieter Pearcey <[email protected]>
HANJE     Hans Jeuken <[email protected]>
HJHELGE   Hans Jorgen Helgesen <[email protected]>
FRUITSOFT Hans Müller <[email protected]>
OESTERHOL Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema <>
HANSPOO   Hans Poo <[email protected]>
JJDG      Hans de Graaff <[email protected]>
HANSHK    Hans-Helmut Kohls <[email protected]>
HJB       Hans-Juergen Beie <[email protected]>
HPWERNER  Hans-Peter Werner <[email protected]>
ZEYA      Hansjörg Pehofer (=Hansjoerg Pehofer) <[email protected]>
ALBERS    Harald Albers <[email protected]>
HBARTEL   Harald Bartel <[email protected]>
HMATT     Harald Mattern <[email protected]>
WANKER    Harley Helterhoff <[email protected]>
HLHAMILT  Harlin L. Hamilton Jr. <[email protected]>
HARMONIE  Harmonie Tara-Lynne Smith/Ramjewan <[email protected]>
HAOO      Harold van Oostrom <[email protected]>
HARRY     Harry Jackson <[email protected]>
HCAMP     Hartmut Camphausen <>
HPALM     Hartmut Palm <[email protected]>
ITGURU    Hartmut Vogler <[email protected]_NO_SPAM_>
SINISTER  Hartog de Mik <[email protected]>
HASANT    Hasanuddin Tamir <[email protected]>
HDS       Hayden Stainsby <[email protected]>
HBABCOCK  Hazen Babcock <[email protected]>
BOUBAKER  Heddy Boubaker <[email protected]>
HESSU     Heikki Hannikainen <CENSORED>
HEXCODER  Heiko Eißfeldt (=Heiko Eissfeldt) <CENSORED>
HEIKOK    Heiko Klein <[email protected]>
HEIKO     Heiko Schlittermann <[email protected]>
HEIKOWU   Heiko Wundram <[email protected]>
HVC       Helen Cook <[email protected]>
HEBELT    Helmut Ebelt <[email protected]>
HSTEEB    Helmut Steeb <[email protected]>
HWEBER    Helmut Weber <>
WOLLMERS  Helmut Wollmersdorfer <[email protected]>
BEATNIK   Hendrik Van Belleghem <[email protected]>
MONO      Henk Boonstra <[email protected]>
HVOERS    Henk van Oers <[email protected]>
HKOCH     Henning Koch <[email protected]>
HMA       Henning Manske <[email protected]>
HMERSCH   Henning Mersch <[email protected]>
HMNIELSEN Henning Michael Møller Just (=Henning Michael Moeller Just) <[email protected]>
HASSEILY  Henri Asseily <[email protected]>
HENKE     Henrik Joensson <[email protected]>
HEMA      Henrik Mårtensson (=Henrik Martensson) <[email protected]>
HENRIKS   Henrik Steffen <[email protected]>
HENRIK    Henrik Strom <[email protected]>
HTOUG     Henrik Tougaard <[email protected]>
HDIAS     Henrique M. Ribeiro Dias <[email protected]>
HANKIVY   Henry (Hank) Berry Ivy, Jr. <[email protected]>
LAXEN     Henry Laxen <[email protected]>
LICHTKIND Herbert Breunung <[email protected]>
RVMINDSTP Hervé Masson (=Herve Masson) <>
DRAWNBOY  Hideaki Tanaka <[email protected]>
HIDE      Hideo Kimura <[email protected]>
HIMAZU    Hideyo Imazu <[email protected]>
HHOLZ     Hilary Holz <[email protected]>
HBIERSMA  Hildo Biersma <[email protected]>
HINNERK   Hinnerk Altenburg <CENSORED>
HINRIK    Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson (=Hinrik Orn Sigurdsson) <[email protected]>
YOSHIDA   Hironori Yoshida <[email protected]>
HAYASHI   Hiroo HAYASHI <[email protected]>
ZIGUZAGU  Hiroshi Sakai <[email protected]>
KOBAYASI  Hiroyuki Kobayasi (=Hiroyuki Kobayasi) <[email protected]>
HRYK      Hiroyuki Nakamura <[email protected]>
HIROYUKI  Hiroyuki Yamanaka <[email protected]>
ITWARRIOR Hitoshi Amano <[email protected]>
MAHITO    Hogeist <[email protected]>
HOLGILEIN Holger Jahn <[email protected]>
LORTAS    Holger von Rhein <[email protected]>
HOOO      Hon Wejun <>
GAOD      Hong-Yi Chen <[email protected]>
ALFREDO   Horst Alfred Mutterer <[email protected]>
HLARONS   Howard Arons <[email protected]>
HOWIE     Howard Jones <[email protected]>
HOWEN     Howard Owen <[email protected]>
HRAFNKELL Hrafnkell Freyr Hlöðversson (=Hrafnkell Freyr Hlodversson) <info at keli dot dk>
HUSOFT    Huascar Tejeda <[email protected]>
HESCO     Hugh Esco <[email protected]>
KENNEDYH  Hugh Kennedy <[email protected]>
HSMYERS   Hugh S. Myers <[email protected]>
HUGOCHIEN Hugo Chien <[email protected]>
CORNELIS  Hugo Cornelis <[email protected]>
HUGUEI    Hugo Salgado Hernández (=Hugo Salgado H.) <[email protected]>
TERDOEST  Hugo WL ter Doest <[email protected]>
ZANGHIHU  Hugo Zanghi <[email protected]>
HVDS      Hugo van der Sanden <[email protected]>
HZHOU     Hui Zhou <[email protected]>
COOLEDIT  Hui Zhou <[email protected]>
MASSA     Humberto Massa Guimarães (=Humberto Massa Guimaraes) <[email protected]>
HTHOMAS   Hunter Thomas <[email protected]>
HROGERS   Huw Rogers <[email protected]net>
KHS       HyeonSeung Kim <CENSORED>
LUNATIC   Håkon Nessjøen (=Hakon Nessjoen) <[email protected]>
HDANIEL   Héctor Daniel Cortés González (=Hector Daniel Cortes Gonzalez) <[email protected]>
IBMTORDB2 IBM OpenDev <[email protected]>
RATL      IBM Rational Software <[email protected]>
IKEBE     IKEBE Tomohiro <[email protected]>
INA       INABA Hitoshi <[email protected]>
IPLOC     IP2Location dot Com <[email protected]>
IPTOLOC <[email protected]>
BANB      ITO Nobuaki <[email protected]>
ICAM      Iain Campbell <>
IAINT     Iain Tatch <[email protected]>
SPOON     Iain Truskett (see Andy Lester) <[email protected]>
IWADE     Iain Wade <[email protected]>
IANDERSO  Ian Anderson <[email protected]>
BISSCUITT Ian Bissett <[email protected]>
IANB      Ian Boreham <[email protected]>
IBB       Ian Brayshaw <[email protected]>
IBURRELL  Ian Burrell <[email protected]>
IANCABELL Ian Cabell <[email protected]>
ICLARK    Ian Clark <[email protected]>
IANC      Ian Clatworthy <[email protected]>
ICYDEE    Ian Docherty <>
ICD       Ian Docherty <[email protected]>
IFLAN     Ian Flanigan <[email protected]>
IGUTHRIE  Ian Guthrie <[email protected]>
IHOLSMAN  Ian Holsman <[email protected]>
IKALLEN   Ian Kallen <[email protected]>
IANK      Ian Kilgore <[email protected]>
IKLUFT    Ian Kluft <[email protected]>
KNOPKE    Ian Knopke <[email protected]>
IAN       Ian Langworth ☠ (=Ian Langworth) <[email protected]>
IMALPASS  Ian Malpass <[email protected]>
IANPX     Ian Phillipps <[email protected]>
IROBERTS  Ian Robertson <[email protected]>
ICK       Ian Stanley ([email protected]) <[email protected]>
ISTEEL    Ian Steel <[email protected]>
KIZ       Ian Stuart <[email protected]>
ITEGEBO   Ian Tegebo <[email protected]>
IWDW      Ian William Douglas Warford <[email protected]>
THEDEVIL  Ian Zimmerman <[email protected]>
BONES     Iberê Kuntz (=Ibere Kuntz) <bones AT>
AQUTIV    Idan Robbins <[email protected]>
ITRIVIZKI Ido Trivizki <[email protected]>
IRC       Ignasi Roca Carrió <[email protected]>
MOO       Igor André Pereira Neves <[email protected]>
ICHLADIL  Igor Chladil <[email protected]>
ICHUDOV   Igor Chudov <[email protected]>
IGORM     Igor Myroshnichenko <[email protected]>
IOK       Igor Okunev <[email protected]>
PLISCO    Igor Plisco <igor [at] plisco [dot] ru>
QUEVLAR   Igor Sanchez-Puls <CENSORED>
IZUT      Igor Sutton <>
VIY       Igor Yu. Vlasenko <[email protected]>
IHARA     Ikuhiro IHARA <[email protected]>
IJONES    Ilene Jones <[email protected]>
ILIAL     Ilia Lobsanov <>
ILJATABAC Ilja Tabachnik <[email protected]>
ILTZU     Ilmari Karonen <[email protected]>
BUTILW    Ilya Butakov <CENSORED>
ICHE      Ilya Chelpanov <[email protected]>
ILYA      Ilya Etingof <CENSORED>
IKETRIS   Ilya Ketris <[email protected]>
ILYALIT   Ilya Lityuga <[email protected]>
ILYAM     Ilya Martynov <[email protected]>
XFIRE     Ilya Obshadko <[email protected]>
ILYAS     Ilya Soldatkin <[email protected]>
ISTERIN   Ilya Sterin <[email protected]>
ILYAVERL  Ilya Verlinsky <[email protected]>
ILYAZ     Ilya Zakharevich <[email protected]>
IHAQUE    Imran Haque <[email protected]>
LALA      Imre Olajos, Jr. <[email protected]>
AZOLIA    Informatique montpellier <CENSORED>
IGERLACH  Ingo Gerlach <[email protected]>
INGOMACH  Ingo Macherius <[email protected]>
IWALZ     Ingo Walz <[email protected]>
IWIARDA   Ingo Wiarda <[email protected]>
INGRIF    Ingrid Falk <ingrid dot falk at loria dot fr>
INGY      Ingy döt Net (=Ingy dot Net) <[email protected]>
APOLLO    Intimidat0r <>
IOANJ     Ioan Jones <[email protected]>
IOANNIS   Ioannis Tambouras <[email protected]>
JONOZZZ   Ionut Turturica <[email protected]>
IWOODHEAD Ira Joseph Woodhead <>
ISAACL    Isaac Lin <perl at projects dot carrotpatch-remove-this dot org>
ICY       Isaac Praveen <[email protected]>
ICABRERA  Isabelle Cabrera <[email protected]>
ISABELLE  Isabelle Hernandez <[email protected]>
MIYAZAKI  Ittetsu Miyazaki <[email protected]>
PERLXPERT Itzik Lerner <[email protected]>
IVANPAN   Ivan  Panchenko <[email protected]>
VANY      Ivan B. Serezhkin <[email protected]>
IFOMICHEV Ivan Fomichev <[email protected]>
IHEFFNER  Ivan Heffner <[email protected]>
IVAN      Ivan Kohler <[email protected]>
CYBER     Ivan M Nanev <[email protected]>
INEULANDE Ivan Neulander <[email protected]>
JUPITER   Ivan Ponomarev <[email protected]>
IVANS     Ivan Stojiæ (=Ivan Stojic) <[email protected]>
ITUB      Ivan Tubert-Brohman <[email protected]>
IVANWONG  Ivan Yat-Cheung Wong 黃溢章 (=Ivan Yat-Cheung Wong) <e[email protected]>
EIM       Ivo Marino <[email protected]>
IVOZ      Ivo Zdravkov <[email protected]>
IVORW     Ivor Williams <[email protected]>
GARNADI   Iwan Garnadi <>
XOR       Izumi Kawashima <[email protected]>
JDAVIDB   J. David Blackstone <[email protected]>
JDBOYD    J. David Boyd <[email protected]>
DLOWE     J. David Lowe <[email protected]>
JJHORNER  J. J. Horner <[email protected]>
JMERELO   J. J. Merelo-Guervós (=J. J. Merelo Guervos) <jmerelo (at)>
JDAV      J. M. Davitt <CENSORED>
JMAHAN    J. Michael Mahan <[email protected]>
JMURPHY   J. Murphy <[email protected]>
JMURRAY   J. Murray <[email protected]>
JSHIRLEY  J. Shirley <[email protected]>
JADEV     J.A. de Vries <[email protected]>
JJGREEN   J.J. Green <[email protected]>
TATTOOJP  J.P. Williams <[email protected]>
JQYAO     JIQINGYAO <[email protected]>
RIZEN     JT Smith <[email protected]>
JNPR      JUNOScript team <[email protected]>
PARDUS    Jaap Karssenberg <[email protected]>
NARKED    Jaap Voets <[email protected]>
JARTYMIAK Jacek Artymiak <[email protected]>
JACEK     Jacek Wołkowicz <CENSORED>
JABLKO    Jack Bates <[email protected]>
JACKB     Jack Bilemjian <[email protected]>
DUNNIGANJ Jack Dunnigan <>
JACKS     Jack Shirazi <[email protected]>
JWJS      Jack Stone <CENSORED>
KYOKI     Jacky Chang <CENSORED>
JACKTAO   JackyCheng (=ZengTao) <[email protected]>
LINNIN    Jacob Boswell <[email protected]>
YASHA     Jacob Broido <[email protected]>
KESINGER  Jacob C. Kesinger <[email protected]>
CROMIS    Jacob Davies <[email protected]>
JHELWIG   Jacob Helwig <[email protected]>
JACQUELIN Jacquelin Charbonnel <jacquelin.charbonnel at>
JCARON    Jacques Caron <[email protected]>
DISTLER   Jacques Distler <[email protected]>
JGRELET   Jacques Grelet <CENSORED>
SUPCIK    Jacques Supcik <[email protected]>
JAX       Jacqui Caren <[email protected]>
JADEDEANE Jade E. Deane <[email protected]>
JAE       Jae Gangemi <[email protected]>
JAGS      Jagdeep S. Sandhu <[email protected]>
PRILUSKYJ Jaime Prilusky <[email protected]>
JAKE      Jake Donham <[email protected]>
TJAKE     Jake Luciani <CENSORED>
SUMUS     Jakob Schmidt <[email protected]>
VOJ       Jakob Voß <[email protected]>
JSPICAK   Jakub Spicak <[email protected]>
JMUSSE    Jama Musse Jama <[email protected]>
JDUNCAN   James A Duncan <[email protected]>
JAMESP    James A. Pattie <[email protected]>
BITJAM    James B. Bowlin <CENSORED>
JAMESB    James Baker <[email protected]>
JBENINGER James Beninger <[email protected]>
JBRIGGS   James Briggs <[email protected]>
JEB       James Bromberger <[email protected]>
JCHEN     James Chen <[email protected]>
JCONERLY  James Conerly <[email protected]>
JDENNIS   James Dennis <[email protected]>
JURACH    James E Jurach Jr. <[email protected]>
JKEENAN   James E Keenan <[email protected]>
JQUINLAN  James E. Quinlan <[email protected]>
JGRAY     James Edward Gray II <[email protected]>
JFITZ     James FitzGibbon <[email protected]>
JMFREEMAN James Freeman <[email protected]>
JFURNESS  James Furness <[email protected]>
JSMITH    James G Smith <[email protected]>
WILLMOJG  James G Willmore <[email protected]>
JAMESGOL  James Golovich <[email protected]>
BIGGLES   James Halstead <[email protected]>
HARLEY    James Harley Gorrell <[email protected]>
JRH       James Hickie <[email protected]>
JHUG      James Hugman <jameshugman AT>
JKISER    James Kiser <[email protected]>
JLAVERY   James Lavery <[email protected]>
CARPENTER James Lee Carpenter <[email protected]>
CRONUS    James Loope <[email protected]>
LUNDEEN   James Lundeen <[email protected]>
JMACFARLA James Macfarlane <[email protected]>
JMANCZ    James Mancz <[email protected]>
JSM       James Marshall <[email protected]>
JMASTROS  James Mastros <[email protected]>
JMELANSON James Melanson <[email protected]>
MDUPONT   James Michael DuPont <[email protected]>
JAMESM    James Moore <[email protected]>
JMOOSMANN James Moosmann <[email protected]>
JMORRIS   James Morris <[email protected]>
HEMLOCK   James Muir <[email protected]>
JAMESODEN James Olin Oden <[email protected]>
JPEREGR   James Peregrino <[email protected]>
POLERA    James Polera <[email protected]>
SQUISH    James Ponder <[email protected]>
JAMESPO   James Powell <[email protected]>
JALLEN    James R. Allen II <[email protected]>
JRAFTERY  James Raftery <[email protected]>
GILAD     James Robson <[email protected]>
JAMESR    James Ronan <[email protected]>
ROUZIER   James Rouzier <CENSORED>
JAR       James Russo <[email protected]>
JSHIMADA  James Shimada <[jshimada (a t) netjs ( d o t ) com]>
NIXEAGLE  James Spahlinger <CENSORED>
JTAVARES  James Tavares <[email protected]>
JTHOMPSON James Thompson <[email protected]>
JTILLMAN  James Tillman <[email protected]>
JAMES     James Tolley <[email protected]>
TRUESDALE James Truesdale <[email protected]>
JTURNER   James Turner <[email protected]>
JVASILE   James Vasile <[email protected]>
JAMESTHOM James W. Thompson, II <[email protected]>
WADE      James Wade <CENSORED>
JWILEY    James Wiley <[email protected]>
JWRIGHT   James Wright <[email protected]>
SHIJIALEE James.Q.Li <[email protected]>
JANDREWS  Jamie Andrews <[email protected]>
VORSPRUNG Jamie Andrews <[email protected]>
JFLOURNOY Jamie Flournoy <[email protected]>
JGEYER    Jamie Geyer <[email protected]>
JHATFIEL  Jamie Hatfield <[email protected]>
JMHOGLUND Jamie Hoglund <[email protected]>
JKRASNOO  Jamie Krasnoo <[email protected]>
JAMCC     Jamie McCarthy <[email protected]>
JOS       Jamie O'Shaughnessy <[email protected]>
JTATUM    Jamie Tatum <[email protected]>
SYSMON    Jamie Williams <CENSORED>
JAMSHAID  Jamshaid Faisal <[email protected]>
YENYA     Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak <[email protected]>
AERTS     Jan Aerts <[email protected]>
ALGER     Jan Algermissen <[email protected]>
JANDD     Jan Dittberner <[email protected]>
JDB       Jan Dubois <[email protected]>
JAN       Jan Harders <[email protected]>
EIDOLON   Jan Henning Thorsen <[email protected]>
JHOLCAP   Jan Holčapek (=Jan Holcapek) <[email protected]>
BULB      Jan Hudec <[email protected]>
JAIV      Jan Iven <[email protected]>
JENDA     Jan Krynicky <[email protected]>
JANP      Jan L. Peterson <[email protected]>
JANPAZ    Jan Pazdziora <[email protected]>
JANPOM    Jan Pomikálek <[email protected]>
PAJOUT    Jan Poslušný (=Jan Poslusny) <[email protected]>
JSCHREIB  Jan Schreiber <[email protected]>
JANW      Jan Willamowius <[email protected]>
REVSBECH  Jan-Erik Rodriguez Revsbech <[email protected]>
JPC       Jan-Pieter Cornet <[email protected]>
BIGJ      Janek Schleicher <[email protected]>
MOHACSI   Janos Mohacsi <[email protected]>
JERZYK    Janusz Harkot <[email protected]>
JCCLEAVER Japheth Cleaver <[email protected]>
JTCLARKE  Jared Clarke <>
JARED     Jared Rhine <[email protected]>
JARIAALTO Jari Aalto <[email protected]>
JHI       Jarkko Hietaniemi <[email protected]>
JARLE     Jarle Brinchmann <[email protected]>
JRUBEN    Jaron Rubenstein <[email protected]>
GLASSCOCK Jarret Glasscock <[email protected]>
JSOVERSON Jarrod Overson <[email protected]>
JASKA     Jaska Kivelä (=Jaska Kivela) <[email protected]>
CROMEDOME Jason A. Crome <>
JAD       Jason A. Dour <[email protected]>
JASON     Jason Adams <[email protected]>
JALONSO   Jason B. Alonso <[email protected]>
JAYBEE    Jason B. Burrell <[email protected]>
KODAK     Jason Balicki <[email protected]>
JBLAKEY   Jason Blakey <[email protected]>
JBODNAR   Jason Bodnar <[email protected]>
JBURNETT  Jason Burnett <[email protected]>
JCARLING  Jason Carling <[email protected]>
CLIFFORDJ Jason Clifford <[email protected]>
JCOSTOM   Jason Costomiris <[email protected]>
QOS       Jason David McManus <[email protected]>
JASONS    Jason E. Stewart <[email protected]>
PHASEFX   Jason Etheridge <[email protected]>
JMFOUST   Jason Foust <[email protected]>
LVREGENT  Jason Fox <[email protected]>
FRIED     Jason Fried <[email protected]>
JAYCE     Jason Hall <CENSORED>
JSNBY     Jason Hancock <CENSORED>
JHINKLE   Jason Hinkle <[email protected]>
JHITT     Jason Hitt <[email protected]>
MYBOXEN   Jason Holland <>
JHUDGE    Jason Hudgins <[email protected]>
JBJOHNS   Jason Johnson <[email protected]>
JKAST     Jason Kastner <[email protected]>
ELEPHANT  Jason King <[email protected]>
JASONK    Jason Kohles <[email protected]>
JKORKIN   Jason Korkin <[email protected]>
JFROEBE   Jason L. Froebe <[email protected]>
JLSCHWAB  Jason L. Schwab <[email protected]>
JLAVOLD   Jason Lavold <[email protected]>
DOCG      Jason Leane <[email protected]>
LEEJA     Jason Lee <>
JLEV      Jason Levitt <>
JASLONG   Jason Long <[email protected]>
JMMILLS   Jason M. Mills <[email protected]>
JMAC      Jason McIntosh <[email protected]>
JASONM    Jason Michelizzi <[email protected]>
JMOORE    Jason Moore <[email protected]>
LIFO      Jason Morriss <[email protected]>
PURDY     Jason Purdy <[email protected]>
QUANACK   Jason R Poole <[email protected]>
JRENNIE   Jason Rennie <>
JAGERMAN  Jason Rhinelander <[email protected]>
ZERHASH   Jason Richmond <[email protected]>
ETC       Jason Roth <[email protected]>
THALAKAN  Jason Spence <[email protected]>
JTHARDY   Jason T Hardy <[email protected]>
TIBBS     Jason Tibbitts <[email protected]>
JTITUS    Jason Titus <>
TOY       Jason Toy (朱仲光) (=Jason Toy (Zhu Zhong Guang )) <[email protected]rg>
JMAY      Jason W. May <[email protected]>
JAOS      Jason Woodward <woodwardj at jaos dot org>
JAYWHY    Jason Yates <[email protected]>
JNAGRA    Jasvir Nagra <[email protected]>
JAVIER    Javier Arturo Rodríguez Gutiérrez (=Javier Arturo Rodriguez Gutierrez) <CENSORED>
MRJONES   Javier Gutierrez <[email protected]>
JHERRERO  Javier Herrero <>
JAVIERPB  Javier Palacios <CENSORED>
NERVENET  Javier Pérez Montes (=Javier Perez Montes) <[email protected]>
MALPOETA  Javier Viveros <[email protected]>
JAYBONCI  Jay Bonci <[email protected]>
JAYBUFF   Jay Buffington <CENSORED>
JFLOWERS  Jay Flowers <[email protected]>
JHANNAH   Jay Hannah <[email protected]>
JAYJ      Jay Jacobs <[email protected]>
JJARVINEN Jay Jarvinen <[email protected]>
JAYK      Jay Kuri <[email protected]>
JLAWRENC  Jay Lawrence <[email protected]>
JPOWERS   Jay Powers <[email protected]>
JROGERS   Jay Rogers <[email protected]>
GIMPIT    Jay Scherrer <[email protected]>
JSOFFIAN  Jay Soffian <[email protected]>
JSTRAUSS  Jay Strauss <tws_at_heyjay_dot_com>
JWGEO     Jay Wheeler <[email protected]>
JSPEAKS   Jaye Speaks <[email protected]>
JEAN      Jean Carlo <[email protected]>
JFORGET   Jean Forget <[email protected]>
JGL       Jean Galineau <[email protected]>
JTAVERNI  Jean Tavernier <[email protected]>
JBNIVOIT  Jean-Baptiste Nivoit <[email protected]>
JCHASSLER Jean-Christian HASSLER <[email protected]>
KERMAGO   Jean-Christophe Kermagoret <[email protected]>
JCZEUS    Jean-Christophe Zeus <[email protected]>
JCTEBBAL  Jean-Claude Tebbal <[email protected]>
ROUGE     Jean-François PARIS (=Jean-Francois PARIS) <[email protected]>
JLLEROY   Jean-Louis Leroy <[email protected]>
JLMOREL   Jean-Louis Morel <[email protected]>
JMPENNEL  Jean-Marc Pennel <[email protected]>
JMGDOC    Jean-Marie Gouarné (=Jean-Marie Gouarne) <[email protected]>
DRAUONER  Jean-Marie Renouard <[email protected]>
JMFAYARD  Jean-Michel Fayard <[email protected]>
JHIVER    Jean-Michel Hiver <>
DONM      Jean-Michel Marcastel <>
JMVILOMET Jean-Michel Vilomet <[email protected]>
JPDURRIOS Jean-Philippe Durrios <[email protected]>
JPVIDAL   Jean-Pierre Vidal <[email protected]>
JEESMON   Jeesmon Jacob <CENSORED>
PDLMAN    Jeff Almond <[email protected]>
JEAANDER  Jeff Anderson <[email protected]>
JETTRA    Jeff Anderson <[email protected]>
JBISBEE   Jeff Bisbee <[email protected]>
ARCNON    Jeff Childers <[email protected]>
TRACKONE  Jeff Craton <[email protected]>
SPUD      Jeff D. Almeida <[email protected]>
JDUTTON   Jeff Dutton <[email protected]>
JEF       Jeff Finucane <[email protected]>
JGOFF     Jeff Goff <[email protected]>
UNIXNOMAD Jeff Higham <>
HOBBS     Jeff Hobbs <[email protected]>
JHORWITZ  Jeff Horwitz <[email protected]>
JKIM      Jeff Kim <[email protected]>
KLEINJ    Jeff Klein <[email protected]>
JLATHAN   Jeff Lathan <[email protected]>
JLAVALLEE Jeff Lavallee <jeff at zeroclue dot com>
JLOWREY   Jeff Lowrey <>
BIGNOSE   Jeff MacDonald <[email protected]>
MCCARRELL Jeff McCarrell <[email protected]>
RIFFER    Jeff Mercer <[email protected]>
JEFFMOCK  Jeff Mock <[email protected]>
JCMURPHY  Jeff Murphy <[email protected]>
EBAY      Jeff Nokes <[email protected]>
JNORUSIS  Jeff Norusis <[email protected]>
OHRT      Jeff Ohrt <[email protected]>
OKAMOTO   Jeff Okamoto <[email protected]>
JPACE     Jeff Pace <[email protected]>
PANGJ     Jeff Pang <[email protected]>
PINYAN    Jeff Pinyan <[email protected]>
JROD      Jeff Rodriguez <[email protected]>
JROWE     Jeff Rowe <[email protected]>
JTP       Jeff T. Parsons <[email protected]>
JURL      Jeff Urlwin <[email protected]>
JEFFW     Jeff Walter <[email protected]>
JAW       Jeff Weisberg <[email protected]>
JWDOMAIN  Jeff Wright <[email protected]>
JEFFY     Jeff Yoak <[email protected]>
JEFF      Jeff Younker <[email protected]>
JZUCKER   Jeff Zucker <[email protected]>
JLK       Jefferson Kirkland <CENSORED>
JBAKER    Jeffrey Baker <[email protected]>
BORLIK    Jeffrey Borlik <CENSORED>
RTFIREFLY Jeffrey Buchbinder <[email protected]>
JCOHEN    Jeffrey Cohen <[email protected]>
JPIKUL    Jeffrey Edward Pikul <[email protected]>
JFRIEDL   Jeffrey Friedl <[email protected]>
JEFFA     Jeffrey Hayes Anderson <[email protected]>
JLHOLT    Jeffrey Holt <[email protected].com>
HORN      Jeffrey Horn <CENSORED>
JEFFH     Jeffrey Hulten <[email protected]>
WELTYJJ   Jeffrey J. Welty <[email protected]>
JKEGL     Jeffrey Kegler <>
XTYPE     Jeffrey Kern <xtype-at-knowfear-dot-net>
RATCLIFFE Jeffrey Ratcliffe <CENSORED>
JHALLOCK  Jeffrey Ray Hallock <CENSORED>
THALJEF   Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer <>
RHYTHM    Jeffrey Watkins <CENSORED>
CTRLSOFT  Jelmer Vernooij <[email protected]>
JENNY     Jenny Dickinson <[email protected]>
JENS      Jens Edlund <[email protected]>
JEGADE    Jens Gassmann <[email protected]>
JHELBERG  Jens Helberg <[email protected]>
JENSH     Jens Heunemann <[email protected]>
JENSL     Jens Luedicke <[email protected]>
JTT       Jens Thoms Törring (=Jens Thoms Toerring) <[email protected]>
SLOBBAN   Jens Vegeby <[email protected]>
JUM       Jens-Uwe Mager <[email protected]>
JEREMIAH  Jeremiah Foster <[email protected]>
JJORDAN   Jeremiah Jordan <[email protected]>
JDLEE     Jeremiah Lee <[email protected]>
JERI      Jeremiah Mahler <[email protected]>
GRM       Jeremie Klein <CENSORED>
JEREMIE   Jeremie Miller <[email protected]>
COWBOY    Jeremy Blain <[email protected]>
JERF      Jeremy Bowers <CENSORED>
OPHIUCI   Jeremy Cortner <jcortner-at-cvol-dot-net>
JERBROO   Jeremy D. Brooks <[email protected]>
JZAWODNY  Jeremy D. Zawodny <[email protected]>
JELLMAN   Jeremy Ellman <jeremy at ellman dot freeserve dot  co dot uk>
JFLUHMANN Jeremy Fluhmann <[email protected]>
JGBISHOP  Jeremy G. Bishop <[email protected]>
JGILB     Jeremy Gilbert <[email protected]>
HOWARD    Jeremy Howard <[email protected]>
USAGIJER  Jeremy Johnson <[email protected]>
JJONES    Jeremy Jones <jjones at onlymedia dot com>
KAHN      Jeremy Kahn <[email protected]>
JKISTER   Jeremy Kister <[email protected]>
KITCHEN   Jeremy Kitchen <[email protected]>
JEREMY    Jeremy Madea <[email protected]>
JMATES    Jeremy Mates <[email protected]>
JMUHLICH  Jeremy Muhlich <jmuhlich at>
JNIXON    Jeremy Nixon <CENSORED>
JEPRICE   Jeremy Price <[email protected]>
JGS       Jeremy Slade <[email protected]>
WADG      Jeremy Wadsack <[email protected]>
ZAPHAR    Jeremy Wall <[email protected]>
JEREMYW   Jeremy Walton <[email protected]>
JEROENES  Jeroen Elassaiss-Schaap <[email protected]>
GRATEMYL  Jerome Baum <>
JETEVE    Jerome Eteve <jeromeAteteveDotnet>
JQUELIN   Jerome Quelin <[email protected]>
JVB       Jerome V. Braun <[email protected]>
JPIERCE   Jerrad Pierce <[email protected]>
JDHEDDEN  Jerry D. Hedden <[email protected]>
JLEVAN    Jerry LeVan <[email protected]>
JNICHOLS  Jerry Nichols <[email protected]>
JERRYV    Jerry Veldhuis <[email protected]>
JWACH     Jerzy Wachowiak <[email protected]>
JDALBERG  Jesper Dalberg <[email protected]>
HAWK      Jesper Dangaard Brouer <[email protected]>
DECIUS    Jesper Nøhr <[email protected]>
JROBINSON Jess Robinson <[email protected]>
JBROWN    Jesse Brown <[email protected]>
JESSEG    Jesse Cheung <>
JERLBAUM  Jesse Erlbaum <[email protected]>
DOY       Jesse Luehrs <CENSORED>
JGLICK    Jesse N. Glick <[email protected]>
PORTERJE  Jesse Porter <[email protected]>
JASPAX    Jesse S. Bangs <[email protected]>
JESTER    Jesse Sheidlower <[email protected]>
JSHY      Jesse Shy <[email protected]>
JESSESTAY Jesse Stay <[email protected]>
JESSE     Jesse Vincent <[email protected]>
JMS       Jessica Michelle Severin <[email protected]>
JESSICAQ  Jessica Quaintance <[email protected]>
JQUIROGA  Jesús Quiroga Martín de Valmaseda (=Jesus Quiroga Martin de Valmaseda) <[email protected]>
JSWEVAL   Jevin Sweval <[email protected]>
JEZHANCO  Jez Hancock <>
TIMJIA    Jiaxiaolong <CENSORED>
BOFTX     Jim Bacon <[email protected]>
CBRANDT   Jim Brandt <[email protected]>
JCROMIE   Jim Cromie <>
JEDWARDS  Jim Edwards <[email protected]>
JIMFL     Jim Flanagan <[email protected]>
JGARRISON Jim Garrison <[email protected]>
JGARVIN   Jim Garvin <[email protected]>
JGIBSON   Jim Gibson <[email protected]>
JXH       Jim Hickstein <[email protected]>
HRANICKY  Jim Hranicky <[email protected]>
JKRAJ     Jim Krajewski <[email protected]>
JIMLAMBRT Jim Lambert <[email protected]>
JMAHONEY  Jim Mahoney <[email protected]>
JIM       Jim Martinez <[email protected]>
MARIAN    Jim McDonnell <[email protected]>
PURP      Jim Meyer <[email protected]>
MEYERING  Jim Meyering <[email protected]>
SWAMPY    Jim Mozley <[email protected]>
PIRZYK    Jim Pirzyk <[email protected]>
JPRAVETZ  Jim Pravetz <[email protected]>
JREPROGLE Jim Reprogle <[email protected]>
JIMS      Jim Scarborough <[email protected]>
JSCHNEID  Jim Schneider <[email protected]>
TQISJIM   Jim Schueler <[email protected]>
JSMYSER   Jim Smyser <[email protected]>
JIMT      Jim Thomason <[email protected]>
TROCKIJ   Jim Trocki <[email protected]>
TURNERJW  Jim Turner <[email protected]>
RECLAW    Jim Walker <[email protected]>
JIMW      Jim Winstead <[email protected]>
WOODY     Jim Woodgate <[email protected]>
JIMBOX    Jimi Mikusi <[email protected]>
JIMI      Jimi-Carlo Bukowski-Wills <[email protected]>
KXJ       Jing Kang - 康 小靖 (=Jing Kang - Kang  Xiao Jing) <[email protected]>
JIRO      Jiro Nishiguchi <[email protected]>
HIHIK     Jiří Václavík (=Jiri Vaclavik) <[email protected]>
NEVDULL   Jm Valera <[email protected]>
JOSEIBERT Jo Seibert <[email protected]>
ZOOLEIKA  Jo Walsh <[email protected]>
JPAF      Joao Fonseca <[email protected]>
EXPLORER  Joaquin Ferrero <[email protected]>
MONDONGO  Joaquín Pérez (=Joaquin Perez) <[email protected]>
JKVA      Job van Achterberg <CENSORED>
GEEWIZ    Jochen Lillich <[email protected]>
JOCHEN    Jochen Schneider <[email protected]>
JSCHROER  Jochen Schrör (=Jochen Schroer) <CENSORED>
JSTENZEL  Jochen Stenzel <[email protected]>
JWIED     Jochen Wiedmann <[email protected]>
YODA      Jody Belka <>
KNEW      Jody Belka <[email protected]>
JBIGGS    Jody Biggs <[email protected]>
ATZ       Joe Atzberger <[email protected]>
JOCASA    Joe Casadonte <[email protected]>
JDRAGO    Joe Drago <[email protected]>
JOEHIL    Joe Hildebrand <[email protected]>
ONEIROS   Joe Hourcle <[email protected]>
RALF      Joe Ingersoll <CENSORED>
JKAMPHAUS Joe Kamphaus <[email protected]>
INSANEART Joe Mason <[email protected]>
MCMAHON   Joe McMahon <[email protected]>
ZTK       Joe Milosch <[email protected]>
JMINIERI  Joe Minieri <[email protected]>
JOEPHAYES Joe P. Hayes <[email protected]>
JOESUF    Joe Schaefer <[email protected]>
JSLAGEL   Joe Slagel <[email protected]>
JLSPEARS  Joe Spears <[email protected]>
JOEYATES  Joe Yates <[email protected]>
JLBEC     Joel Becker <[email protected]>
RATAXIS   Joel Bernstein <[email protected]>
JMASLAK   Joel C. Maslak <[email protected]>
JNOBLE    Joel Noble <[email protected]>
JOELH     Joel Ray Holveck <!joelh>
JOENIO    Joenio Marques da Costa <[email protected]>
JGOMMERS  Joep Gommers <[email protected]>
JMELTZER  Joerg Meltzer <[email protected]>
SWORDSMAN Joerg Nouvertne <[email protected]>
VDV       Joeri Van der Vloet <>
JOEY      Joey Hess <[email protected]>
JKARALIUS Joey Karalius <>
JBURATI   Johan Burati <[email protected]>
HOLMBERG  Johan Holmberg <[email protected]>
KUUSE     Johan Kuuse <[email protected]>
JOHANL    Johan Lindström (=Johan Lindstrom) <johanl[ÄT]>
LODIN     Johan Lodin <[email protected]>
JOHAN     Johan Reinalda <johan at reinalda dot net>
SCHOEN    Johan Schön (=Johan Schoen) <[email protected]>
JOHANVDB  Johan Van den Brande <johan (at) vandenbrande (dot) com>
VIKLUND   Johan Viklund <>
JV        Johan Vromans <[email protected]>
JUFFI     Johannes Fürnkranz <[email protected]>
PLU       Johannes Plunien <[email protected]>
JLAPOUTRE Johannes la Poutré (=Johannes la Poutre) <japh AT lapoutre D0T com>
JRLITTELL John "Rowan" Littell <[email protected]>
CROWJA    John A. Crow <[email protected]>
JAK       John A. Kunze <[email protected]>
JSTEWART  John A. Stewart <[email protected]>
JARW      John A.R. Williams <[email protected]>
JADAMS    John Adams <[email protected]>
ADAMSJ    John Adams <[email protected]>
JOHNA     John Alden <[email protected]>
JALLWINE  John Allwine <[email protected]>
SHRS      John Atkins <[email protected]>
JHA       John Aughey <[email protected]>
BALESHI   John Baleshiski <[email protected]>
JPB       John Ballem <[email protected]>
BARBEE    John Barbee <[email protected]>
BEPPU     John Beppu <[email protected]>
JBERT     John Berthels <CENSORED>
JOHNBOKMA John Bokma <[email protected]>
BORWICK   John Borwick <[email protected]>
JOHNKOEN  John C. Koen <[email protected]>
JCNORTON  John C. Norton <[email protected]>
JQUILLAN  John C. Quillan <[email protected]>
JCAP      John Cappiello <[email protected]>
CAVANAUGH John Cavanaugh <[email protected]>
CERNEY    John Cerney <[email protected]>
JOHNC     John Clutterbuck <[email protected]>
JCLYMAN   John Clyman <[email protected]>
KRIPT     John Constable <[email protected]>
JCREASEY  John Creasey <[email protected]>
JGROENVEL John D Groenveld <[email protected]>
FROTZ     John D. Fa'atuai <[email protected]>
JSHEARER  John D. Shearer <[email protected]>
JDALLMAN  John Dallman <[email protected]>
JDPORTER  John Douglas Porter <[email protected]>
JOHND     John Drago <[email protected]>
JEALLEN   John E Allen <[email protected]>
JEAGLE    John Eaglesham <>
JBE       John Eichler <[email protected]>
JEV       John Erjavec V <[email protected]>
FAICHNEY  John Faichney <[email protected]>
RAPTNOR   John Fraser <[email protected]>
JGAMBLE   John Gamble <[email protected]>
JGMYERS   John Gardiner Myers <[email protected]>
CORKBALL  John Garvin <[email protected]>
JGORMAN   John Gorman <[email protected]>
JGOULAH   John Goulah <[email protected]>
JOHNG     John Green <[email protected]>
JGRUBER   John Gruber <[email protected]>
HALLECK   John Halleck <[email protected]>
JHKIM     John Hanju Kim <[email protected]>
JOHNGH    John Harrison <[email protected]>
JHART     John Hart <jhart[PLUS][email protected] (Replace the plus with '+')>
JOHNH     John Heidemann <[email protected]>
CODYP     John Horner <[email protected]>
JHUGHES   John Hughes <[email protected]>
JIMRIE    John Imrie <[email protected]>
JTRAMMELL John J. Trammell <[email protected]>
JJMB      John Jason Brzozowski <[email protected]>
STERLING  John K. Sterling <[email protected]>
JKEISER   John Keiser <[email protected]>
JNK       John Kirk <[email protected]>
JKODIS    John Kodis <[email protected]>
JTK       John Kristoff <[email protected]>
JLABOVITZ John Labovitz <[email protected]>
JLAPEYRE  John Lapeyre <[email protected]>
GORK      John Laur <[email protected]>
NEBULOUS  John Lifsey <[email protected]>
JMV       John M Vinopal <>
DLUGOSZ   John M. Dlugosz <[email protected]>
KRISTIAN  John M. Kristian <[email protected]>
GARROW    John M. Redford <[email protected],org>
JMM       John Macdonald <[email protected]>
JMCNAMARA John McNamara <>
MILLAWAY  John Millaway <[email protected]>
JMONGAN   John Mongan <[email protected]>
SATRAC    John Monteiro <CENSORED>
JJNAPIORK John Napiorkowski <[email protected]>
JNEYSTADT John Neystadt <[email protected]>
JOHNW     John Nicholas Whitley <>
JNOLAN    John Nolan <[email protected]>
JOROURKE  John O'Rourke <[email protected]>
JPL       John P. Linderman <[email protected]>
JPEACOCK  John Peacock <[email protected]>
JOHNP     John Pendleton <CENSORED>
PLIAM     John Pliam <[email protected]>
JERESIG   John Resig <[email protected]>
JLENTON   John Rowland Lenton <[email protected]>
GENEHACK  John SJ Anderson <[email protected]>
JBG       John Sargent <[email protected]>
JSIRACUSA John Siracusa <[email protected]>
SMIRNIOS  John Smirnios <[email protected]>
JSMITTY   John Smith <[email protected]>
JSTOF     John Stoffel <[email protected]>
JTOBEY    John Tobey <[email protected]>
JVENIER   John Venier <[email protected]>
ESSENZ    John Von Essen <[email protected]>
JWANG     John Wang <[email protected]>
JWAT      John Watson <[email protected]>
JWIEGLEY  John Wiegley <[email protected]>
JWILLIAMS John Williams <[email protected]>
JVZ       John van Zantvoort <CENSORED>
TYPO      Johnny Lee <[email protected]>
INSANIAC  Johnny Morano <[email protected]>
SHENJ     Johnny Shen <CENSORED>
JTNIX     Jolyon Terwilliger <CENSORED>
JONALLEN  Jon Allen <[email protected]>
JONBJ     Jon Bjornstad <[email protected]>
JONJAY    Jon Brandon <[email protected]>
JNBROOKES Jon Brookes <[email protected]>
MASACCIO  Jon Connell <[email protected]>
JERICSON  Jon Ericson <[email protected]>
JWEVELAND Jon Eveland <[email protected]>
JHOWELL   Jon Howell <[email protected]>
JONJ      Jon Jensen <[email protected]>
JPNANGLE  Jon Nangle <[email protected]>
JONO      Jon Orwant <[email protected]>
JPETERSON Jon Peterson <[email protected]>
JSALZ     Jon Salz <[email protected]>
CADEN     Jon Stevenson <[email protected]>
JOOON     Jon Åslund (=Jon Aslund) <nobpobe02 AT sneakemail com>
JONASBN   Jonas B. Nielsen <[email protected]>
JGDA      Jonas Galhordas Duarte Alves <[email protected]>
JKR       Jonas Kramer <CENSORED>
JONAS     Jonas Liljegren <[email protected]>
JONASO    Jonas Öberg (=Jonas Oberg) <[email protected]>
JAUER     Jonathan Auer <[email protected]>
JONB      Jonathan Bailey <[email protected]>
JONBROWN  Jonathan Brown <[email protected]>
JBUHACOFF Jonathan Buhacoff <[email protected]>
JCHIN     Jonathan Chin <[email protected]>
JDEPERI   Jonathan DePeri <CENSORED>
JCIHLAR   Jonathan E. Cihlar <[email protected]>
JONE      Jonathan Edwards <[email protected]>
EISEN     Jonathan Eisenzopf <[email protected]>
JAEPSTEIN Jonathan Epstein <[email protected]>
JPATON    Jonathan Euan Paton <[email protected]>
JEUNICE   Jonathan Eunice <[email protected]>
JHAR      Jonathan Harris <[email protected]>
MINER     Jonathan J. Miner <[email protected]>
JIK       Jonathan Kamens <[email protected]>
JLKAUS    Jonathan Kaus <CENSORED>
JKELFER   Jonathan Kelfer <CENSORED>
JOHNL     Jonathan Leffler <[email protected]>
LETO      Jonathan Leto <[email protected]>
JLLOYD    Jonathan Lloyd <CENSORED>
DARKBLUE  Jonathan M. Hollin <darkblue [at]>
JMARCH    Jonathan March <CENSORED>
STEJ      Jonathan Meyer <>
JFINGER   Jonathan R. Finger <[email protected]>
JOHNWRDN  Jonathan R. Warden <[email protected]>
WHOPPIX   Jonathan Ringstad <[email protected]>
JROCKWAY  Jonathan Rockway <[email protected]>
JSAILOR   Jonathan Sailor <reversethis->[email protected]@roliasj>
BLUELINES Jonathan Schatz <[email protected]>
DUFF      Jonathan Scott Duff <[email protected]>
JSEGAL    Jonathan Segal <jsegal [@t] iname [d.t] com>
HACHI     Jonathan Steinert <>
JSTOWE    Jonathan Stowe <[email protected]>
JSWARTZ   Jonathan Swartz <[email protected]>
JTWEED    Jonathan Tweed <[email protected]>
JVANASCO  Jonathan Vanasco <[email protected]>
EMRYS     Jonathan Waxman <[email protected]>
JONATHAN  Jonathan Worthington <[email protected]>
FREQUENCY Jonathan Yu <[email protected]>
WORM      Joner Cyrre Worm <>
JONG      Jong Park <[email protected]>
JEEN      Jong-jin Lee <[email protected]>
BLOONIX   Jonny Schulz <[email protected]>
EXOBUZZ   Jools Smyth <buzz [at]>
JDIEPEN   Joost Diepenmaat <[email protected]>
COLEMAN   Jordan Coleman <>
JMADLER   Jordan M. Adler <[email protected]>
PSIONIC   Jordan Sissel <[email protected]>
JDUARTER  Jorge Duarte Rodríguez (=Jorge Duarte Rodriguez) <[email protected]>
JOVAL     Jorge Valdes <[email protected]>
KANE      Jos Boumans <[email protected]>
JOSERODR  Jose A. Rodriguez <[email protected]>
MOSES     Jose Gervasio Moises Madera <[email protected]>
JJOAO     Jose Joao Dias de Almeida <[email protected]>
JLMARTIN  Jose Luis Martinez Torres <CENSORED>
JACM      Jose Machado <[email protected]>
JOSEWEEKS Jose Marti Weeks <[email protected]>
TJUGO     Jose Mtanous <CENSORED>
JEZRA     Josef Ezra <[email protected]>
SCHOEJO   Josef Schönbrunner (=Josef Schonbrunner) <[email protected]>
JWHITE    Joseph A. White <>
JANNINO   Joseph Annino <[email protected]>
JBARKER   Joseph Barker <[email protected]>
ALAMAZ    Joseph Benzakoun <[email protected]>
DOOM      Joseph Brenner <[email protected]>
INTEGURU  Joseph Davidson <[email protected]>
INTERGURU Joseph Davidson <>
JDEVLIN   Joseph Devlin <[email protected]>
DIVERDI   Joseph DiVerdi <[email protected]>
BANTOWN   Joseph Evers <[email protected]>
JRYAN     Joseph F. Ryan <[email protected]>
JHPB      Joseph H. Buehler <[email protected]>
JHUCKABY  Joseph Huckaby <jhuckaby at cpan dot org>
JEGAN     Joseph J. Egan <[email protected]>
GIZMO     Joseph Kline <CENSORED>
LANDMAN   Joseph Landman <[email protected]>
JNH       Joseph N. Hall <[email protected]>
PHOCUS    Joseph Ronie <[email protected]>
SKROVAN   Joseph Skrovan <[email protected]>
JSTROM    Joseph Strom <CENSORED>
JOSEPHW   Joseph Walton <[email protected]>
GNALABS   Joseph Wang <[email protected]>
JCARTER   Josh Carter <[email protected]>
JMGLOV    Josh Glover <[email protected]>
JGOLDBERG Josh Goldberg <josh at 3io<d_o t>com>
JOSHUAG   Josh Goldenhar <[email protected]>
HEUMANN   Josh Heumann <[email protected]>
JBM       Josh Myer <[email protected]>
JOSHR     Josh Rabinowitz <[email protected]>
SCHULTE   Josh Schulte <[email protected]>
JWALGENB  Josh Walgenbach <[email protected]>
JOSH      Josh Wilmes <[email protected]>
JOSHW     Josh Woodward <[email protected]>
JAMBE     Joshua Boschert <[email protected]>
CHAMAS    Joshua Chamas <josh dot chamas (at)>
JCO       Joshua Colvin <[email protected]>
JABRA     Joshua D. Abraham <[email protected]>
JDR       Joshua Daniel Rotenberg <[email protected]>
JDOUGLAS  Joshua Douglas <[email protected]>
KADOS     Joshua Ferraro <[email protected]>
JGATCOMB  Joshua Gatcomb <[email protected]>
JGITLIN   Joshua Gitlin <[email protected]>
JGOODALL  Joshua Goodall <[email protected]>
JHARDING  Joshua Harding <[email protected]>
JHOBLITT  Joshua Hoblitt <[email protected]>
UNRTST    Joshua I. Miller <[email protected]>
JOSHUA    Joshua Keroes <[email protected]>
JOSHKUO   Joshua Kuo <[email protected]>
JOLANDE   Joshua Lande <>
JMT       Joshua M. Thompson <CENSORED>
SOLFOPRO  Joshua Marcus <[email protected]>
JMCADA    Joshua McAdams <joshua-dot-mcadams-at-gmail-dot-com>
JPRIT     Joshua Nathaniel Pritikin <[email protected]>
JORVIS    Joshua Orvis <[email protected]>
JPOLLACK  Joshua Pollack <[email protected]>
RUBINJ    Joshua Rubin <[email protected]>
JJORE     Joshua ben Jore <[email protected]>
JBRYAN    Josiah Bryan <[email protected]>
JOST      Jost Krieger <[email protected]>
COG       José Alves de Castro (=Jose' Alves de Castro) <[email protected]>
BUREADO   José Miguel Parrella Romero (=Jose Miguel Parrella Romero) <[email protected]>
JPO       José Pedro Oliveira (=Jose Pedro Oliveira) <[email protected]>
CAO       José Pinheiro Neta (=Jose Pinheiro Neta) <CENSORED>
JREY      José Rey (=Jose Rey) <[email protected]>
JOSEVNZ   José Vicente Núñez Zuleta <[email protected]>
JOUKE     Jouke Visser <[email protected]>
JKUTEJ    Jozef Kutej <[email protected]>
JOAO      João Fernando Ferreira (=Joao Fernando Ferreira) <[email protected]>
JRG       João Gomes (=Joao Gomes) <>
JOAOP     João Pedro Gonçalves (=Joao Pedro Goncalves) <[email protected]>
JCMULLER  Juan C. Muller <jcmuller at gmail dot com>
JCAMACHO  Juan Camacho <[email protected]>
JMORA     Juan Fernando Mora Muñoz <CENSORED>
NATERAJJ  Juan J Natera <[email protected]>
JOANMG    Juan M. García-Reyero (=Juan M. Garcia-Reyero) <[email protected]>
JSCH      Juan Schwindt <[email protected]>
JUDITH    Judith Lebzelter <[email protected]>
JUERD     Juerd Waalboer <[email protected]>
JCHRIS    Juergen Christoffel <[email protected]>
JUGUANG   Juguang XIAO, 肖聚光 (=Juguang XIAO Xiao Ju Guang) <[email protected]>
JULES     Jules Bean <[email protected]>
AYRNIEU   Julian Fondren <[email protected]>
JLISHEV   Julian Lishev <[email protected]>
JMEHNLE   Julian Mehnle <[email protected]>
JONIONS   Julian Onions <[email protected]>
JUCROUZET Julien CROUZET <[email protected]>
VEDGE     Julien Nadeau <CENSORED>
POM       Julien Quint (Pom) <[email protected]>
JFRAIRE   Julio Fraire Domínguez (=Julio Fraire Dominguez) <CENSORED>
JCDUQUE   Julius C. Duque <[email protected]>
PORTA     Julián Porta <[email protected]>
BAYSIDE   Jun Shimizu <[email protected]>
HONG      Jung Pyo Hong <[email protected]>
JUNICHIRO Junichiro Tobe <[email protected]>
JUNOS     Junos Development <[email protected]>
JKONDO    Junya Kondo <[email protected]>
JUDD      Justin Balthrop <[email protected]>
JDV       Justin DeVuyst <[email protected]>
JIRWIN    Justin Gallardo <[email protected]>
JGUENTHER Justin Guenther <[email protected]>
JLOLOFIE  Justin Lolofie <[email protected]>
JMASON    Justin Mason <>
SAINTMARK Justin Michael Bauman <[email protected]>
LEITGEBJ  Justin S. Leitgeb <[email protected]>
JJSIMONI  Justin Simoni <[email protected]>
JWHEELER  Justin Wheeler <[email protected]>
KOZO      Ján 'Kozo' Vajda (=Jan ' Kozo ' Vajda) <[email protected]>
JFENAL    Jérôme Fenal (=Jerome Fenal) <[email protected]>
PSYCHE    Jörg Plate (=Joerg Plate) <[email protected]>
PATTERNER Jörg Plate (=Joerg Plate) <[email protected]>
JWALT     Jörg Walter (=Joerg Walter) <[email protected]>
ZIEFLE    Jörg Ziefle (=Joerg Ziefle) <[email protected]>
JHAGG     Jörgen Hägg (=Joergen Haegg) <[email protected]>
JRED      Jörn Reder (=Joern Reder) <[email protected]>
TAULMARIL Jürgen Peters (=Juergen Peters) <[email protected]>
JNW       Jürgen Weigert <CENSORED>
JVBSOFT   Jürgen von Brietzke <[email protected]>
KCODY     K Cody <[email protected]>
PENGUIN   K. James Cheetham <jamie at shadowcatsystems dot co dot uk>
LOCATION  K.L. LIEW <[email protected]>
TUMORIM   KAI WANG <[email protected]>
RACHANA   KAMALAKANNAN <[email protected]>
MIKIHOSHI KAN Fushihara <[email protected]>
KAWABATA  KAWABATA Kazumichi <[email protected]>
MINORU    KAWAMOTO Minoru <[email protected]>
TAKEFUMI  KIMURA, takefumi <[email protected]>
HKOBA     KOBAYASI, Hiroaki <[email protected]>
KUMA      KUMAGAI Kentaro <[email protected]>
KWMAK     Ka-Wai Mak <[email protected]>
KAARE     Kaare Rasmussen <kar at jasonic dot dk>
KAELIN    Kaelin Colclasure <[email protected]>
DEEPCREEK Kai Diefenbach <[email protected]>
KAIH      Kai Henningsen <[email protected]>
KAIW      Kai Wilker <[email protected]>
INTWO     Kai-Hsiang Chuang <[email protected]>
KAKE      Kake L Pugh <[email protected]>
KALEL     Kal El <[email protected]>
KALLEWOOF Kalle Alm <[email protected]>
JAKEX     Kamil Jakubovic <[email protected]>
KAMILLO   Kamil Renczewski <[email protected]>
KANEZENG  Kane Zeng <[email protected]>
GAMEHAWK  Karen Cravens <[email protected]>
ETHER     Karen Etheridge <[email protected]>
KNASSAR   Karim A. Nassar <CENSORED>
KERISMAN  Karl Erisman <[email protected]>
KFOGEL    Karl Fogel <[email protected]>
GAISSMAI  Karl Gaissmaier <karl.gaissmaier at>
KGB       Karl Glazebrook <>
KHOLZ     Karl Gustav B. Holz <CENSORED>
KLOHNER   Karl Lohner <>
COUNTZERO Karl Moens <karl.moens(at)>
KOSTMO    Karl Ostmo <[email protected]>
RAT       Karl Schilke ("Rat") <[email protected]>
KARLWARD  Karl Ward <[email protected]>
KNOTTY    Karl Y. Pradène (=Karl Y. Pradene) <[email protected]>
GARGAMEL  Karlheinz Zöchling (=Karlheinz Zoechling) <CENSORED>
KARLON    Karlon West <[email protected]>
NETSRAK   Karsten Pawlik <[email protected]>
KARTHIKK  Karthik Krishnamurthy <[email protected]>
KARTHIK   Karthik Krishnamurthy <[email protected]>
KARIR     Karthikeyan Rajaram <CENSORED>
KRAMAN    Karthikeyan Rajaram <[email protected]>
RAJARAM   Karthikeyan Rajaram <CENSORED>
KASPER    Kasper Dziurdz <[email protected]>
KADOUBEK  Katherine Doubek <[email protected]>
GURD      Katherine Gurdziel <CENSORED>
RUBYKAT   Kathryn Andersen <>
KASS      Kathryn Schmitt <[email protected]>
KROEPKE   Kay Roepke <[email protected]>
KAYSB     Kay Sindre Bærulfsen (=Kay Sindre Baerulfsen) <[email protected]>
KZFM      Kazufumi Ohkawa <[email protected]>
GAOU      Kazuharu Arakawa <[email protected]>
NISHIKAWA Kazuhiro Nishikawa <[email protected]>
OINUME    Kazuhiro Oinuma <[email protected]>
YAPPO     Kazuhiro Osawa <[email protected]>
SERA      Kazuhiro Sera <[email protected]>
SHIBUYA   Kazuhiro Shibuya <[email protected]>
KAZUHO    Kazuho Oku <[email protected]>
SHIRAIWA  Kazuma Shiraiwa <[email protected]>
KZTOMITA  Kazuyoshi Tomita <[email protected]>
NAZGUL    Kee Hinckley <[email protected]>
COOK      Kees Cook <[email protected]>
KJH       Kees Jan Hermans <kees&pink-frog. com>
KNAGANO   Keiichiro Nagano <[email protected]>
FUKUDA    Keisuke Fukuda <[email protected]>
KEISUKE   Keisuke Kuramata <[email protected]>
CASEY     Keisuke Nagashima <CENSORED>
KMIYAZAKI Keitaro Miyazaki <>
KBROWN    Keith Brown <[email protected]>
KBURDIS   Keith Burdis <[email protected]>
KCIVEY    Keith C. Ivey <[email protected]>
CORLETTK  Keith Corlett <[email protected]>
KGRENNAN  Keith Grennan <[email protected]>
KHOERLING Keith Hoerling <[email protected]>
KITO      Keith Ito <[email protected]>
KPWATSON  Keith Watson <[email protected]>
KFHICKEL  Kelly F Hickel <[email protected]>
ROUS      Ken A L Coar <[email protected]>
KBARBER   Ken Barber <[email protected]>
KENFOX    Ken Fox <[email protected]>
HAGANK    Ken Hagan <[email protected]>
KAHIRSCH  Ken Hirsch <[email protected]>
NETKEN    Ken Liu <[email protected]>
KENMACF   Ken MacFarlane <[email protected]>
KMACLEOD  Ken MacLeod <[email protected]>
KEN       Ken Prows <[email protected]>
KRAILEY   Ken Railey <[email protected]>
SCHUMACK  Ken Schumack <[email protected]>
TTUL      Ken Simpson <[email protected]>
KTAKATA   Ken Takata <[email protected]>
TAKESHIGE Ken Takeshige <[email protected]>
KWILLIAMS Ken Williams <[email protected]>
KCLARK    Ken Youens-Clark <[email protected]>
ISHIGAKI  Kenichi Ishigaki <[email protected]>
KENJIRO   Kenjiro Hirakawa <[email protected]>
KROSS     Kenn Ross <[email protected]>
KJALB     Kenneth Albanowski <[email protected]>
KENHOLM   Kenneth Alexander Holm III <[email protected]>
WHITEOWL  Kenneth Atkins <[email protected]>
AUGER     Kenneth Auger <[email protected]>
SENSEI    Kenneth Ekdahl <[email protected]>
KFLEGAL   Kenneth Flegal <CENSORED>
LAWGON    Kenneth Gonsalves <[email protected]>
INGHAM    Kenneth Ingham <[email protected]>
KKRON     Kenneth Kron <[email protected]>
KHAMER    Kenneth L. Hamer <[email protected]>
KNTH      Kenneth Ölwing (=Kenneth Olwing) <[email protected]>
KENNYG    Kenny Gatdula <[email protected]>
KTHOMAS   Kenny Thomas <[email protected]>
KYANNY    Kensuke Kaneko <[email protected]>
KCOWGILL  Kent Cowgill <[email protected]>
KENTARO   Kentaro Kuribayashi <[email protected]>
KESTER    Kester Allen <[email protected]>
LENZO     Kevin A. Lenzo <[email protected]>
KMCGRAIL  Kevin A. McGrail <[email protected]>
KEVINA    Kevin Atkinson <[email protected]>
KBARTER   Kevin Barter <[email protected]>
KCK       Kevin C. Krinke <[email protected]>
CMANTITO  Kevin C. Leacock <[email protected]>
KMCGRATH  Kevin Christopher McGrath <[email protected]>
FALCONE   Kevin Falcone <[email protected]>
KEVINFINK Kevin Fink <[email protected]>
KGOESS    Kevin Goess <[email protected]>
KGREENE   Kevin Greene <[email protected]>
KAMELKEV  Kevin Hatim Kamel <CENSORED>
KDAQ      Kevin J. D'Aquila <CENSORED>
KEVINRICE Kevin J. Rice <[email protected]>
KJWCODE   Kevin J. Woolley <[email protected]>
KJOHNSON  Kevin Johnson <[email protected]>
KEVINJ    Kevin Jones <[email protected]>
KEJOKI    Kevin Kinnell <[email protected]>
CASWK     Kevin L. Caswick <CENSORED>
KESTEB    Kevin L. Esteb <[email protected]>
KEVLINDEV Kevin Lindsey <[email protected]>
KMR       Kevin M. Rosenberg <[email protected]>
CLUNIS    Kevin McGowan <[email protected]>
KMELTZ    Kevin Meltzer <[email protected]>
KVAIL     Kevin Michael Vail <[email protected]>
MONTUORI  Kevin Montuori <[email protected]>
KOLD      Kevin Old <[email protected]>
KPFEIFFER Kevin Pfeiffer <[email protected]>
KEVINR    Kevin Riggle <[email protected]>
KRUGGLE   Kevin Ruggles <CENSORED>
KRUSCOE   Kevin Ruscoe <[email protected]>
KRYDE     Kevin Ryde <CENSORED>
SCANNELL  Kevin Scannell <[email protected]>
KEVJSHEA  Kevin Shea <[email protected]>
KSPENCER  Kevin Spencer <[email protected]>
TEWK      Kevin Tew <[email protected]>
SKI       Kevin William Henwood <[email protected]>
KWITTMER  Kevin Wittmer <>
KWOOLERY  Kevin Woolery <[email protected]>
UFK       Kfir Ozer <[email protected]>
NADIM     Khemir Nadim <[email protected]>
KHURT     Khürt Williams (=Khurt Williams) <[email protected]>
KIANWIN   Kian Win Ong <[email protected]>
ZARQUON   Kieren Diment <[email protected]>
KEVANG    Kilian Evang <CENSORED>
KIMAHL    Kim Ahlström (=Kim Ahlstrom) <CENSORED>
KIM       Kim Rutherford <[email protected]>
KIMRYAN   Kim Ryan <kimryan [email protected]>
KSCHEIBEL Kim Scheibel <[email protected]>
KIMMORMH  Kimmo R. M. Hovi <[email protected]>
KVALTONE  Kimmo Valtonen <[email protected]>
KINMAN    Kin man, Cheung <[email protected]>
KHAMPTON  Kip Hampton <[email protected]>
AMONARCH  Kirill Frolov <[email protected]>
KBAUCOM   Kirk Baucom <[email protected]>
KBOCEK    Kirk Bocek <>
KPATTON   Kirk Patton <[email protected]>
SKUD      Kirrily 'Skud' Robert <[email protected]>
SYNEDRA   Kirsten Jones <[email protected]>
KIRSTINB  Kirstin Bettiol <[email protected]>
KITDEKAT  Kit DeKat <[email protected]>
KPETERS   Kit Peters <[email protected]>
AERDAN    Kiyoshi Aman <[email protected]>
KFO       Kjartan Flåm Ohr <CENSORED>
KACCV     Kjetil Fikkan <[email protected]>
KJETILK   Kjetil Kjernsmo <[email protected]>
KJETIL    Kjetil Skotheim <[email protected]>
KJS       Klaas-Jan Stol <[email protected]>
KLLIN     Klas Lindfors <[email protected]>
KETHGEN   Klaus Ethgen <[email protected]>
HOVENKO   Knut-Olav Hoven <[email protected]>
KSNORTUM  Knute Snortum <[email protected]>
KOEN      Koen Dejonghe <[email protected]>
TANIGUCHI Koichi Taniguchi <[email protected]>
ROMERUN   Komtanoo  Pinpimai <[email protected]>
KDOULEPOV Konstantin Doulepov <>
SHEMYAK   Konstantin Shemyak <[email protected]>
WEINERK   Konstantin Weiner <[email protected]>
KPOL      Koos Pol <[email protected]>
KOOS      Koos van den Hout <[email protected]>
KORSANI   Korsani <[email protected]>
CUB       Kostyuk Oleg <[email protected]>
COHTAN    Kota Sakoda <[email protected]>
KRAGEN    Kragen Javier Sitaker <[email protected]>
DIMIKREM  Kremmydas Dimitrios <[email protected]>
KRISHPL   Krishna Shamu Sethuraman <[email protected]>
KRISTI    Kristi <[email protected]>
PAPILLION Kristian Fischer <[email protected]>
KTORP     Kristian Torp <[email protected]>
TRUELSEN  Kristian Truelsen <CENSORED>
KNAIRN    Kristina Nairn <[email protected]>
KHOELZER  Kristofer Hölzer (=Kristofer Hoelzer) <[email protected]>
KRZKRZ    Krzysztof Krzyżaniak <CENSORED>
KCWU      Kuang-che Wu (吳光哲) (=Kuang-che Wu) <[email protected]>
KULDEEP   Kuldeep Chitrakar <[email protected]>
KULTAWAT  Kultawat Chandarkeo <[email protected]>
NICKS     Kunal Jaiswal <[email protected]>
KSTAR     Kurt D. Starsinic <kstar at cpan dot org>
KGJERDE   Kurt George Gjerde <>
SIFUKURT  Kurt Kincaid <[email protected]>
KRS       Kurt Schellpeper <[email protected]>
KSTEPHENS Kurt Stephens <[email protected]>
KWHITSEL  Kurt W. Whitsel <[email protected]>
KWILMS    Kurt Wilms <wilms(at)cs(dot)umn(dot)edu>
KSTEP     Kurtis P Stephens <[email protected]>
KWINDLA   Kwindla Hultman Kramer <[email protected]>
KYLED     Kyle Dawkins <[email protected]>
KDOWNEY   Kyle Downey <[email protected]>
KHAMAR    Kyle Hamar <[email protected]>
KYLE      Kyle Hasselbacher <CENSORED>
KRBURTON  Kyle R. Burton <[email protected]>
KYLESCH   Kyle Schlansker <[email protected]>
KYNAN     Kynan Delorey <[email protected]>
KYO       Kyo Nagashima <[email protected]>
LAMPRECHT Lamprecht Christoph <>
LSLOAN    Lance E Sloan <[email protected]>
LDAVIS    Lane Davis <[email protected]>
LARRYL    Larry Leszczynski <[email protected]>
LARRYSH   Larry Shatzer, Jr. (=Larry Shatzer Jr) <[email protected]>
LWALL     Larry Wall. Author of Perl. Busy man. <[email protected]>
LBR       Lars Balker Rasmussen <[email protected]>
DAXIM     Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 (=Lars Dieckow) <[email protected]>
LARSGT    Lars G. T. Jørgensen <[email protected]>
SUMPFRALL Lars Kruse <[email protected]>
LARSLUND  Lars Lundberg <>
LARSNYG   Lars Nygaard <[email protected]>
LARSSKJ   Lars Skjærlund (=Lars Skjaerlund) <CENSORED>
LTHEGLER  Lars Thegler <[email protected]>
LARSTHON  Lars Thon <[email protected]>
LMOLNAR   Laszlo Molnar <[email protected]>
LOZ       Laura Miller <CENSORED>
LBENDAVID Laurent Bendavid <>
DAMI      Laurent Dami <laurent dami *AT* free fr>
LHOSS     Laurent Hoss <[email protected]>
LROCHER   Laurent Rocher <[email protected]>
LSIM      Laurent Simonneau <[email protected]>
LWA       Laurent Wacrenier <[email protected]>
LORDO     Lawrence Tierney <[email protected]>
LAYE      Laye Suen (孫 磊) (=Laye Suen) <[email protected]>
LEANDRO   Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA <[email protected]>
LEEDO     Lee Aylward <[email protected]>
LEAKIN    Lee Eakin <[email protected]>
LENGEL    Lee Engel <[email protected]>
LMJM      Lee McLoughlin <[email protected]>
SHOTGUN   Lee Pumphret <[email protected]>
ZOGZAPPER Lee R. Toman <[email protected]>
LHS       Lee Semel <[email protected]>
LGODDARD  Lee ♫ Goddard (=Lee Goddard) <>
LBOTTEL   Leendert Bottelberghs <[email protected]>
LEIF      Leif Eriksen <[email protected]>
JDELUISE  Leif Gustafson <[email protected]>
LEIFHED   Leif Hedstrom <[email protected]>
LEIFJ     Leif Johansson <[email protected]>
BILBO     Leif Pedersen <[email protected]>
LJOHNSON  Leland Johnson <[email protected]>
LKCJR     Len Charest <[email protected]>
LBORGMAN  Lennart Borgman <[email protected]>
LSTAF     Lennart Staflin <[email protected]>
LENNERTO  Lennert Ouwerkerk <[email protected]>
LENNY     Lenny Brenner <[email protected]>
COSTELA   Leo Antunes <[email protected]>
LBAYER    Leo Bayer <[email protected]>
HOBBIT    Leo Cacciari <[email protected]>
LEOCHARRE Leo Charre <[email protected]>
LLAP      Leo Lapworth <[email protected]>
MANFREDI  Leo Manfredi <dr.manfredi ( at )>
LEON      Leon Avery <[email protected]>
LCOWLE    Leon Cowle <[email protected]>
LEONT     Leon Timmermans <[email protected]>
OLEGM     Leonard Miller <CENSORED>
BUDNEY    Leonard R Budney <[email protected]>
HAHAFAHA  Leonid Grinberg <[email protected]>
LEONOVPA  Leonov A Petr <[email protected]>
LTOETSCH  Leopold Tötsch <[email protected]>
ABALAMA   Lepenkov Sergey <[email protected]>
LHOWARD   Les Howard <[email protected]>
LPETERS   Les Peters <[email protected]>
LESPAUL   Leslie D. Paul <[email protected]>
DEUSX     Leslie Michael Orchard <[email protected]>
INVENTOR  Lester Crossman Hall <CENSORED>
HIGHTOWE  Lester Hightower <[email protected]>
LEVONB    Levon Barker <[email protected]>
METALIX   Lewis AS Bassett <[email protected]>
LICH      Li Cheng <[email protected]>
XPANEL    Lilian Rudenco <[email protected]>
LBAXTER   Lincoln A Baxter <[email protected]>
LINCOLNB  Lincoln Baxter, III (=Lincoln Baxter III) <[email protected]>
LDS       Lincoln D. Stein <[email protected]>
LAWALSH   Linda A Walsh <[email protected]>
LEIRA     Linda Julien <[email protected]>
LORN      Lindolfo Rodrigues de Oliveira Neto <lorn at perl dot org dot br>
BLADE     Lionel Mehl <[email protected]>
TCHINCHOW Lionel Victor <[email protected]>
LABITBOL  Lior Abitbol <[email protected]>
LIRAZ     Liraz Siri <[email protected]>
LLOYDR    Lloyd Richardson <[email protected]>
LIOL      Lobanov Igor <[email protected]>
LDACHARY  Loic Dachary <[email protected]>
LOKKJU    Lokkju <[email protected]>
MADLINUX  Lorance Stinson <[email protected]>
LDOMKE    Lorenz Domke <[email protected]>
LBECCHI   Lorenzo Becchi <[email protected]>
KANNA     Lorenzo Canovi <[email protected]>
LOLO      Lorenzo Cappelletti <[email protected]>
LLT       Lorenzo Luconi Trombacchi <[email protected]>
KARAVELOV Luben Karavelov <[email protected]>
LKUNDRAK  Lubomir Rintel <lkundrak at cpan>
LUCS      Luc St-Louis <[email protected]>
LUVANTI   Luc Van Tilborgh <[email protected]>
LFINI     Luca Fini <[email protected]>
STRANGE   Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha <CENSORED>
LVANELSEN Lucien Van Elsen <[email protected]>
LMASARA   Luigino Masarati <[email protected]>
LCHAVEZ   Luis Chavez <[email protected]>
LEGO      Luis E. G. Ontanon <[email protected]>
LFAGUNDES Luis Henrique Cassis Fagundes <[email protected]>
LUXOSTEIN Luis León Cárdenas Graide <CENSORED>
LEMP      Luis Moreno ([email protected]) <[email protected]>
LMC       Luis Motta Campos <[email protected]>
LUISMUNOZ Luis Muñoz (=Luis Munoz) <[email protected]>
FAULSTIC  Lukas C. Faulstich <[email protected]>
LUFI      Lukas Fiker <[email protected]>
MAUKE     Lukas Mai <CENSORED>
LMUELLER  Lukas Mueller <[email protected]>
LOOSIFER  Luke A. Kanies <[email protected]>
LUKEC     Luke Closs <[email protected]>
DASHJR    Luke Dashjr <CENSORED>
LMEYER    Luke Meyer <[email protected]>
LPALMER   Luke Palmer <[email protected]>
LREEVES   Luke Reeves <[email protected]>
LUKEROSS  Luke Ross <[email protected]>
LTRIANT   Luke Triantafyllidis <[email protected]>
YLU       Luke Y. Lu <[email protected]>
LUKHNOS   Lukhnos D. Liu <[email protected]>
LZAP      Lukáš Zapletal (=Lukas Zapletal) <>
LUPE      Lupe Christoph <[email protected]>
LUTHERH   Luther Huffman <[email protected]>
BRACETA   Luís Azevedo (=Braceta) <[email protected]>
SOZIN     Lyle Hayhurst <>
LYOKATO   Lyo Kato <>
LBROCARD  Léon Brocard (=Leon Brocard) <[email protected]>
CARTER    M Carter Brown <[email protected]>
BLOM      M. Blom <[email protected]>
PAUAMMA   M. Lavondes <[email protected]>
MSROTH    M. Scott Roth <[email protected]>
WIZARD    M.C. Deurloo <[email protected]>
PAI       M.K.Pai <[email protected]>
TOKUHIROM MATSUNO★Tokuhiro (=Tokuhiro Matsuno) <[email protected]>
MITREHC   MITRE Honeyclient Project <[email protected]>
MIYAMUKO  MIYAMUKO Katsuyuki <[email protected]>
TOCIYUKI  MIZUTANI, Tociyuki <[email protected]>
MOCK      MOCK <[email protected]>
PARVEZ    MOHAMED PARVEZ <[email protected]>
NOOBIONT  MOHAMMED HAARIS <[email protected]>
MWALLRAF  Maarten Wallraf <[email protected]>
MPIJANKA  Maciej 'agaran' Pijanka <[email protected]>
MACIEJ    Maciej Ceglowski <[email protected]>
MCEGLOWS  Maciej Ceglowski <[email protected]>
AGARAN    Maciej Pijanka <[email protected]>
BODIN     Magnus Bodin <[email protected]>
MAGNUS    Magnus Cedergren <[email protected]>
MAGH      Magnus Håkansson <[email protected]>
MAGU      Magnus Pålsson (=Magnus Palsson) <[email protected]>
SAMLOWRIE Magnus Schmidt <[email protected]>
JMAHESH   Mahesh Joshi <[email protected]>
TSMPERL   Mahesh Tailor <[email protected]>
MAHLON    Mahlon E. Smith <[email protected]>
MAINBRAIN Main Brain <[email protected]>
MAKAMAKA  Makamaka Hannyaharamitu <[email protected]>
TSUKAMOTO Makio Tsukamoto <[email protected]>
MAKIS     Makis Marmaridis <[email protected]>
MKHRAPOV  Maksim Khrapov <[email protected]>
MALAY     Malay Kumar Basu <[email protected]>
MICB      Malcolm Beattie <[email protected]>
MDEWJONES Malcolm Dew-Jones <[email protected]>
MNOONING  Malcolm H. Nooning <CENSORED>
MJH       Malcolm J Harwood <>
MSS       Malte S. Stretz <[email protected]>
MALTEU    Malte Ubl <[email protected]>
MANISH    Manish Ahluwalia <<my firstname>.<my lastname>>
HUGHES    Manish Saxena <[email protected]>
MANNI     Manni Heumann <[email protected]>
MANOJKG   Manoj Gupta <[email protected]>
MSHIMPI   Manoj Shimpi <[email protected]>
MANPREET  Manpreet Singh <[email protected]>
MBATISTA  Manuel Batista <[email protected]>
MRENZ     Manuel Renz <[email protected]>
MANUEL    Manuel Ricci <[email protected]>
DIABLO    Manuel Subredu <[email protected]>
MANU      Manuel Valente <[email protected]>
MALUKU    Marc - Sebastian Lucksch <[email protected]>
MAITKIN   Marc Aitkin <[email protected]>
ASLETT    Marc Aslett <[email protected]>
MARCB     Marc Beyer <[email protected]>
MMJB      Marc Brockschmidt <[email protected]>
OLKID     Marc C. Bailey <[email protected]>
MSPENCER  Marc D. Spencer <[email protected]>
MUNCUS    Marc Dougherty <ks12gcm02[REMOVEME]>
MGI       Marc Girod <CENSORED>
MGH       Marc Hedlund <[email protected]>
MARC      Marc Lambrichs <[email protected]>
MARCLANG  Marc Langheinrich <[email protected]>
MLEHMANN  Marc Lehmann <[email protected]>
RANXEROX  Marc M. Adkins <[email protected]>
MAJCHER   Marc Majcher <[email protected]>
MMETTES   Marc Mettes <[email protected]>
MMIMS     Marc Mims <CENSORED>
MARCP     Marc Paquette <[email protected]>
MPETERS   Marc Peters <[email protected]>
MPREWITT  Marc Prewitt <[email protected]>
QANTINS   Marc Qantins <[email protected]>
MRIDDLE   Marc Riddle <[email protected]>
MPELZER   Marc Sebastian Pelzer <[email protected]>
MSLAGLE   Marc Slagle <[email protected]>
INTMKTG   Marc Tardif <[email protected]>
MENGEL    Marc W. Mengel <[email protected]>
MARCEL    Marcel Grünauer == hanekomu (跳ね込む) (=Marcel Gruenauer == hanekomu) <[email protected]>
MMWEBER   Marcel Weber <[email protected]>
MARCELO   Marcelo Rodrigues <[email protected]>
MARCIN    Marcin Kolbuszewski <[email protected]>
KRZAK     Marcin Krzyżanowski (=Marcin Krzyzanowski) <[email protected]>
MDA       Marco A P D'Andrade <[email protected]>
AMNESIAC  Marco Antonio Manzo <[email protected]>
MARCOS    Marco Antonio Valenzuela Escárcega (=Marco Antonio Valenzuela Escarcega) <[email protected]>
KCARNUT   Marco Carnut <[email protected]>
KRAL      Marco Dalla Stella <>
MFONTANI  Marco Fontani <[email protected]>
GAZERRO   Marco Gazerro <[email protected]>
MAGO      Marco Lima <[email protected]>
MMARCO    Marco Marazzi <CENSORED>
BRONTO    Marco Marongiu <>
MMORENO   Marco Moreno <[email protected]>
NEVES     Marco Neves <[email protected]>
MAXDB     Marco Paskamp <[email protected]>
NEMUX     Marco Romano <>
SCHRIECK  Marco Schrieck <[email protected]>
MARCO     Marco Wise <CENSORED>
LAINMLH   Marcos Legido Hernández <[email protected]>
BERA      Marcus Beranek <CENSORED>
MHARNISCH Marcus Harnisch <[email protected]>
MHX       Marcus Holland-Moritz <[email protected]>
MPRIES    Marcus Pries <CENSORED>
MRAMBERG  Marcus Ramberg <[email protected]>
MARCUS    Marcus Thiesen <[email protected]>
MARWATK   Marcus Watkins <[email protected]>
MAREKR    Marek Rouchal <[email protected]>
MALVARO   Mariana Alvaro <[email protected]>
DICHI     Mariano Wahlmann <CENSORED>
IGREC     Marino Andres <[email protected]>
MARIOF    Mario Fürderer (=Mario Furderer) <[email protected]>
GAFFIE    Mario Gaffiero <>
MANNO     Mario Manno <[email protected]>
MLRU      Mario Russo <[email protected]>
MSILVA    Mario Silva <[email protected]>
MWITTE    Mario Witte <[email protected]>
MARISABT  Marisa Fernanda Pereira Brites <CENSORED>
MARIUSLJ  Marius Larsen Jøhndal (=Marius Larsen Johndal) <[email protected]>
MPCZ      Mariusz Czułada <[email protected]>
MDOWNING  Mark A. Downing <[email protected]>
MAHEX     Mark A. Hershberger <[email protected]>
MARKIM    Mark A. Imbriaco <[email protected]>
MSTRAT    Mark A. Stratman <[email protected]>
ADAMSON   Mark Adamson <[email protected]>
MALLEN    Mark Allen <[email protected]>
MARKEMER  Mark Anderson <[email protected]>
MRA       Mark Atwood <[email protected]>
AUFFLICK  Mark Aufflick <[email protected]>
BADO      Mark Badolato <CENSORED>
MARKB     Mark Biggar <[email protected]>
MBLYTHE   Mark Blythe <[email protected]>
MJCANUP   Mark Canup <[email protected]>
BADGERSRC Mark Clements <[email protected]>
MARKC     Mark Constable <[email protected]>
MAUNDER   Mark D. Maunder <[email protected]>
ROTH      Mark D. Roth <[email protected]>
MARKD     Mark Daglish <[email protected]>
DILGER    Mark Dilger <[email protected]>
MDOOTSON  Mark Dootson <[email protected]>
METZZO    Mark Ethan Trostler <[email protected]>
MFERRIS   Mark Ferris <[email protected]>
MARKF     Mark Fowler <[email protected]>
MFREE     Mark Freeman <[email protected]>
INFINOID  Mark Glines <mark!glines,org>
MGRIMES   Mark Grimes <[email protected]>
GRISKEY   Mark Griskey <[email protected]>
MHAZEN    Mark Hazen <[email protected]>
MARKLE    Mark Hedges <[email protected]>
MARK      Mark Hofstetter <[email protected]>
MELONMAN  Mark Howe <[email protected]>
MARKBUSH  Mark J Bush <[email protected]>
MJHEWITT  Mark J Hewitt <[email protected]>
MARKJ     Mark Jaroski <[email protected]>
MJD       Mark Jason Dominus (陶敏修) (=Mark Jason Dominus) <[email protected]>
MJLEEDS   Mark Jeffrey Leeds <[email protected]>
MKMUELLER Mark K Mueller <mkmueller (at) cpan .org>
MARKK     Mark Kennedy <[email protected]>
ASARIAN   Mark Kramer <[email protected]>
MLAWREN   Mark Lawrence <[email protected]>
MLFISHER  Mark Leighton Fisher <[email protected]>
MMABRY    Mark Mabry <[email protected]org>
ZZCGUMK   Mark Mc Keown <[email protected]>
MISCHKE   Mark McConnell <[email protected]>
MARKM     Mark Mielke <[email protected]>
CARCUS    Mark Mitchell <[email protected]>
MMORGAN   Mark Morgan <[email protected]>
MARKNG    Mark Ng <[email protected]>
NIELSEN   Mark Nielsen <[email protected]>
NODINE    Mark Nodine <>
MARKO     Mark O'Connor <[email protected]>
OLESEN    Mark Olesen <>
MARKOV    Mark Overmeer <[email protected]>
MSULLIVA  Mark P Sullivan <>
MRPALMER  Mark Palmer <[email protected]>
MARKPASC  Mark Paschal <[email protected]>
PEASE     Mark Pease <[email protected]>
MARKPF    Mark Pfeiffer <[email protected]>
MARKPRIOR Mark Prior <[email protected]>
MRKAE     Mark R. Kaehny <[email protected]>
THOMSON   Mark Ralf Thomson <[email protected]>
REYNOLDS  Mark Reynolds <[email protected]>
MROGASKI  Mark Rogaski <[email protected]>
MROWLANDS Mark Rowlands <[email protected]>
MARKBACH  Mark Schonbach <cpan at my username dot com>
MSHELOR   Mark Shelor <[email protected]>
MARKSMITH Mark Smith <[email protected]>
MSOLOMON  Mark Solomon <[email protected]>
MSOUTHERN Mark Southern <[email protected]>
MSTEELE   Mark Steele <[email protected]>
MARKSTOS  Mark Stosberg <[email protected]>
SUMMER    Mark Summerfield <[email protected]>
DAOTOAD   Mark Swayne <[email protected]>
MTHOMAS   Mark Thomas <[email protected]>
MDASH     Mark Tiefenbruck <[email protected]>
MTIRAMANI Mark Tiramani <[email protected]>
VELTZER   Mark Veltzer <[email protected]>
MWARDELL  Mark Wardell <[email protected]>
MWARREN   Mark Warren <[email protected]>
MEWILCOX  Mark Wilcox <[email protected]>
MARKWIN   Mark Winder <[email protected]>
ASPA      Marko Asplund <>
MARKUSB   Markus Baertschi <CENSORED>
MFX       Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer <[email protected]>
HELLERM   Markus Heller <[email protected]>
HOLLI     Markus Holzer <[email protected]>
KOPPI     Markus Koppenberger <[email protected]>
LINMAR    Markus Linke <[email protected]>
MAHLBERG  Markus Mahlberg <[email protected]>
LIMAONE   Markus Riester <[email protected]>
MSIEB     Markus Siebeneicher <[email protected]>
MSPRING   Markus W. Spring <[email protected]>
MWS       Markus Winand <[email protected]>
MBAILEY   Marlon Bailey <[email protected]>
MAROS     Maroš Kollár (=Maros Kollar) <[email protected]>
MRTS      Mart Sõmermaa (=Mart Somermaa) <[email protected]>
MRX       Martial Rioux <CENSORED>
MVERB     Martien Verbruggen <[email protected]>
MAK       Martijn Koster <[email protected]>
MARTIJN   Martijn van Beers <[email protected]>
MSTREEK   Martijn van de Streek <[email protected]>
MTHURN    Martin 'Kingpin' Thurn <[email protected]>
STRAT     Martin 'Strat' Fabiani <[email protected]>
ACKI      Martin Ackermann <[email protected]>
MARTINELL Martin Andrew Ellis <CENSORED>
MART      Martin Atkins <CENSORED>
MARTINB   Martin Bartlett <[email protected]>
MHASCH    Martin Becker <[email protected]>
MBERENDS  Martin Berends <[email protected]>
MABI      Martin Bissegger <[email protected]>
MBOECK    Martin Boeck <[email protected]>
MBRECH    Martin Brech <[email protected]>
MJBRIGHT  Martin Bright <[email protected]>
MBUSIK    Martin Bušík <[email protected]>
ZUQIF     Martin D. Robertson <[email protected]>
MARTINI   Martin Edenhofer <[email protected]>
ACESAVER  Martin Fowler <[email protected]>
MAUSER    Martin Frank  Hohmann-Marriott <[email protected]>
MARTING   Martin Grigorov <[email protected]>
FANY      Martin H. Sluka <[email protected]>
MHAMILTON Martin Hamilton <[email protected]>
MHOSKEN   Martin Hosken <[email protected]>
MJEVANS   Martin J Evans <[email protected]>
MHJACKS   Martin Jackson <[email protected]>
MKAMM     Martin Kammerhofer <[email protected]>
MARTINK   Martin Krzywinski <[email protected]>
MKUTTER   Martin Kutter <[email protected]>
MARTIN    Martin Langhoff <[email protected]>
MGLEE     Martin Lee <[email protected]>
MLING     Martin Ling <[email protected]>
LORENSEN  Martin Lorensen <[email protected]>
MARTY     Martin McCarthy <[email protected]>
MARTO     Martin McGrath <[email protected]>
DOCTORMO  Martin Owens <[email protected]>
NITRAM    Martin Paczynski <[email protected]>
EMPI      Martin Peter <[email protected]>
MRJC      Martin R.J. Cleaver <[email protected]>
MREIMANN  Martin Reimann <[email protected]>
MSARFY    Martin Sarfy <[email protected]>
MSCHARRER Martin Scharrer <[email protected]>
MSCHMITT  Martin Schmitt <[email protected]>
SCHMUKER  Martin Schmuker <[email protected]>
MSCHWARTZ Martin Schwartz <[email protected]>
TULSOFT   Martin Senger <[email protected]>
MARSKO    Martin Skrowonneck <CENSORED>
BUMBY     Martin Stenberg <bumby at evilninja dot org>
MARTINTO  Martin Tomes <[email protected]>
MVORL     Martin Vorländer (=Martin Vorlaender) <[email protected]>
MWARD     Martin Ward <[email protected]>
MARWIL    Martin Wilderoth <CENSORED>
MALETIN   Martin von Oertzen <[email protected]>
MARTYLOO  Martin-Louis Bright <[email protected]>
MARTYKUBE Marty Kube <[email protected]>
MLANDMAN  Marty Landman <[email protected]>
MARTIAN   Marty Landman <[email protected]>
KASEI     Marty Pauley <>
FLUFFY    Martyn J. Pearce <[email protected]>
MPECK     Martyn Peck <[email protected]>
MSMITH    Martyn Smith <[email protected]>
CREAMYG   Marvin Humphrey <[email protected]>
NABESHIMA Masaaki NABESHIMA <nabe* (*->@)>
HAOSAN    Masafumi Yoshida <CENSORED>
CHIBA     Masahiro Chiba <[email protected]>
MASAP     Masahiro Funakoshi <[email protected]>
MAIDO     Masahiro Funakoshi <[email protected]>
KAZEBURO  Masahiro Nagano <[email protected]>
IKUTA     Masahito Ikuta <[email protected]>
MASAHITO  Masahito Yoshida <[email protected]>
MASANORIH Masanori Hara <[email protected]>
MASAO     Masao Kitamura <CENSORED>
LUSHE     Masatoshi Mizuno <[email protected]>
SEKIMURA  Masayoshi Sekimura <[email protected]>
DGSCOPE   Masayuki Komori <[email protected]>
MASON     Mason Loring Bliss <[email protected]>
MASQUE    Masque <[email protected]>
MADWOLF   Massimiliano Pala <[email protected]>
MATBLACK  Mat Black <[email protected]>
OKTAL     Mat Sutcliffe <o k t a l at g m x dot c o dot u k>
MFENTON   Mathew Fenton <[email protected]>
MJHARR    Mathew John Harrison <[email protected]>
MATHEW    Mathew Robertson <[email protected]>
HERBERTS  Mathias Herberts <[email protected]>
MATJA     Mathias Jansson <[email protected]>
MAMAWE    Mathias Weidner <[email protected]>
MAT       Mathieu Arnold <[email protected]>
GAGNONM   Mathieu Gagnon <>
MSF       Mathieu Sauve-Frankel <[email protected]>
MATIU     Matias Alejo Garcia <[email protected]>
MGRABNAR  Matija Grabnar <[email protected]>
MVZ       Matijs van Zuijlen <[email protected]>
MATISSE   Matisse Enzer <[email protected]>
MATKIN    Mats Kindahl <[email protected]>
MATT      Matt Auatin <CENSORED>
MBEATO    Matt Beato <[email protected]>
MCARTER   Matt Carter <[email protected]>
MCASHNER  Matt Cashner <[email protected]>
MATTD     Matt Dainty <[email protected]>
MDIMEO    Matt DiMeo <[email protected]>
MDIEP     Matt Diephouse <[email protected]>
SLICK     Matt Ficken <[email protected]>
MRDELAYER Matt Galisa <[email protected]>
NARSE     Matt Harrington <[email protected]>
MHEMPEL   Matt Hempel <[email protected]>
HUCKE     Matt Hucke <[email protected]>
MJA       Matt J. Avitable <Matthew DOT Avitable AT gmail DOT com>
MKENNEDY  Matt Kennedy <[email protected]>
MHAT      Matt Knopp <[email protected]>
MATTK     Matt Koscica <[email protected]>
MKRUSE    Matt Kruse <[email protected]>
MLEBLANC  Matt LeBlanc <>
MML       Matt Liggett <[email protected]>
MLIGHTNER Matt Lightner <[email protected]>
MLUKER    Matt Luker <[email protected]>
MATTMCG   Matt McGinnis <[email protected]>
MJM       Matt Mitchell <[email protected]>
MMITCHELL Matt Mitchell <[email protected]>
MSTROUT   Matt S Trout <[email protected]>
MZSANFORD Matt Sanford <[email protected]>
MATTS     Matt Seddon <[email protected]>
MSERGEANT Matt Sergeant (=MSERGEANT) <[email protected]>
GRIPE     Matt Shaw <[email protected]>
IMMUTE    Matt Sickler <>
MSIMERSON Matt Simerson <[email protected]>
MSISK     Matt Sisk <[email protected]>
BATZ      Matt Spear <CENSORED>
MCVELLA   Matt Vella <[email protected]>
MWILSON   Matt Wilson <[email protected]>
MJW       Matt Wood <[email protected]>
MCANTONI  Matteo Cantoni <>
CORTI     Matteo Corti <CENSORED>
MALLUM    Matthew Allum <[email protected]>
MCAST     Matthew Astley <[email protected]>
MDBGRIZ   Matthew Braid <[email protected]>
MATTBM    Matthew Byng-Maddick <[email protected]>
MCNEWTON  Matthew C. Newton <[email protected]>
MCROSBY   Matthew Crosby <CENSORED>
MDARWIN   Matthew Darwin <[email protected]>
MEMES     Matthew Emes <[email protected]>
MGREAM    Matthew Gream <[email protected]>
MRG       Matthew Green <[email protected]>
HENROID   Matthew Henroid <>
MHODGSON  Matthew Hodgson <[email protected]>
WOLFSAGE  Matthew Horsfall <[email protected]>
MHOWARD   Matthew Howard <[email protected]>
KOSMO     Matthew J. Kosmoski <[email protected]>
MJFS      Matthew J. Studley <[email protected]>
LAIRDM    Matthew Laird <[email protected]>
MMLANGE   Matthew Lange <[email protected]>
MATTLAW   Matthew Lawrence <[email protected]>
MLEWINSK  Matthew Lewinski <[email protected]>
BLUET     Matthew Lien <[email protected]>
MLINEEN   Matthew Lineen <[email protected]>
MATTW     Matthew M. Wright <[email protected]>
MATTMK    Matthew MacKenzie <[email protected]>
MMALLARD  Matthew Mallard <[email protected]>
MMCGILLIS Matthew McGillis <[email protected]>
MATTDM    Matthew Miller <[email protected]>
MORROW    Matthew Morrow <[email protected]>
MMUSGROVE Matthew Musgrove <[email protected]>
IMATTJN   Matthew Nikols <CENSORED>
MOCONNOR  Matthew O'Connor <[email protected]>
PERSICOM  Matthew O. Persico <[email protected]>
MPOCOCK   Matthew Pocock <[email protected]>
MPRESSLY  Matthew Pressly <[email protected]>
CHAOS     Matthew R. Sheahan <[email protected]>
MHEUSSER  Matthew Robert Heusser <CENSORED>
MROBINSON Matthew Robinson <[email protected]>
MATTHEWG  Matthew Sachs <[email protected]>
SCHICKM   Matthew Schick <[email protected]>
MSHIBLA   Matthew Shilbla <CENSORED>
CROSSWIRE Matthew Sibley <[email protected]>
EVO       Matthew Simon Cavalletto <[email protected]>
SMIFFY    Matthew Steven Smith <[email protected]>
SORBS     Matthew Sullivan (change cpan to cpanreal on the front of the email address) <[email protected]>
MATHOMAS  Matthew Thomas <[email protected]>
MWALKER   Matthew Walker <[email protected]>
WICKLINE  Matthew Wickline <[email protected]>
WILSON    Matthew Wilson <[email protected]>
BAUERM    Matthias Bauer <[email protected]>
MBETHKE   Matthias Bethke <CENSORED>
MBP       Matthias Bloch <[email protected]>
MDIETRICH Matthias Dietrich <[email protected]>
ECKARDT   Matthias Eckardt <[email protected]>
MAFR      Matthias Friedrich <[email protected]>
BIGHIL    Matthias Hilbig <[email protected]>
NEPOS     Matthias Pitzl <CENSORED>
MPUSCH    Matthias Pusch <[email protected]>
PARASEW   Matthias Tarasiewicz <[email protected]>
NEERI     Matthias Ulrich Neeracher <[email protected]>
MATTHIAS  Matthias Zeichmann <CENSORED>
DAMO      Matthieu Damerose <[email protected]>
XMATH     Matthijs van Duin <[email protected]>
MBARBON   Mattia Barbon <[email protected]>
MATTIASH  Mattias Holmlund <[email protected]>
MAURICE   Maurice Aubrey <[email protected]>
MMAKAAY   Maurice Makaay <[email protected]>
THUNDERA  Mauro Ribeiro <[email protected]>
MAVERICK  Maverick <[email protected]>
MAXA      Max Afonov <[email protected]>
MAXB      Max Baker <max -at->
MCHANG    Max Chang <[email protected]>
MKANAT    Max Kanat-Alexander <[email protected]>
MKOSSATZ  Max Kossatz <[email protected]>
CORION    Max Maischein <[email protected]>
MAXM      Max Muzi <[email protected]>
MAXSCHUBE Max Schubert <[email protected]>
MPG       Maxim  Grigoriev <CENSORED>
MAXICO    Maxim Kashliak <[email protected]>
MJAHN     Maximillian Jahn <[email protected]>
MAYUR     Mayur Prakash Srivastava <[email protected]>
MTURK     Mechanical Turk <CENSORED>
JMH       Mekles <[email protected]>
MNILES    Melissa Niles <[email protected]>
MELVIN    Melvin Smith <[email protected]>
FREESIDE  Meng Weng Wong <[email protected]>
MERIJNB   Merijn Broeren <[email protected]>
MERLIN    Merlin Hughes <[email protected]>
NACHBAUR  Michael A. Nachbaur <[email protected]>
ACCARDO   Michael Accardo <[email protected]>
MDORMAN   Michael Alan Dorman <[email protected]>
MADZ      Michael Anton Dines Zedeler <CENSORED>
AQUILINA  Michael Aquilina <[email protected]>
MYKL      Michael Attenborough <[email protected]>
AXIAK     Michael Axiak <[email protected]>
MBSTE     Michael B Stevens <[email protected]>
RATTLER   Michael Bochkaryov <CENSORED>
MIHOBU    Michael Burkhardt <[email protected]>
MBURNS    Michael Burns <[email protected]>
MMBK      Michael Böker (=Michael Boeker) <[email protected]>
MCT       Michael C. Toren <[email protected]>
MICVU     Michael CH Vu <[email protected]>
MCWEHNER  Michael Cameron Wehner <CENSORED>
CARMAN    Michael Carman <[email protected]>
MJCARMAN  Michael Carman <[email protected]>
MAC       Michael Chamberlain <[email protected]>
MCHAPMAN  Michael Chapman <[email protected]>
MCHING    Michael Ching <[email protected]>
COLLINS   Michael Collins <[email protected]>
COPE      Michael Cope <[email protected]>
CRAMER    Michael Cramer <[email protected]>
MCURTIS   Michael Curtis <[email protected]>
MICHAELD  Michael D. Dowling <[email protected]>
IVEY      Michael D. Ivey <[email protected]>
MRICHARDS Michael D. Richards <[email protected]>
DESOTO    Michael De Soto <[email protected]>
MIDI      Michael Diekmann <[email protected]>
EDMONSON  Michael Edmonson <[email protected]>
MERNST    Michael Ernst <[email protected]>
MSERSKINE Michael Erskine <[email protected]>
MIKFIRE   Michael Firestone <[email protected]>
FORMAN    Michael Forman マイケル フォマン (=Michael Forman) <[email protected]>
MFOWLER   Michael Fowler <[email protected]>
MFRANKL   Michael Frankl <[email protected]>
MLF       Michael Friendly <[email protected]>
FROSTY    Michael Fross <[email protected]>
MFUHR     Michael Fuhr <[email protected]>
MSCHWERN  Michael G Schwern <[email protected]>
MGILFIX   Michael Gilfix <[email protected]>
MGRAHAM   Michael Graham <[email protected]>
GED       Michael Granger <[email protected]>
MJG       Michael Gray <[email protected]>
MIKEGRB   Michael Greb <[email protected]>
MGREGORO  Michael Gregorowicz <[email protected]>
MGRUBB    Michael Grubb <[email protected]>
MHALLGREN Michael Hallgren <[email protected]>
MHECKMAN  Michael Heckman <[email protected]>
MNDRIX    Michael Hendricks <[email protected]>
MHENSON   Michael Henson <CENSORED>
HOLLIFM   Michael Hollifield <[email protected]>
MHOOREMAN Michael Hooreman <michael AT>
HERVEUS   Michael Houghton <[email protected]>
RIDDLE    Michael Howell <CENSORED>
HOYMICH   Michael Hoy <[email protected]>
MHOYT     Michael Hoyt <[email protected]>
MJFLICK   Michael J. Flickinger <[email protected]>
MMATHEWS  Michael J. Mathews <[email protected]>
MJP       Michael J. Pomraning <[email protected]>
JACOB     Michael Jacob <[email protected]>
MNEYLON   Michael K. Neylon <[email protected]>
KLBLNGMJ  Michael Kaelbling <[email protected]>
KATMONKEY Michael Katkin <[email protected]>
MIKEKING  Michael King <[email protected]>
KRAEHE    Michael Koehne <[email protected]>
MIKEK     Michael Kospach <[email protected]>
MIKRA     Michael Krause <[email protected]>
KROH      Michael Kroh <[email protected]>
PEPL      Michael Kröll (=Michael Kroell) <[email protected]>
MKUL      Michael Kulakov <[email protected]>
MILA      Michael Langner <>
LEGART    Michael Legart <[email protected]>
LUM       Michael Lum <CENSORED>
MARAIST   Michael Maraist <[email protected]>
MATTIE    Michael Mattie <[email protected]>
MMCLAGAN  Michael McLagan <[email protected]>
PIED      Michael Neil Felzien <[email protected]>
MSOULIER  Michael P. Soulier <CENSORED>
MSULLIVAN Michael P. Sullivan <[email protected]>
PARKER    Michael Parker <[email protected]>
MEWP      Michael Peppler <[email protected]>
WONKO     Michael Peters <[email protected]>
MPIOTR    Michael Piotrowski <[email protected]>
MICHEL    Michael Plugge <[email protected]>
WARREN    Michael R, Smith <[email protected]>
MRDVT     Michael R. Davis <account=>perl,tld=>com,domain=>michaelrdavis>
MRWOLF    Michael R. Wolf <[email protected]>
MRICE     Michael Rice <[email protected]>
ERRR      Michael Rice <CENSORED>
RIDINGER  Michael Ridinger <[email protected]>
MICHAEL   Michael Roberts <[email protected]>
MIKER     Michael Robinton <[email protected]>
MJR       Michael Ryan <[email protected]>
SACIK     Michael Ryan Stephens <[email protected]>
MISHA     Michael S. Tsirkin <pausepub at misha dot eml dot cc>
UNCLE     Michael Samanov <[email protected]>
MISC      Michael Scherer <[email protected]>
MSCHILLI  Michael Schilli <[email protected]>
MSCHLUE   Michael Schlüter <>
MSCHOUT   Michael Schout <[email protected]>
MLS       Michael Schröder (=Michael Schroder) <[email protected]>
CUTHBERT  Michael Scott Cuthbert <[email protected]>
MSHLD     Michael Shields <[email protected]>
AKALINUX  Michael Shipper <[email protected]>
MJS       Michael Smith <[email protected]>
SNOYBERG  Michael Snoyman <[email protected]>
SOKOLOV   Michael Sokolov <sokolov at ifactory daht com>
MSORENS   Michael Sorens <[email protected]>
MSPRICK   Michael Sprick <[email protected]>
GNURD     Michael Stemle <[email protected]>
STEPANOV  Michael Stepanov <[email protected]>
MSTEVENS  Michael Stevens <[email protected]>
STILLWELL Michael Stillwell <[email protected]>
ALFALPHA  Michael Stump <[email protected]>
SULLIVAN  Michael Sullivan <[email protected]>
TOMUSCHAT Michael Tomuschat <CENSORED>
MTROWBRI  Michael Trowbridge <CENSORED>
MWB       Michael W Barnhart <[email protected]>
BOMB      Michael W. Bombardieri <[email protected]>
MIWALTER  Michael Walter <[email protected]>
WARDY     Michael Wardman <[email protected]>
MWARWICK  Michael Warwick <>
WITTHAUT  Michael Witthaut <[email protected]>
MICHAELW  Michael Wojcikiewicz <[email protected]>
MHYOUNG   Michael Young <[email protected]>
MZEHRER   Michael Zehrer <[email protected]>
MICU      Michal Cumpl <[email protected]>
MJAEG     Michal Jaegermann <[email protected]>
MRATA     Michal Ratajsky <[email protected]>
SABREN    Michal Wallace <[email protected]>
LEUCOS    Michel Blanc <[email protected]>
EMBIX     Michel Bretschneider <CENSORED>
MIROD     Michel Rodriguez <[email protected]>
ARTHAS    Michele Beltrame <[email protected]>
MIDELLAQ  Michele Dell'Aquila <CENSORED>
MAGNEW    Michelle Agnew <[email protected]>
MICHIEL   Michiel Ootjers <[email protected]>
LOCSMIF   Michiel de Boer <[email protected]>
PIA       Michiya Honda <[email protected]>
MRMICK    Mick Villeneuve <[email protected]>
MIDH      Midh Mulpuri <[email protected]>
MALDUARTE Miguel Angelo Lapa Duarte <CENSORED>
MOTIF     Miguel Pignatelli <CENSORED>
MCORAZAO  Miguel R. Corazao <CENSORED>
MSANTINHO Miguel Santinho <[email protected]>
MISHOO    Mihai Bazon <[email protected]>
SYMX      Mihai Secasiu <[email protected]>
MARMS     Mike Arms <[email protected]>
MBAAS     Mike Baas <[email protected]>
MIKEB     Mike Blackwell <>
MBLAZ     Mike Blazer <[email protected]>
MCANANN   Mike Canann <[email protected]>
MIKEC     Mike Carpenter <[email protected]>
MCARR     Mike Carr <[email protected]>
DIZ       Mike Eldridge <[email protected]>
FLETCH    Mike Fletcher <[email protected]>
FRAG      Mike Fragassi <[email protected]>
FRIEDO    Mike Friedman <[email protected]>
MGAMMON   Mike Gammon <[email protected]>
MIGEN     Mike Gendreyzig <[email protected]>
MIKEG     Mike Giles <[email protected]>
RMGIROUX  Mike Giroux <[email protected]>
GLOVER    Mike Glover <[email protected]>
HAMMOND   Mike Hammond <[email protected]>
HAWKINSM  Mike Hawkins <[email protected]>
MIKEH     Mike Heins <[email protected]>
MHOOLEHAN Mike Hoolehan <[email protected]>
JACKSONM  Mike Jackson <[email protected]>
MJEWELL   Mike Jewell <[email protected]>
MIKEJ     Mike Jones <[email protected]>
MIKHAILK  Mike Kniaziewicz <[email protected]>
MKUGLER   Mike Kugler <[email protected]>
MLAMBERT  Mike Lambert <[email protected]>
MACKENZIE Mike MacKenzie <[email protected]>
MMACHADO  Mike Machado <[email protected]>
MIKEM     Mike McCauley <[email protected]>
MRMIKE    Mike Miller <[email protected]>
MHM       Mike Moran <[email protected]>
KOHA      Mike Mylonas <[email protected]>
MOREGAN   Mike O'Regan <[email protected]>
MIKEO     Mike Owens <[email protected]>
ZORDRAK   Mike Peachey <[email protected]>
MPEREZ    Mike Perez <[email protected]>
MPRUNTY   Mike Prunty <[email protected]>
MRANDALL  Mike Randall <[email protected]>
ROSULEK   Mike Rosulek <[email protected]>
MIKERY    Mike Rylander <[email protected]>
MIKE      Mike Schroeder <[email protected]>
MIKESCOTT Mike Scott <michael underscore scott at mac dot com>
MSHOYHER  Mike Shoykher <[email protected]>
SIERRA    Mike Sierra <[email protected]>
MSIMKINS  Mike Simkins <[email protected]>
MDMS      Mike Smith <[email protected]>
REFLUX    Mike Smith <[email protected]>
MSOUTH    Mike South <[email protected]>
MIKESTOK  Mike Stok <[email protected]>
MIKESZCZ  Mike Szczerban <[email protected]>
MIRK      Mike Taylor <[email protected]>
MWX       Mike Wesemann <[email protected]>
PENFOLD   Mike Whitaker <CENSORED>
MIKEWONG  Mike Wong <[email protected]>
MWYER     Mike Wyer <[email protected]>
MIGO      Mikhael Goikhman <[email protected]>
MIKIO     Mikio Hirabayashi <[email protected]>
PASTI     Mikko Lipasti <>
BOGA      Miklós Fazekas (=Miklos Fazekas) <[email protected]>
MIKO      Miko O'Sullivan <[email protected]>
MILAN     Milan Adamovsky <CENSORED>
MILSO     Milan Sorm <[email protected]>
MCRAWFOR  Miles Crawford <[email protected]>
MIVKOVIC  Milivoj Ivkovic <>
MNAGUIB   Mina Naguib <[email protected]>
MINDTRUST Mindtrust, LLC (Missouri, USA) <[email protected]>
MINGYILIU Mingyi Liu <[email protected]>
MEMOWE    Mirko Westermeier <[email protected]>
SHIAR     Mischa POSLAWSKY <[email protected]>
REVMISCHA Mischa Spiegelmock <[email protected]>
MISAKA    Mishka Gorodnitzky <[email protected]>
MMKHAJAH  Mohammad Mahmoud Khajah <[email protected]>
MBAS      Mohsen Basirat <CENSORED>
MONS      Mons Anderson <CENSORED>
RMITZ     Monte Mitzelfelt <[email protected]>
MSCROGGIN Monty Scroggins <[email protected]>
MOON      Moon Lee <[email protected]>
MORTY     Mordechai Abzug <[email protected]>
MORITZ    Moritz Lenz <CENSORED>
PERLER    Moritz Onken <[email protected]>
MORNI     Moritz Sinn <[email protected]>
MORTENF   Morten Frederiksen <[email protected]>
MSICKEL   Morten Sickel <[email protected]>
KAMENSKY  Moshe Kamensky <[email protected]>
OCEANLAB  Mosienko Stanislav <[email protected]>
MUKUND    Mukund Deshmukh <[email protected]>
MUMIAW    Mumia Wotse <[email protected]>
MUENALAN  Murat Ünalan (=Murat Uenalan) <[email protected]>
MURRAY    Murray Nesbitt <[email protected]>
BLSRM     Murugavel Ramachandran <[email protected]>
MURUGAVEL Murugavel Ramachandran <[email protected]>
MURUGU    Murugesan Kandasamy <[email protected]>
TURNERMM  Myron Turner <[email protected]>
NMARCI    Márton Németh (=Marton Nemeth) <CENSORED>
PENTCHEFF N. Dean Pentcheff <[email protected]>
SPIDERBOY N. Hao Ching <[email protected]>
MOUNS     N. S. Mouniée (=N.S. Mouniee) <[email protected]>
YUKINOBU  NAGAYASU Yukinobu <[email protected]>
MASAKI    NAKAGAWA Masaki <[email protected]>
NARUSE    NARUSE, Yui <[email protected]>
NCPL      NCPL <[email protected]>
NISHIGAYA NISHIGAYA, Yuki (西ヶ谷有輝) (=NISHIGAYA, Yuki (Xi keGu You Hui )) <[email protected]>
KNOK      NOKUBI Takatsugu <[email protected]>
NNAG      Nag Nelluri <[email protected]>
LAMP      Nagaraju Kancherla <CENSORED>
BONAR     Nakano Kyohei <[email protected]>
NANDU     Nandu Shah <[email protected]>
NYARLA    Naoki Okamura <[email protected]>
TOMITA    Naoki Tomita <[email protected]>
NAOKIURAI Naoki URAI <[email protected]>
TOONA     Naoto Ishikawa <[email protected]>
NAOYAT    Naoya "naochan" Tozuka <[email protected]>
NAOYA     Naoya Ito <[email protected]>
NTSUTSUMI Naoya Tsutsumi <[email protected]>
AGREW     Naoyuki Okumura <>
NMUELLER  Nate Mueller <[email protected]>
JASHMENN  Nate Murray <[email protected]>
NWIGER    Nate Wiger <>
NATE      Nathan Bailey <[email protected]>
NBYRD     Nathan Byrd <[email protected]>
CORUSCATE Nathan E. Bessette <[email protected]>
JONADAB   Nathan Eady <[email protected]>
KOLIBRIE  Nathan Gray <[email protected]>
NJO       Nathan Jay Olson <CENSORED>
NATHANL   Nathan Lewis <[email protected]>
NMCFARL   Nathan McFarland <[email protected]>
NMORRIS   Nathan Morris <[email protected]>
NNEUL     Nathan Neulinger <[email protected]>
POZNICK   Nathan Poznick <kraken at wang-fu dot org>
NAR       Nathan Ramella <[email protected]>
MORGOTHII Nathan Ross <[email protected]>
NSHAFER   Nathan Shafer <[email protected]>
SIEMERSN  Nathan Siemers <[email protected]>
GNAT      Nathan Torkington <[email protected]>
NVPAT     Nathan V. Patwardhan <[email protected]>
RAVENHALL Nathan Waddell <[email protected]>
WAGNER    Nathan Wagner <[email protected]>
NATHANAEL Nathanael Obermayer <[email protected]>
POMEROL   Nathaniel Christen <[email protected]>
NATHANIEL Nathaniel Christen <CENSORED>
IRONS     Nathaniel Irons <[email protected]>
BROOM     Nathaniel J. Graham <[email protected]>
NCICB     National Cancer Institute Center for Bioinformatics <rokicki k at mail dot NIH dot GOV>
NAUNIDH   Naunidh Singh Chadha <naunidh [at] gmail [dot] com>
NAVNEET   Navneet Kumar <[email protected]>
NEDKONZ   Ned Konz <[email protected]>
NEELSJ    Neels Jordaan <[email protected]>
NEELY     Neil A. Neely <[email protected]>
NEILB     Neil Bowers <[email protected]>
HEMINGWAY Neil Hemingway <[email protected]>
HOGGARTH  Neil Hoggarth <[email protected]>
NJENSEN   Neil Jensen <[email protected]>
LOMBARDO  Neil Lombardo <[email protected]>
NPADGEN   Neil Padgen <[email protected]>
NEILW     Neil Watkiss <[email protected]>
CODEHELP  Neil Williams <[email protected]>
NWINT     Neil Winton <[email protected]>
NELHAGE   Nelson Elhage <[email protected]>
NFERRAZ   Nelson Ferraz <CENSORED>
NEMWS     Nem W Schlecht <[email protected]>
NETSNAKE  NetSnake <[email protected]>
NETCOMICS Netcomics Development Team <[email protected]>
YURAN     Nevinitsin Yury <CENSORED>
ITEAHAUS  Nguon Hao Ching <hao at iteaha us>
NICWOLFF  Nic Wolff <[email protected]>
NICKBAKER Nicholas C. Baker <[email protected]>
NWCLARK   Nicholas Clark <[email protected]>
NDECLARI  Nicholas DeClario <[email protected]>
NICKC     Nicholas G Caratzas <CENSORED>
SOCK      Nicholas Gerakines <[email protected]>
NGLEDHILL Nicholas Gledhill <[email protected]>
NJH       Nicholas J Humfrey <[email protected]>
NJLEON    Nicholas J. Leon <[email protected]>
SFLEX     Nicholas K. Alberto <[email protected]>
NKNOUF    Nicholas Knouf <[email protected]>
NMELNICK  Nicholas Melnick <nick [aatt] abstract wankery period com>
NPEREZ    Nicholas Perez <>
LYTREAN   Nicholas R. Delorme <[email protected]>
NSUSHKIN  Nicholas Sushkin <[email protected]>
SHARKEY   Nick 'Sharkey' Moore <[email protected]>
NICKB     Nick Balthaser <[email protected]>
NCLEATON  Nick Cleaton <[email protected]>
FEAMSTER  Nick Feamster <[email protected]>
NICO      Nick Gianniotis <[email protected]>
NICKH     Nick Hilliard <[email protected]>
EGYPTUS   Nick Humphries <[email protected]>
NI-S      Nick Ing-Simmons (PAUSE Custodial Account) <[email protected]>
HARDCODE  Nick Jensen <[email protected]>
KNI       Nick Kostirya <CENSORED>
NMAKAROV  Nick Makarov <nmakarov at horizondatasys dot com>
NMARDEN   Nick Marden <[email protected]>
NIKOLAO   Nick Patch <n [ĉe] atemoya [punkto] net>
NPESKETT  Nick Peskett <>
LEMON     Nick Phillips <[email protected]>
NJS       Nick Simicich <[email protected]>
CPANPERL  Nick Stoianov <[email protected]>
NIX       Nick Sutterer <>
TONKIN    Nick Tonkin <[email protected]>
NICK      Nick Venturella <>
NOSEYNICK Nick Waterman <[email protected]>
NWILLIAMS Nick Williams <[email protected]>
NPW       Nick Woolley <CENSORED>
NAB       Nickolay Briginets <CENSORED>
NICKOLA   Nickolay Kovalev <CENSORED>
MASTA     Nico Erfurth <[email protected]>
VITA      Nicola Vitacolonna <>
NICOLAW   Nicola Worthington <[email protected]>
JANL      Nicolai Langfeldt <[email protected]>
NBAREIL   Nicolas Bareil <[email protected]>
NIKO      Nicolas Catania <[email protected]>
NCHUCHE   Nicolas Chuche <[email protected]>
KAFKA     Nicolas Herry <[email protected]>
NLIDZ     Nicolas Lidzborski <[email protected]>
NTHIERYA  Nicolas M. Thiéry <[email protected]>
NICOMEN   Nicolas Mendoza <CENSORED>
NITRO     Nicolas Meynet <[email protected]>
NMONNET   Nicolas Monnet <[email protected]>
RENNERT   Nicolas Rennert <[email protected]>
NRINEAU   Nicolas Rineau <[email protected]>
NTHIERY   Nicolas Thiéry (=Nicolas Thiery) <[email protected]>
DAAN      Niek Albers <[email protected]>
PERLBOY   Niels van Dijke <>
NIGAM     Nigam Shah <[email protected]>
WIGGLY    Nigel A Rantor <[email protected]>
NIGE      Nigel Hamilton <[email protected]>
NIGELM    Nigel Metheringham <[email protected]>
NWETTERS  Nigel Wetters Gourlay <[email protected]>
NWRIGHT   Nigel Wright <[email protected]>
LINC      Nightcat <[email protected]>
NIKC      Nik Clayton <[email protected]>
VAYDE     Nik Ogura <CENSORED>
MNIKHIL   Nikhil <[email protected]>
NIKHILTAL Nikhil Talwar <[email protected]>
ASDF      Nikita Savin <[email protected]>
LUKE      Niklas Bichinger <[email protected]>
NIKRATIO  Nikolaus Rath <[email protected]>
NIKOLAY   Nikolay Bachiyski <[email protected]>
OBOGREW   Nikolay Kuznetsov <[email protected]>
LOGVINON  Nikolay Logvinov <[email protected]>
NIKIP     Nikolay Pelov <>
SAHAAB    Nilesh Hiray <CENSORED>
NREICHEN  Nils Reichen <[email protected]>
REITER    Nils Reiter <[email protected]>
NILSONSFJ Nilson Santos Figueiredo Júnior (=Nilson Santos Figueiredo Junior) <[email protected]>
PENGAS    Nir Pengas <[email protected]>
NIRAVE    Nirave Kadakia <[email protected]>
NISHANT   Nishant Kakani <[email protected]>
NHARALE   Nitin Harale <[email protected]>
NITO      Nito Martinez <CENSORED>
KSCRIPT   Noah Rankins <[email protected]>
NOAH      Noah Robin <[email protected]>
CRACKEL   Nobody <[email protected]>
DANJOU    Nobuo Danjou <[email protected]>
FBONDURRI Nocera Informatica srl <[email protected]>
BONFOG    Nocera Informatica srl <[email protected]>
NOELBK    Noel Burton-Krahn <[email protected]>
NGEREN    Noel Geren <[email protected]>
NSHARROCK Noel Sharrock <[email protected]>
NOLA      Nola Stowe <[email protected]>
YEGG      None <>
BERT      NorBERT Csongrádi (=NorBERT Csongradi) <[email protected]>
NOG       Norbert Gruener <[email protected]>
GOEVERT   Norbert Gövert (=Norbert Govert) <[email protected]>
NOHA      Norbert Hartl <[email protected]>
NRBRT     Norbert Volf <[email protected]>
NRODRIGO  Norbinn Rodrigo <[email protected]>
NNUNLEY   Norman Nunley, Jr <[email protected]>
NWALSH    Norman Walsh <[email protected]>
SMASH     Nuno Carvalho <[email protected]>
NFMNUNES  Nuno Filipe Monteiro Nunes (=Nuno Nunes) <[email protected]>
ZBUH      Nuno Martins <[email protected]>
NNMEN     Nuno Miguel Dias Mendes <[email protected]>
NCOWHAM   Nyk Cowham <[email protected]>
OEVANS    O'Shaughnessy Evans <[email protected]>
KOKOGIKO  OHTSUKA Ko-hei <[email protected]>
OZAWA     OZAWA Sakuro <[email protected]>
OEMBRY    Obiora Embry <>
RAZINF    Oded S. Resnik <>
OKROEGER  Odin Kröger (=Odin Kroeger) <[email protected]>
NRG       Odintsov Pavel <CENSORED>
ODIGITY   Ofer Nave <[email protected]>
OFER      Ofer Shaked <[email protected]>
OFEYAIKON Ofey Aikon <[email protected]>
IGVA      Ogloblin Eugene <[email protected]>
MUTOGUZ   Oguz Mut <[email protected]>
GOSHA     Okunev Igor <[email protected]>
OALDERS   Olaf Alders <[email protected]>
OBULON    Olaf Buwen <[email protected]>
OLAF      Olaf Kolkman <[email protected]>
SIXTEASE  Oldřich Krůza (=Oldrich Kruza) <[email protected]>
OLEPR     Ole Petter Ronningen <[email protected]>
OLEO      Ole Øyvind Hove (=Ole Oyvind Hove) <[email protected]>
OLPA      Oleg A. Paraschenko <[email protected]>
OLEKO     Oleg Kobyakovskiy <[email protected]>
OKOLOBOV  Oleg Kolobov <[email protected]>
RIIKI     Oleg Prokopyev <[email protected]>
OLEGSHER  Oleg Sher <[email protected]>
OXE       Oliver Ebenhöh (=Oliver Ebenhoeh) <[email protected]>
OPITZ     Oliver Falk <[email protected]>
PLEXUS    Oliver Fischer <[email protected]>
OLIVER    Oliver Gorwits <[email protected]>
OMKELLOGG Oliver M. Kellogg <[email protected]>
OLIMAUL   Oliver Maul <[email protected]>
OLIVERM   Oliver Meyer <>
PSTADT    Oliver Paukstadt <[email protected]>
OSTEENBU  Oliver Steenbuck <[email protected]>
OWHITE    Oliver White <[email protected]>
DOLMEN    Olivier 'dolmen' Mengué (=Olivier 'dolmen' Mengue) <>
OARCHER   Olivier ARCHER <[email protected]>
OLIBOU    Olivier Bouteille <[email protected]>
EVALETO   Olivier Evalet <[email protected]>
KALOU     Olivier Kaloudoff <CENSORED>
RSOLIV    Olivier Poitrey <[email protected]>
OSALAUN   Olivier Salaün <[email protected]>